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    I've got a bunch of minis to post from my Cthulhu: Death May Die set. Here are the first ones- I'll be back to update as I get more pics.
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    Hello all you fine purveyors or all things Reaper and miniature related! So here this evening, I'm posting up a miniature sculpted by Dennis Mize back in 1989 (I actually looked at the bottom before adhering him on to his base) and you may or may not recognize him. He's a more "realistic" version of a certain comic book classic, Groo the Wanderer, officially named in the Iron Wind Metal Site as a Brainless Barbarian: In case you've never actually met him, here is what he looks like in the two-dimensional world: Super-fun mini to paint, pretty straightforward, the only issue that I had created in my mind was painting his tunic orange, kind of to match his comic book coloring, but in the end it was a bit easier than I thought. I think it was also way back in the day that maybe Dark Horse Miniatures made cartoon versions of him as miniatures. I would one day love to snag some of those, but that will be for another Ebay adventure I'm sure. So a double blast to the past, both in comic book and miniature form, hope you enjoy!
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    It's October and for the last few years I've been painting nothing but "spooky" or horror themed miniatures to get me in the Halloween mood. I thought it would be fun to do again and to track all the creepy stuff coming off my paint table here. So I'm putting aside my running log of speed painting I've been doing for the last four months or so and instead keeping a log of all the terrifying stuff I like to paint this time of year. First up are these pirate ghosts from the Bones 4 Kickstarter. It appears these are available in metal now, but the ones from the kickstarter were in green translucent plastic. These reminded me how much I dislike painting the translucent miniatures, I have a hard time making out any details on them prior to actually getting paint on applied. This guy is definitely my favorite. I like to think that there are spirits of the liquor still left in the bottle that only ghosts can get at. This is a circa 1984 Ral Partha mini, it's listed as an undead horse on the Iron Wind website. When I got to looking at it it has an awfully symmetric pattern of rot which, if you've ever seen something that's been dead for a while, just doesn't look right. So instead I decided to paint it up as a Nightmare, a D&D critter if you've never seen one. I've got another one of these with the same pattern of deterioration I'll probably paint the same way later this month. And finally, here is Reaper's Brain in a Jar on a Secret Weapon's base. Not necessarily Halloween themed, but super creepy from where I'm standing. I like to think the worms on the base are the same type as the ones wrapped around the brain. Maybe an alien species that hijacks people's brains and discards the rest of the body. More coming soon. Maybe even tonight if I get some time this afternoon to paint!
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    This Tal Boi was pulled out of the Box of goodwill. originally sold in 1989 as part of the Dragon Lords II, dragon of the month series. His base is about 2.5" - I needed something heavy so I used a Jar lid and cork. the mini is sculpted with a bit of water flowing between rocks - So I went with a river. The resin bubbled fiercely so not as transparent base as I had hoped. also the gel medium I used is not as clear as the resin, ill do less texture on the surface next time.
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    From the new Elder Scrolls Call to Arms. These guys are about 32mm tall, larger than standard reaper minis, but they are a true scale instead of heroic so their eyes are tiny! I have such a hard time painting these guys eyes, but I keep telling myself it just make me a better painter but dang, those eyes are so small! These storm cloaks are painted them in the Riften color scheme. Why? Because Riften is my favorite town. Don't know why, but it always has been. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make some potions in my honeyside residence.
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    Good day everyone, With the dead leaves season comes harvest time. Autumn is also a time for gathering and for reflection. Like the Tuilvilanuue words say "Nilsi hentil kilta anno", it takes four seasons to make a year. Here are some pictures of Julie Guthrie awesome 77923 Skeletal Owlbear. I really enjoyed painting this model. The design of the skeletal beasts that Reaper recently produced is stunning. It is an archeological journey in fantasy land.
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    I made an octopus! Finally finished painting this guy. Was a fun little evening if painting. Noticed a few anatomical inaccuracies while referencing images for painting, but it looks good enough for what it is. Pretty proud of it since I don't have much sculpting experience. He's also a pretty tiny guy. Was fun painting with dots though. I have aptly named him "Spot."
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    Day 25: If humans do 'shrooms, what do myconid do? [I don't like playing to negative stereotypes, but my imagination was lacking here.]
