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    I recently finished up this book nook. I was inspired by Black Magic Craft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxOWFbYNTOo&fbclid=IwAR0KPsFmpNYhvNHcca_3uWtP4U3fLk1F8InSrhXuLQB94Fj0EPAc_wwDbHo). I made this for a good friend that I have played DND with who is moving and wanted a little going away present to give to him. Painted with mix of Reaper Paints and Vallejo paints. The terrain is 3D printed, stalagmites are from Thingiverse and the ruins are from Printable Scenery (https://www.printablescenery.com/) that I modified on Meshmixer. This was my first time working with poured resin and LED lighting, was a lot of fun and now I am definitely going to make one for myself.
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    Another addition from WIP completion. WIP Link here. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91014-darcstaar-vs-bones-i-ep-7-kagunk/&tab=comments#comment-1931906 I was going for an Ice Ogre vibe here. Being that he is likely surrounded by frost-resistant and fire-vulnerable enemies, I wanted his shield to be a fire weapon. This has always been a favorite model of mine from BONES I. I hope you like it as much as I do.
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    I fully support this. I realize it's probably not going to be a reality, but I 100% support Reaper, and would love for 100% of the models to be American made. In the meantime thank you and the rest of the ReaperPeeps for being top notch and giving us so many options, if feasible please pass on my regards to the rest of the crew. I am eagerly awaiting more entries into this line. Cheers.
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    Well 2020 is over and even though the year wasn't so great I did get my dragon goal of 12 dragons completed (actually completed 15 !) So with the new year I'm looking to try it again. The last year I did a bunch of dragons from all eras a d makes. This year I think I will make the challenge a little more specific. This year I'll try for 12 dragons from defunct companies: grenadier, Ral Partha, Thunderbolt Mountain, heritage, and others that are no longer producing today. Whether i include minis from companies that died recently, im not sure (and I know Ral Partha lives on as Iron Wind and Grenadier lives on as Merltion? But I'm including them because its my challenge and the ones I have are the originals. That said the first piece I did was the Bridge of Sorrows. It came out really well so I let my better half look through my old boxed sets and she chose the next one: Clutch of Fear! This is another mini that I have had sitting in its box waiting for decades to be completed and its time has come (besides if I really mess up they have started recasting the molds again so its not an utter disaster. Also, since i have this one in the original box, I thought i would do a WIP to show how it goes. Here is what it look like when I opened the box... All the parts are there, including the instructions (more on those in the future) and an "inspected by 3" as well as assembly instructions. Hope you all enjoy the ride. I'll try to be diligent with updates.
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    Please leave all your feedback for testing the new Bones USA material in this thread, if you have made a post somewhere else on the forums please link it here! You will know that it is Bones USA on the bottom of the model it will have "USA" stamped into it! There are some natural ones out in production currently (LTPK models) and the new Krampus from 2020's holiday sampler. We are looking for feedback on how it feels, priming, filing, gluing ETC Just everything you want to test with it.
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    This toothy grabby wormy thing is something I doodled up in Blender and printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro, one of the roughly 50% of prints that actually succeed. The human figure is a plastic Caesarian Roman Centurion; I forget from which manufacturer.
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    I finally finished my Dragons Don't Share! I have another that I purchased to paint sometime next year! For this one, I was inspired by the ruins of Pompeii. I went with the yellowish stones and added frescoes and statues. There is also a bird in a nest, a lizard, butterfly, and bunny in amongst the ruins. I used a lizard photo to design my dragon instead of going with a "usual" color. I thought he fit in with the ruins. You can see the work in progress here: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! There are lots more photos on my page. The link is in my signature.
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    Quick update: Due to the storms in Texas our facility is still operating with a small skeleton crew(3-5) that live very close to the factory. 1/2 the factory is inoperable and frozen, orders are being pulled, But no USPS/UPS are leaving at the moment. please, Stay warm friends
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    Adding to what Inarah said, Reaper was doing it with metal castings. That means every part of the mold that wasn't desirable as a bits purchase could just get melted down and recast. In the case of plastic sprues the less desirable parts go in the trash. A couple more examples in recent years. Asmodee no longer offers replacement parts to board games citing the labor cost of organising the parts. Miniature Market has just announced an end to sell Magic singles, again citing the labor cost of opening and sorting packs of cards.
