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    Continuing deeper into the dry steppe I cane across a brass dragon in its native habitat. I think she was keeping watch over a nearby nomadic tribe but she took off before I was able to ask. Another old piece of miniature history, this is the brass dragon from the 3rd and final dragon of the month series by Grenadier. The amount of energy put into this mini is pretty amazing and, like all its brethren, this dragon has stood the test of time. I painted this one using a basecoat of scale 75 metallic but then did all the highlight work using a wax metallic set I recently acquired on sale. Hope you like her; this series does have some seriously dramatic positions for the dragons, especially when you consider that these are all softer, lead based minis.
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    Further efforts to produce a dozen dragons this year brought me out to the desert sands where even dragons new to worry about being spotted if they want a decent meal. To this end desert dragons are campflaged to look like the ground from above and the sky from below. Hope you enjoy him
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    Supposedly heading our way and we already have a couple inches on the ground. Go a little ways north and it's bare but down here in the hills it's been coming down lightly pretty often since Friday. Oh, so you're not a (comment on which political party redacted)? Yesterday took my 81 year old mother in law to the hospital in the city. 3 hour drive back and forth, 6 hours in emergency with her. Got home a little before midnight and then was up until around 3 calming the wife down. Today she went there herself and I stayed home to babysit our daughter. MIL is doing ok but needs a colonoscopy to figure out what exactly the problem is. Now we're in the all too often routine of wait, wait, wait until they finally get around to doing something. Hoping I'll get some sleep tonight. No fun getting old and my wife and her mom don't have the decades of experience with this sort of things like my side of the family does so it scared them pretty good. Signs point towards it being nothing too serious but need more tests. MIL had a bout of this a month ago and then hid that it was happening again because she didn't want to bother us so got even worse pain. I told her it was a cruel lesson for her, if you think there's something wrong talk to me and we'll try to get it figured out before you are in crippling pain and spending days in the hospital. Admittedly that kind of stupid stuborness is something I can see myself pulling off too so I am sympathetic to her. No fun getting old but she has been amazingly healthy all her life. This is the most serious thing she's ever dealt with in 81 years and it looks very similar to something my mom (who's a bit younger) dealt with 20 years ago.
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    Went to the Vet for an echo of Brutus. Inflammation in the epididymis and bladder. Heavy antibiotics. Another urine sample will be cultivated to see if there are bacteria in there that need another type of antibiotics. We want to make sure we're treating it with the right stuff. He did have a fever this time. Got something for that as well. he slowly ate a few pieces of kibble just now for the first time since Saturday Afternoon. Hopefully this means we're getting somewhere.
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    Forgot to post this earlier, either we have Rainbow Spiders or the worlds smallest Unicorns running around
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    You evidently haven't seen how long those swabs are. GEM
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    New movie "Pezler the Polychromatic's trip to the Proctologist"
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    Up a lot last night, mostly due to the hamsterling, but also Lucy had another seizure early this morning. She's better, but... but. Have another pediatrician visit this afternoon. Gonna try to squeeze in a nap late this morning. Gotta eat something though. Stomach is growling at me. COFFEE
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    We tend to make soup every weekend at this time of year, the last few weeks have been Red Lentil, Butternut Squash/Sweet Potato and Veggie Chowder. We buy some really big bread rolls from a nearby bakery and make them into bread bowls
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    As Cap'n John's Alzheimer's has progressed the home cooking has dropped off to only an occasional meal. Right now the favorite soup is shrimp gumbo from a local eatery.
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    I made chili on Sunday, which is basically stew, which is basically thick soup. And keep your ideological debates away from me. I like my chili with equal amounts beans and meat. Next soup will be loaded potato soup next week. Mmmm... bacon!
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    We don't have soup much on low carb but my wife made a "meatball soup" not that long ago. Was more like meatballs in sauce, but sure was tasty......
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    Have enjoyed painting these bigger minis from the Bones IV core set, spurred on by Bones V and by seeing them listed for sale on the main site. Nothing to special although I was pleased with how the contrast paints came out when doing the lighter brown wraps and leather. I also enjoyed practicing blending on the skin in particular the pink skins.