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    Inktober 24, "Nope!" Prompts: Dig, Dragon, Quakebuttock. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. I notice, somewhat belatedly, that I've figured out ways to work dragons into a number of prompts where there were no dragons... and then there's this. Also, quakebuttock. Best descriptive term for 'coward' I have yet seen. ^^;
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    Slow progress - it's very hard to work on this indoors, so I havr to go out to our poorly lit and unheated garage to do the messy work - but here's where we are: Added the door frame Textured the surface with a mix of plaster, sand, grit, PVA, paint and slate scraps Tidied up the sides (not visible here) with cardboard - these will be the "cut off" areas where the mountain side continues "off screen". I'm not sure how pleased I am with the effect, but I'm learning as we go. There's a lot of tidying up to do - cleaning the filler off some of the slate, tidying up gaps around some pieces, etc. I need to do some cleaning up so that the bases fit properly, and then start thinking about the decor of the bases and blending them into the surroundings. This very much leads into the positioning of the giants and bears, and then additional models and bigger scenics such as trees and scrubs.
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    Finished up the Pack Turtle. Nice detail on this model. Paired him up with his traveling companion that I finished some time ago. On to the the rest of this group at a snails (turtles) pace...
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    Day 24: Getting stabbed with silver was not a popular test option.
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    Here is the base after adding some dirt ground cover and I was beginning to add tufts. At this point though I felt the dirt was a little too dark so I wanted to add a little more color. I tried keeping some of the darker areas as well as add some different colors to add a little interest and variation. With the tufts I tried to create some of my own black flowers using some tuft and black sand. Not sure it works well or stands out much but I went with it. I put the figures on the base before I took a picture of the finished base and I want to save the final pictures so I can try out my lightbox but here are some pictures of my finished base It's finally done! I will post the final pictures in the Show Off thread once I get the pictures taken. Off to work on my Secret Sophie project
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    Dragon Lords II : Tempest Dragon. (probably) Back in the late 80s Grenadier released a dragon a month, I bought 2 and lusted after many others. The one I still own has been missing a leg for decades. One of the Goodwill boxes had a cool metal dragon, but it went into my "random stuff box" It is the only unpainted dragon I own that it is not in plastic. It wasn't till I searched for it on the internet that I realized it was from my fav old series. So thanks to whoever included this bad boy in the box. He appears to be standing over some water, and quite tippy. so he needs a nice scenic base. Due to his high lead content and fragility, he wont be available for my spawn to play with. - superglue failed to hold the wings while i was painting them, so I picked up some JB quick epoxy. its probably stronger than the metal of the figure. Ill run some long pins up through the metal lid, then use more epoxy on the cork. The first wing painted up quickly so I thought I don't need a WIP, ill just post a showoff when i'm done. but I don't want it done that fast, I want it done right. It has probably gotten an hour a day of work this week .
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    Inktober 23, "Sorceress" Prompts: Rip, Form of one, Silhouette of another, Kobold. Watercolour on 140lb cold press. Huhn; great minds. First person to complain about the egg-laying bipedal sapient not having mammalian features gets viciously mocked. :p Could not, however, think up a way to work hoodwinked into it.. maybe if I'd painted her as a rogue.. >.>
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    Working basecoats on Kavorgh. Wolf Pelt-Stormy Grey Leather Armor/Boots-Ruddy Leather Shield/Axe-Woodstain Brown Straps/Skins-Tanned Leather Arm Wrap-Stained Ivory Metal-Dragon Black
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    seeal, test, dry, seal test dry - I think this only took 4 cycles, the fish diorama went at least 5. tomorrow I start the surface of the river - gel medium, for the waves and turbulence, maybe some toilet paper ripples,
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    My replacement Reaper order arrived! No rock... maybe some year I'll get a rock. While I got the solid wraiths with the last Bones kickstarter, I wanted the ghostly versions. I think they'll look good with the Murkillors I've been painting up. And you can always use another boat! Figured it'd be useful with the Dreadmere sets that'll be arriving in the spring.
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    Day 23: It's "just" a theory. My original idea was different but would've been more work, and I already had that kobold drawn.
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    So I may have pre-ordered this from Black Sun Miniatures this morning... Like all their stuff, it's pricey, but the pieces I've gotten from them before have been impeccable casts so that's my excuse. Would have preferred the bust but it's larger scale and even more pricey!
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    LFGS got some additional SW Legion Imperials in for me yesterday. a 2nd unit of Snowtroopers as well as 2 more units of Imperial Royal Guard and 2 more boxes of Imperial Specialists. No pics as they are all repeats, just adding some depth to the army.
