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    This is the biggest "miniature" I've ever painted. I would not have even looked at it if someone hadn't asked me to paint it. It was a great challenge and a great learning experience. I love his slightly goofy "intoxicated" facial expression.
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    Hi everyone, here's 02603, Skrug the Bugbear Shaman. This model was sculpted by Ben Siens. It’s mounted on a 40mm round base and was painted with Reaper's MSP acrylics paint. After a major earthquake shook the mountain range of western Zenitonia, Skrug and his clan had no other choice then move. Their entire lair was destroyed in a dreadful collapse. Dozens of Bugbear died or were trapped under the unstable rubbles, survivors had to leave. Has Hruggek abandoned his fateful worshipers? For, after traveling by night and hiding in a valley of the Vermillion Hills, the horde had to stop by the Lynx River torrents. There, they were decimated by a group of adventurers passing by looking for Belladonna berries. Only two families managed to escape the slaughter crossing the river on a makeshift raft. Belladonna or Wolfsbane berries are very toxic, they are also an essential ingrediant to concoct the cure against lycanthropy. But this is another story.
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    always luv pirate's and a mind flayer, woot. Had trouble deciding the clothing for him but that decided to just go with a leather like feel.
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    I am calling him done (almost - need to add some dried out grass...). Thanks for following along!
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    This was my free mini of the month I got from reaper, starting to luv the bones black as where I don't really care for the regular bones. I was also fun to paint a monster instead of my usual character mini's. Was also surprised how huge it actually was.
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    Number 3! Frumitty is supposed to resemble Mort from Madagascar. Also, check out his pockets, HE HAS STRAWBERRIES! How cute is that? I love that Jason Wiebe took the time to sculpt little strawberries. :D C&C is always welcome!
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    I know, I know, that's the wrong movie for my idea, but since I'm doing a mousling, I needed a catch phrase! Actually, I could use some help with that! The plan is to take: ...Mr. Wizard there, and have him summon... er, well, a terrible monster from the depths of space and time! Ah hah ha! So, I want to take the phrase "cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" and cheesify it. Any thoughts? Cheddar riccota? Cthulhu r'lyeh havarti feta? Hmmmn... While y'all are percolating, how about a WIP? I realized I needed a project for open. Open is my favorite category because I get to sculpt a bit and still spend a good bit of time on the painting. It allows me to be creative in chopping up miniatures and making monsters. Yay monsters! I decided I wanted a bunch of eyes. And tentacles. I raided my beading supplies for the eyeballs and the kraken for tentacles. I also stole the teeth from the carrion worm. (Mr Bones is a stand-in for Mr Wizard, who is perched high on his cork right now.) Here's Mr. Wizard in progress: I took the "eyes" off their sculpey perch to move them around the teeth, and was left with a really fun shape: I leave it here because I'm going to keep it for another project and I thought it was pretty. Anyway, here we go! When I sculpt, I tend to try for an organic balanced shape, but mostly, I just squash sculpey until I'm happy with it. Ok, so I finished the sculpey section. Then I baked it. I left on the tentacles and the eyes for the bake. Bones melts at something >500 degrees, so while they got a bit soft at 275, they're fine. If you ever build something, you can in fact bake the bones! Now I'm getting the eyelids attached. I used green stuff because I can roll it thin and it holds better detail than my sculpey. I played with a bunch of textures for this. Last reapercon I bought a bunch of tools, so I decided I'd test a few of them out. One can never have too many randomly shaped pointy things. And then I basecoated my little baby. Awww! Isn't he just the cutest? I left off one tentacle as it will seriously be in the way for painting. I'll add it towards the end. Next, colors: Also, while I'm at it, my brush set up. I use the tissue to wipe the brushes. It gradually absorbs water, stays wet, and can double as a quick mini-rinse for the brush if I'm blending. Next, the nebular plan. I want the monster coming from space. I know Cthulhu comes from under the sea, but space seems scarier. I like nebulas. They're just gorgeous. I start by working out where I want the clouds of stars to go. They need to match up with Mr Monster, but still seem natural. I changed the colors from the picture to match the colors I want to use on the piece. I decided to go with a red-green complementary scheme. I may need to repaint Mr Wizard to match. I put in a few stars to test it. I'll add more later, but I wanted to get started on the eyes. Animal eyes! Whew, ok, have to go hang out with my family. more soon! If you have questions, let me know!
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    *sneezles, explodes over everything*
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    Corsair has breathed so much pepper spray over the decades, he is immune so sprays Pezler with the stuff
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    For my purposes, I don't see this being a problem; anything I run using Starfinder rules is automatically going to diverge from the setting, simply because I don't like very much of what they've done with their setting. ^^;
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    Just my containers from Reaper bones 4. Done quickly and detailed up with Green Stuff World decals. I have some touch ups yet as the oils and white spirits caused some chipping in my base coat but pretty much done. Hope you like
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    Could it be an announcement for the new "Ed Sculpts" range?
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    Also did a quick speed paint of two statues. Not sure were the other column is at the moment, but this one was out while I was painting the angel of death so it got paint too. She fit very snuggly into that base. I'm debating whether or not she'll stay in it. The pair. Also the angel without the base.
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    Poor old Linus. Doomed to wander the earth forever with a sweater tied around his waist while lugging an invisible satchel*. The newspaper is an image I downloaded months ago and decided to use as the base originally looked like Linus was shambling across an ashtray. After supergluing the paper to the base and daubing it with Blood For The Blood God I remembered that I'm a newspaper designer and could have knocked up a front page on our editorial system. But it's Saturday. Apologies for the photos, they were taken with my phone. *The sculpt has a strap over its right shoulder that doesn't attach to anything...