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    I did some experiments with wool, moss and coconut fiber to fashion a moss beard. I think I will add some more volume, but overall it looks fine. Painting will be done via airbrush. I also finished his fingers. Apart from the beard I only need to add some ranking ivy, maybe some more mushrooms and I can start painting.
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    We use a grinder older than Megan and I put together - circa 1860. It was $5, and it works. The Auld Grump
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    Hi everyone, Here are pictures of the third skeletal beast in the series. 77931, Skeletal Manticore sculpted by Julie Guthrie. Painted with Reaper MSP paint and mounted on a 2 inches base.
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    @Zink will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. And everyone else on the forum who has personal, family and furry companion health worries. Sending out good vibes as much as possible to everyone.
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    Scotland looks lovely, seriously. I don't do bright and sunny all the time, so I could handle the overcast skies. And that toffee apple looks like some gie braw scran (yep, still practicing the Scottish... and the cats have totally been boaking all over the place the past few days). New movie "Pezler the Polychromatic's trip to the Proctologist" Harold & Kumar Go to Polychromatic Castle? I am both happy and sad for you.
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    Likely some random dirty socks and old paint pots. As it is bag luck to steal from a goblin, the safer option is to set up decoy of more socks and paint pots to keep him away from other things... Homemade minestrone soup. Next on the list is likely a potato and broccoli soup. hmmmm hot soup when it's nice and cold out is awesome!
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    Take more of them! I need that sweet, sweet vitamin D! (Photo taken near midday. Not shown: steady rain and wind gusts)
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    I also worked through all of the trolls from this optional add on for Bones IV. Again, simple paint jobs and lots of green skin (Vallejo Green grey, Army Painter Green wash, Reaper Orc Skin). Fur and leather mainly done with contrast paints. The crystal on the base to the rock troll is from Mantic. The water effect base for the Marsh Troll is just gloss mod podge.
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    The St. Valentine's/Cupid Gang is starting to approach completion, AND I have a Gnomish looking Fellow in the works: Some individual shots: More later...or not.
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    Last soup I made was Campbell's Cream of Tomato (or is it just tomato) soup. Usually I'll pour it into a bed of sticky/sushi rice that I've placed into a bowl, and then add something else as well (sometimes it's fried perogies, sometimes other things). Currently am in the process of trying out a chicken stew recipe hubby found. Or, well, more precisely the slow cooker is doing that. I'll be going to bed later than I'm supposed to because I'm on vacation this week... That and I started said stew late, so it will be ready tomorrow. I have way too much parmesan cheese in the fridge now though, since Instacart could only get the giant 300g tub of parmesan petals (shaved parmesan), instead of the 140g tub I originally wanted. Oh well. I'll find a use for it
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    In honor of today's question… I did this for lunch. Exactly that ^ because it was a can of Campbell's "Creamy" Chicken Noodle in my instance. They have another kind that is also Chunky, but the broth is more clear. That bread bowl idea is worth borrowing! Not sure what bakery to try.
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    Lady C made some wonderful chicken noodle soup tonight. Just perfect for a cold, damp day today.
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    Currently holed up in Castle Polychromatic for the next little bit. Brain swab happens in the morning, if they can catch it.
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    Last soup I had was chicken noodle, not 'cause I was sick or anything, it just sounded good a the time. This was of the Campbell's Chunky variety. I think beef stew will be made next. This will be sorta home made. By that I mean start with Dinty Moore beef stew, and then add mushrooms, onions, green peppers, more carrots, whatever leftover meat is in the 'fridge (currently half of a summer sausage, a chicken breast, and some bacon) , and whatever spices/seasonings I think will go well with it. This is my 'clean up all the leftovers' meal; depending on what's in the 'fridge it's different every time I make it.