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    Enabled by @haldir I bought the files for this.
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    I use Paypal, I don't know it if it's because I'm from Europe, but since it goes through MMF I could also choose to pay online through my bank account ( it's called Ideal in Europe). But I always use Paypal.
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    I was wondering if they were gonna release a supported set this month. I've kinda ignored my emails from them (most of them are ones I don't need to read). I hate thou, I want that set but I'm gonna have to find a different method of getting it (ie credit card....ugh) NOTE: Patreon Code is good till the 10th of November (that helps!!)
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    Inktober 22, "Now, Where Did I Leave That.." Prompts: Chef, Mimic Copics on 140lb cold press. I really kind of wanted to work 'Middle Earth' into that.. and, I s'pose, technically, I sort of did? Eh. Another time... and not the first of those I've missed. Couldn't work out how to get 'Foozle' into it, either, unless getting a Mimic in your kitchen counts!
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    3D Printable STL files from Gloomykid on MMF. For Free!
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    You say that, but there are no pictures......there need to be pictures......
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    Thanks for all the encouragement and 'likes' everyone, without your support I probably would have talked myself out of finishing this awesome mini. I have a bad habit of getting to a certain point and then carefully putting the mini away "to finish it when I'm a better painter" You'd think I'd figure that was a bad idea after more than a decade, right? This afternoons painting was brought to you by some seasonal goodness, Trick r Treat and Dr Sleep. There wasn't even many feline interruptions either, mostly due to my housemate keeping them occupied. Apologies for the bad photography. Today was mostly concerned with all the fiddly details I continued the magical energies from the floor up onto the paving slabs. This is where this thread was invaluable as I'd completely forgotten which colours I had previously used :) I worked on the glowing eyes of the guardian statues and tried to lighten up the balls that they were holding. (posts photo of paints for future reference) So this is how its looking right now. I think I need to tighten up some of the details, but I'm going to sleep on it and look at it tomorrow. I think I'm almost done though. Any comments and suggestions are, as always, warmly appreciated.
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    The Octopus Sculpt I had some spare green stuff left over after making some alterations to another mini. Rather than waste it, I figured it was a good opportunity to practice and improve my sculpting skills. I have played with green stuff sculpting once before when i was making swarms of snakes. They were pretty simple and not very detailed, but they definitely work for gaming. This time I wanted to try something a little more complex, but also within the limitations of m skill level. So i made a tiny octopus. I relied on reference pictures and was surprised how much they curl their tentacles. They are not the sentient spaghetti I thought they were. I'm decently happy with this little guy. Not perfect, but better than the last attempt. I skipped the suction cups on the tentacles, and the eyes are a little wonky. Hopefully some paint can help smooth over the rougher areas.
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    I like how it turned out, too. Usually Ents get human noses, but the branch makes more sense to me. In any case I think the Ent is ready to be painted. Staff, critters etc. and the character on his palm will be added at a later stage.
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    Continuing deeper into the dry steppe I cane across a brass dragon in its native habitat. I think she was keeping watch over a nearby nomadic tribe but she took off before I was able to ask. Another old piece of miniature history, this is the brass dragon from the 3rd and final dragon of the month series by Grenadier. The amount of energy put into this mini is pretty amazing and, like all its brethren, this dragon has stood the test of time. I painted this one using a basecoat of scale 75 metallic but then did all the highlight work using a wax metallic set I recently acquired on sale. Hope you like her; this series does have some seriously dramatic positions for the dragons, especially when you consider that these are all softer, lead based minis.
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    Fingernails. 1:1 Orc skin:NMM Gold Base
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    Yikes! Kavorgh looks like he’s been biting his shield. Teeth are Ruddy Flesh, Dirty Bone, Linen White.
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    I did some experiments with wool, moss and coconut fiber to fashion a moss beard. I think I will add some more volume, but overall it looks fine. Painting will be done via airbrush. I also finished his fingers. Apart from the beard I only need to add some ranking ivy, maybe some more mushrooms and I can start painting.