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    I just love this little guy!! I've been on a 'woodland critter' kick for a bit, and I'm so glad to have finished this guy. I'm working on a diorama for Reapercon, so that's why he doesn't appear to be based. Let me know what you think! C&C is always welcome and appreciated!
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    Think you can do that to me? I'll show YOU!!! *turns into goo*
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    So to give the post more life I predict it will close Monday.
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    So I painted today. Sort of. I painted 3 spoons. I decided to finally test put my mirror chrome and holographic paints. So I primed, sprayed gloss black, and then one spoon of each and one of holographic on top of chrome. The chrome turned out bad. I think I over applied it. The holographic turned out great. The holographic on chrome was dumb and even with the really hazy and bad chrome you couldn't see any color shifting. I didn't think the holographic on chrome would work all that well, but I wanted to try it anyway. I was disappointed in the chrome, but I've seen what people can do with it so the only thing I can think is that it was operator error. Also, it is very easy to accidentally scrape some of it off as I was warned. I tried to buff it a little bit with a paper towel, because I know you're supposed to buff it to get the real mirror shine, and it scratched it a ton. I know paper towels aren't the softest things ever, but I didn't think they would just tear through the paint the way they did. But the holographic? The holographic on gloss black is very pretty. I have to wonder how it will look on top of other colors. Obviously lighter colors won't benefit much, but darker colors like a deep purple or blue should do fine. Also, I need better ventilation if I'm gonna be working with these. They're lacquers, and just spraying 3 plastic spoons made me regret it a bit. That's some strong solvent odors there. So before I do any more with them I'm definitely going to need to redo my workspace. And they're so thin that good airbrush control is a must. I didn't think I was pulling the trigger that much and it was a giant cloud of paint coming out of the brush. Definitely a Krome-use only thing from now on. I'm gonna need that trigger stop. They're also a bit of a pain to clean out of the brush. The metallic fleck is so small and there's so much of it that I'm almost positive that I didn't get it all.
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    Especially since the website no longer tells you how much more you need to spend to get free shipping. It used to be so obvious with both the free shipping threshold and how far you are from it clearly displayed.
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    Starfinder is a ton of fun to run, but yeah the rulebook is not great for running. I had to lean heavily on being able to search the srd, and having all my notes formatted with what I need. There's also a bad tendency toward keeping important setting details out of setting books, so almost anything you run is going to immediately diverge from the official setting.
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    I have raised this issue before. It's not that change happens and is necessary, it's that people get real tired of having unpleasant surprises dropped on them. - The metal dragons being dropped made sense once I found out why, but it was done AND THEY DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY - The HD line getting dropped and some of it re-branded made sense, but they did it like two weeks before Reapercon AND two weeks before the pledge manager closed and suddenly split people's funds 3 ways. - The DHL Army Packs being dropped AND THEY DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY - Shipping threshold more than doubles AND THEY DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY Why even have a livestream or social media? This is the frustrating part of it for me, because Reaper doesn't understand why people get mad at them. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE GET MAD. Some greater degree of transparency is necessary, because doing it this way increases friction between money getting from customers into Reaper's pocket. It erodes good will. It is a not-insignificant factor as to why my Vallejo and Warlord Games collections are growing. And I can tell you there's a lot of people who feel a lot worse about it than I do. As hobby consumers with limited budgets, we have to plan things out over some particular length of time and surprise disruptions range from annoying to devastating. I had just begun replacing my old Pro Paints with HD in May 2018, after long deliberation about whether or not to risk buying a new whole line, and literally said to @Guindyloo that I'm going to go for it, I think I have enough time and budget to get all the HD over 4-5 months, I'm going to risk it - but, swear to god, if they drop that line halfway through I'm done getting them, I'm walking away and never coming back. Which is exactly what would have happened had my house not burned down (this making the exercise irrelevant in any case). If I had gotten halfway through that and found myself stranded with half a paint set AGAIN (for the third time) I would have gone to Reapercon, played nice, come home, and never been seen again. That's how mad that would have made me. That's how much this SILENT TREATMENT and HORRIBLE SURPRISE roasts my chestnuts. As it is, it made me salty enough I'm not even going to touch the Pathfinder paints because I can't be sure how long they will be around and I'm tired of collecting OOP paint I can never replace. And this is me, Buglips, getting this upset about how this is done. I spent my own money to send them Ed Shirts for a gag, I'm that much of a Reaper fan and want to help make things fun and great. And I'm still one foot out the door already because of crap communication and sudden surprises. And most of it is stuff I would understand and roll with, if it wasn't just dropped on me all the time. I shouldn't feel like I'm on tenterhooks just trying to figure out how and when to buy stuff, and I definitely shouldn't start feeling shy about whether or not I want money to leave my wallet.
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    Did some work. On the wings I just did a bit on the tail. Not sure will do much more with the back. The wings I am moving slowly on. I do not want to highlight too much and lose the black and carbon gray. I will be putting black 'spots' on the carbon gray once I highlight both wings enough (usually it ends up as too little highlight). For the base, I painted it all Desert Sand, then while wet I brushed on the low areas the Clotted Red and Tarnished Copper I used on the Roc. They blended together and made it look like someone dumped strawberry and orange sherbet on the base, it made me want to get some ice cream. So after a snack, i stempled back over the dried red and copper with the Desert Sand, and then dry brushed with Bleached Linen. For the bones/skull, I saw a recipe for bones not too long ago that used AV English Uniform..... The painter had painted several of the new bones skeletons using it and it looked nice... but I can not find the thread now. So, from memory, I based in AV English Uniform, and then went over it with Tusk Ivory, and then Creamy Ivory. I washed with black and then some brown in specific areas. Then hit the highlights with Creamy Ivory again. It does differentiate between the sand/rocks and the bones, I will come back to it with a fresh eye tomorrow and see if I may need to do some additional work.