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    It's great! I forgot to ask though, what color is the green you used for the stairs on the base?
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    Bits sellers are on their own time, doing that work during the evenings or weekends after school or their real job. They are motivated by extra cash. Reaper used to sell bits, but does not any more because it is an unproductive use of employee time. It can take 1 employee an hour or more (especially if something has to be cast to order) to chase down parts. By comparison it takes much less time to fill an order with packaged blisters. A bits picker could fill 1-2 orders per hour, while a packer putting blisters in a box can do ten orders an hour. It's not cost effective for the company. It can actually cost more in wages to fill a bits order than the bits cost, causing a loss in revenue.
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    Any word on the gumminess/brittle discrepancy that my Krampus had? And legs so brittle he broke in a perfect condition blister? Hopefully that's a rare flaw, but the gummy horns were unworkable even with a sharp Xacto. Gotta nip that sort of error so it isn't widespread.
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    Got multiple Lysette and Darius figs as part of my order today; I’m going to give 5 away to friends as promo for the Bones USA line and help nudge the painting hobby. I’m currently teaching two friends how to paint figs when we have free time together. Lysette is definitely scaled a bit large as compared to most of my other figures; she resembles more of a 35mm figure in terms of dimensions. Totally fine by me bc I don’t obsess over such things, and all my figs just play side by side on the table. Darius is sized right alongside the other older mags types I got in Bones 4. The Bones Black plastic is definitely more brittle/rigid as compared to traditional Bones but we had that intel a long time ago. Rather than remove bases I’ll either paint what’s there or, add it to another base and use moulding paste to blend it into the scene; I do this on the regular.
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    Painted the assassin RVE mini. It went pretty well! I clipped the tab off and glued it to a reaper 1 inch round rpg base. Tab came off with no trouble. Used a knife and a file to remove mold lines. Went much easier than previous bones releases which is a good thing. I used stynylerenz white primer applied with a brush. It went on with no issues. Then I painted mostly with the punk box fast pallet paints. I'll probably pick up another of her in the future to try with non metallic paints.
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    Darius 30002 may have been the easiest Bones figure I've ever painted. Only a quick wipe down before painting and everything took perfectly. Tomorrow I'll give 30001 Lynette a go.
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    I got the Darius mini the other day. I would add to my Bones USA experience the following: The plastic is problematic when removing the broccoli base with clippers. The base broke and shattered like glass under the clippers, fracturing the material in more spots than where the clippers are cutting. It does not behave similar to the other bones materials. This makes modding more difficult than with the other bones materials. There were some rather prominent mould lines all over, and a piece of vent on the tip of the hat that was difficult to carve off without damaging the point of the hat. There was a wild blob of material(?) on the cape that needed carving and sanding.
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    Well with the news of Reaper trying to have a in person Con this year, I broke the news about asking for Labor Day weekend off. With the store having a bit more personal available, it sounds like my chances of going are actually pretty good this year. I'm gonna put in my days on the calendar on Sunday morning.
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    Same, but alas we are lost in the whole "who gets what". I'm betting it won't be till the summer, as least here. Then again, having it later means they'll be more refined as far as vaccines go, more brands/options to chose from. Just a better option overall + while I want to get the vaccine shot, myself & my co-worker have been doing just fine throughout this whole damn event, so fingers cross it continues.
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    It is GOOD to hear from you Darkmeer. I am happy you have remained sane, dull as that can be at times; AND you are welcome for any contribution I have made to your happiness.