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    Hey all, Sorry about the lack of updates, my hobby time has sporadic at best recently. Progress has been made on the portal, as can be seen on this tidying up shot of the inactive side. I spent a bit of time mixing up various ratios of artists texture paste, sand and mica gel to see how they worked with washes and drybrushing and I finally settled on the 30/30/40 mix. It took about a day for it to cure properly, probably due to the artists medium. I used the Wilderness Green as a base, then worked in the Turquoise and Yellow in alternating layers until they blended in together The colour was getting a bit much at this point, so I reinstated some of the original grey from the paving stones I wanted the moss to almost look as if it was the start of a slime or ooze, mostly to distract my players from the real threat. I've used weathering on a mini to suggest 'wrongness' before, so hopefully they'll take the (wrong) bait this time Next up for this week is finishing the active side of the portal. Thanks for looking everyone, as always all comments and critiques are welcome
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    Test results are in. Everything points to inflammation. Since he had Cystitis a few weeks ago, we will have to make a scan tomorrow. There is a inflammation somewhere in the bladder/prostate or in that area. The Vet has high hopes that this can be cured with antibiotics, he will also get a shot to make him feel better, so hopefully he will start eating again then as well. Not the best news but better than I feared, so I hope this is indeed what's causing it.
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    Question for 10/20/2020 Who is someone in the community that inspires you?
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    A fast sketch... Prompts Malagrugrous Manticore Hashtags #drawntofantober #eloveartinktober Title Burly Manticore Day 20 Now I just need to go back a few days and pick through words from days I missed.
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    One thing I've heard mentioned is having a taller table - standard 28" height tends to be too low for a lot of people. I've been contemplating a height of 34-36" for my new desk. Could have sworn Angel uses a higher than usual desk to help with such things, but I wouldn't know which video he mentions such in.
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    Someone is up early… ….listening to the rain? @Kuroneko ?
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    I know I have too many BFG ships already, but MAN I want some of those ships I have 20 ships. I may have 20 ships of a couple of factions. I should do an inventory. I have no clue if I got any duplicates with this auction. Then again, not sure that I care if I have duplicates. I have two big resin Gunships. The package called them that. They were about cruiser size/grade ships(?) And then I have six-from-a-blister Escort grade ships which are pewter. The big ones I grabbed because I thought they looked -kool- and they were slashed to 50% off. The blister of six got bought because I really was a Dystopian Wars collector. My factions were Japan, Russia, and Antarctica. Antarctica has some really cool looking ships, but also, some really idiotic looking flyers. The six Escorts were purchased to be proxies for some of the flyers.
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    Last soup was a stew of beef and whatever else we had in the fridge. As time went on more things from the fridge went in as we reheated it and added more stuffs. Next soup could be one of two things. I found a pile of out-of-season chili kits. Also I have 2 big pork shoulder bones and 3 pounds of dried udon I can go to town with. Unsure what I'll do.
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    Trees might be tomorrow night....see how their first game goes Gave a start to a Snowtrooper. Trying to keep things quick but we'll see how it goes. Just a quick watered down Soft Tone wash over the cloth (most shots in Ep. V the cloth material was definitely not really white...this may be a bit too far off for my liking, we'll see.....). Normal Black and the Black Metal for the gun so far. And the white got its Apothecary White contrast paint. Play with it some more tomorrow.
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    This video is about painting with a shaky hand or tremors but it seems to me that if you set up Brick or Ms. Brick in a position that forced good posture then you would be locked into that posture to a degree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqp76vAJu9g Just a thought.
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    good news! not covid just normal sick
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    Hamster sits on the shoulder
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    so genuine Ground Coffee then, freshly dug
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    My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
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    It was a Beef Stew or a Chili. I don't particularly like soups. Both are 1 minute microwave meals.
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    Last soup that I had was Campbells Tomato Soup with my grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner last night. Last soup *I* made was Snow's Clam chowder (with extra can of clams added). In between those two, Daughter Dilvish made beef stew from scratch. Next soup made might be 13 bean soup; if I remember to pick up some salt pork to go in it. We already have the beans.
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    At least you got a summer right? We only got 4 sunny days in May, it barely got above 20C Ours is the shiny, brittle stuff that works well with the slightly sour Granny Smith apples. I think the naming is purely a regional thing with caramel having a higher dairy (butter or cream) content. We made the toffee apples simply by melting sugar until its clear and molten and working REALLY fast by dipping the apples and coating them. This is one of the remaining apples :)
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