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    Hey all, Sorry about the lack of updates, my hobby time has sporadic at best recently. Progress has been made on the portal, as can be seen on this tidying up shot of the inactive side. I spent a bit of time mixing up various ratios of artists texture paste, sand and mica gel to see how they worked with washes and drybrushing and I finally settled on the 30/30/40 mix. It took about a day for it to cure properly, probably due to the artists medium. I used the Wilderness Green as a base, then worked in the Turquoise and Yellow in alternating layers until they blended in together The colour was getting a bit much at this point, so I reinstated some of the original grey from the paving stones I wanted the moss to almost look as if it was the start of a slime or ooze, mostly to distract my players from the real threat. I've used weathering on a mini to suggest 'wrongness' before, so hopefully they'll take the (wrong) bait this time Next up for this week is finishing the active side of the portal. Thanks for looking everyone, as always all comments and critiques are welcome
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    Hi everyone, after sitting five months on the shelf, that being the projet (not me) I finally found time to complete my Gnolls display base. The base is 7.25 inches x 11 inches wide. Here are some pictures. Other pictures of the Gnolls can be found here.
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    Well I abandoned that plan as it was way too tedious and a complete mess. So I tried switching to some Styrofoam and cut some bricks using my hot wire cutter. I also tried to give them some texture with some sand and little pebbles. Then I went to assemble my little rubble piles. I started gluing some cork pieces with some CA glue and without thinking about it I dropped some on one of my bricks and in a matter of second my brick was dissolved. So that plan was abandonded as I realized that I can use the cork for the bricks. Normally the flat side of cork is a bad thing but since these are supposed to be part of the walls/ceilings then I figured it would work. I went ahead and glued my rubble straight on the base because I thought it might be the easiest way to paint them... we'll see if that was a good decision or not. Anyways here's where I am now. I think they help break up the flatness of the tile slabs.
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    Bark texture applied (carved in filler) and some more branches added. The face of the Ent also got some grumpiness tonight. I went for a more whimsical style. I will add a moss beard as well.
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    Here is a picture of the completed ground floor of the manor house............labels would help this, but I am working on the basement and still have the upper levels to work on as well. tables couches bed wardrobes fireplaces bookcases, just to name them.
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    Flock was applied and true to my word I've finally taken some good pictures of everything.
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    Work done on the wizard and calling him done! yeah! Blocked in some colors on the pack tortoise...
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    Pretty happy with how he turned out. Spent longer than I expected on him but tried some stuff I hadn't done before. Spent extra time on the hands trying to define them, especially the knuckles. And also adding a bit of pink warmth to the skin. The coat has a cross hatched texture which I haven't tried before. Also proud of the cream-white color I made. Need to write down that recipe. The metals here are TMM but mixed with some non-metallic colors to kill the sparkle a bit and to help create darker/and brighter shades. I've done this before with silvers, but I mixed the bronze/gold metallic with some different colors than usual. Really liked the rich yellow gold I achieved and used on the jacket clasps. Hopefully I'll take some better photos soon. Not sure what I'll work on next, need to find some new motivation for the next nautical figure. Also still need to finished the ship. Thanks for following along!
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    Back on the international ordering 'train" tonight. I placed a order with Spotmodel for a couple of decals. One I've been waiting to order for at least 2 months when I first saw it was up for preorder. Also decided that I'll sup up the model by getting a carbon fiber decal sheet as well. Now I just need to get paint & the actual model to put it all on, ha ha.
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    The tiles are done! Sunk way more time into them than planned. Now I dont want to weather them but I gotta do it. First I base coated the tiles and the highlighted each one which I think gives it a nice look and helps each tile standout more. I had to highlight each a couple times since they were so small. That was a lot of dots! I'm afraid the weathering will knock out a bunch of the highlights though. But it will help on places where I was a little sloppy and hopefully the oil wash will settle between the tiles to help them stand out.
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    Ghosts pirates are done! Better photos will come later after I pull out my camera.
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    A bit more progress on the ghosts today. Most of them just need a bit more work up top and the bases finished. Not turning out exactly as I'd hoped, but at this point I'm just going to finish then to the point where I can call them acceptable and move along. I'd rather start a new mini than continue to repaint the same one over and over. Don't mind me watching Black Sails in the background. Needed to get into the piratey-mood.
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    Ghosts got a bit of paint today. Got the basics of their ethereal tails done. And some basic colors blocked in. The drowned woman is the most complete. As she was sort of my test piece and the one whom I had the best idea of color choices. Fairly happy with the way her dress transitions into the ethereal. Still a bit of work and then the bases. Trying to keep the color palette cold on these guys. I do regret priming them white though. It's taking way too long to build up a base layer of color. But they're coming along.
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