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    Fixed. (Grumble, grumble. ) I knew the guys that wrote the MotU roleplaying game, so I have no excuse. The Auld Grump
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    We have three calendars this year, all cat related. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone First up is two charity calendars for Minicattown. They're a neonatal kitten rescue based in California and is run by three awesome sisters. You may have seen this internet famous picture of their pack- Fini, Rosie and Lilo. They do two calendars every year and all profits go to looking after their rescued kittens. You can find then online by searching for @lilothehusky and @minicattown. Our other calendar is from 1bike1world. Dean Nicholson was attempting to cycle across the world when he found a tiny, abandoned kitten trying to follow him as he cycled up a hill in Bosnia. She's now called Nala and they're now traveling together and the profits from the calendar go to help animal rescue charities that they've met on their journey. We're trying to order take out from places that we'd normally sit in to eat, but most places have shut their doors completely untll this current lockdown is over :( I may have made a 'few' orders from the Reaper UK store too. Anne's painting stream on Twitch is a constant source of inspiration(and is good at showing me gaps in my paint collection !)
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    My only goal is to paint for at least 30 mins each day.
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    Having worked in plastic injection in the automotive industry, the injection ports not being completely clean seems unlikely. It is possible the machine that heats the plastic could have some residue, so that's possible. Factories are usually allowed a certain amount of regrind (previously injected parts that did not meet quality standards ground up) and it is possible to get some off-color material mixed in. Of course I don't know what the contract with the manufacturing firm allows, so I cannot say for certain that's what happened. Either way the parts are good to be painted.
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    Just some thoughts: the tips of the wings are at the extremes of the parts, which presumably would be innermost on the moulds, so if there were some blue plastic residue it is reasonable that it got shoved in front of the new bones material, and therefore deposited innermost on the moulds. If the residue was in thepipes and not heated through before injecting might this explain the concentration? (presumably the pressure and the heat of the melted white bones would be enought to shape it properly in the mould?)
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    You do not need to use more than one brush for drybrushing. It is important to wipe the brush on a paper towel until VERY little paint is coming off. Streaking is caused by having too much paint left on the brush, not because the paint is wet. In fact, if the paint gets too dry, it is difficult to get a smooth appearance and the paint may not adhere well. The Reaper Basic Skills Learn to Paint Kit which has a good overview of drybrushibg says the brush should be rinsed and reloaded with paint "every few minutes".
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    I got a gift certificate from Reaper, so I ordered this guy to add to my Vampire Hunters. With the remaining funds I paid for the shipping..
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    Thanks Al, Lots of work to do, but the prisoner is nearly done. Yep, Getting rid of Vampires and Demons is a dirty business, maybe the hunters are as bloodthirsty as the vampires..
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    It is difficult to figure out who are the Good Guys & who are the Bad Guys...both being Bad is a possibility. They are painting up SPLENDIDLY though.
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    Reaper Vampiric Skin Triad Vallejo Dried Blood Scale 75 Deep Blue Reaper Ashen Blue Reaper Weathered Stone P3 Pig Iron Scale 75 Purity White Warcolour Translucent Blue Scale 75 Necro Grey Scale 75 Orange Leather I think the captured Vampire is almost done.
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    Scale 75 Deep Blue Reaper Creamy Ivory Scale 75 Decay Black Scale 75 Black Leather Scale 75 Inktense Wood Andrea White
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    Reaper is sending out samples of their new Bones USA material in the form of a silhouette with some, but not all, orders. It is to show off the material so consumers can see how it works and, if you wish, comment on the material and how you like it or not. You can do that in the thread linked below: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93992-bones-usa-feedback-thread/
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    Inspirational pics to help me paint.
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    The Group Portraits are striking; they show your pieces off to advantage. OUTSTANDING WORK!
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    ********** Ernst Holtz took one more look at the pride of his Order, the Dampfhammer! He sighed, once the Order was loved, nobles and peasants alike gladly donated to the cause and with those funds they were able to buy the best equipment to hunt the evil that roams the World. Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Heretics, Demons and other nameless things. Wooden stakes, holy water, silver, heavy crossbows and the mighty Dampfhammer a steam wagon outfitted with a mighty silver ram, he usually took position as the gunner to wield a heavy crossbow with fired silver tipped stakes. But now? He looked at the steam wagon, rust and worn wood at some places, battle damage that wasn't repaired yet. Still, a mighty weapon he thought. The last few years had been hard. The people didn't believe in monsters anymore, it was Alaric's fault! He and his bride Sangrariah who now ruled the Barony. They had convinced the people that there was no longer a threat, even accused the Order of being charlatans who were just in it for the money. When was the last time someone spotted a vampire or a werewolf? Surely these were fairytales and there was a very reasonable explanation behind the old tales. The pair had made themselves loved, throwing feasts and lowering taxes. Ernst bowed his head and sighed again, there was something terribly wrong in the Barony. He could feel it in his bones, there was evil nearby, and no matter that the people didn't believe him, he would prove it. Once more the Dampfhammer would ride and he would capture a vampire or a witch and show them all that he was right! ***************************** Good luck to Ernst, this is what he's up against ( so far)
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    So... First coats. P3 Pig Iron Andrea White Scale 75 Decay Black Scale 75 Dwarven Gold. Reaper Fair Skin Highlight. Just a start...more..much more...to come.
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    IIRC, an M8 also took out a Tiger II by shooting it in the butt. Like you said, it's probably not the ideal choice but in a pinch it might have a slim chance.
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    Once we are ready then yes! We plan to talk about it, but it is still to early and we dont want to give away our secrets! :) As this is a big deal, being one of the first companies to start producing their own plastic in the US. We want to make absolute certain of everything first!
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    Educated guesstimate based on historical evidence: Both yes and no. at least for the forseeable future. Even though they might move a lot of production inhouse to the USA with the Bones USA material, they will still be needing Chinese factories that make the classic and the Bones black, simply to be able to deal with the bulk of the production as long as they are running kickstarters with 10.000+ pledgers. They still produce new Bones classic models through the kickstarters such as the still being produced Bones 5. Even though many or even most of the human-sized and smaller models are moving towards Bones Black, there will still be alot of larger minis made in "classic" Bones. And when I say "Classic Bones" it is worth noting that there also has been a significant development of that material over the years. What is made in classic bones today is a far cry from the rubbery, detail-phobic material of most of the first(and second, even thought there was a marked improvement there as well) bones KS. Compare any of the stark white bones models with the models in the Bones 4 Core set for example, both are sold as "classic bones". However, I can see them increasingly moving to in house Bones USA for restocks when the initial china-production runs out.
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    @Maledrakh This is very valuable! Thank you! Keep up the excellent work!
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    Thank you for the replies and kind words. I am so happy that my sculpt inspired this conversation on sailed back synapsids! The permian was an interesting period (Suminia)and the following great dying allowed for life to experiment in interesting ways (e.g. Tanystropheus, Sharovipteryx). One can hope. Experimenting with sculpting a figure from scratch real shows the amount of skills professional sculptors have, it is nothing as simple as moving a figure with green stuff.
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    Edaphosaurus. Together with Dimetrodon during the Permian Era, way before the Dinosaurs evolved, before the Great Dying. I love that period, such strange creatures.
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    There were also several herbivorous mammal like reptiles with sail backs.
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    These are cute little guys! The beginning of a certainly very illustrious sculpting career!
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    One of the two games I’m DMing is in Eberron so trench-coats and steampunk stuff figures for a variety of races would be really helpful.
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    Beautiful work, it's a great gift and your creativity is inspiring.
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    Dr. Friedman is wonderful -but his fish tanks steal the sceen.... And the professor's smoking jacket... perfect! And I really like the chalkboard...
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    Wonderful, though I detect a bit of rivalry between the two scientists. Is one up for tenure, perhaps?
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    I love it, and don't you dare chance that jacket! It suits him! Love the fishtank, creative thinking!
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    I love watching you work on the old figures, and I can definitely say that very very few of these figures ever got this kind of TLC.
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