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    My partner for the Secret Sophie exchange this year was NecroMancer and they requested demons or some other stuff, so I painted the Queen of Hell. About the same time I had ordered a 3D printer and I had found a base that kind of matched an idea I had in my head. The printer was going to ship on time, then it wasn't, then it was, and finally came in just in time to print my display base. It is from the celestial pack by Archvillain Games. It's 100mm plus some overhang. For a bit of additional flair I added some blood imps to the base. One thing about pre-made display bases though is they can be next to impossible to actually use if they are not designed well. This base is an example of that as there is so much rubble that I had to carve away spaces for feet or build up the area with a bit of milliput to give them something to stand on. Since ancient statues were actually painted I decided to go with that and put a simple face on the bit of statue that remained. The Queen was actually painted before my printer arrived and because things hadn't gone crazy at work yet, I actually had time to paint her properly. I went for a stylized NMM on her armor. It was the first time I had tried NMM this way. It worked but I need some more practice to really sell it. I didn't want her to look like some cheap plastic figure (even though she kinda is ) so instead of going red like the blood imps I made her skin mostly human and then put the orange/red/purples in the midtones and shadows. Her wings don't fit in my tiny photo setup so... And with wings. They were not attached for shipping and needed a bit of support, so ignore the paint bottle. Bones are evil. Mold lines suddenly appear everywhere. And for better or for worse, a year from now her wings will sink toward the earth, but they should rotate and touch the base. A few extra pics I took, if anyone wants to look
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    I had a lot of fun painting this little guy! First time trying something other than a plain-colored robe. Looking forward to the samurai companion .
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    What's kraken y'all? Anyhow, I've been painting up a bunch of nautical themed minis lately in anticipation of getting those pirate ships this spring (fingers crossed, knocks on wood to prevent shipping delays). I figure I'm going to start on the ship shortly after getting it and won't be very fun to play with if I don't have other stuff to attack it and/or board it when it's finished. So with that in mind I decided to paint this Wizkids Kraken my sister got me a while back. Typically not a big fan of the WK minis for a number of reasons, but this big boy wasn't too terrible. I'll admit I'm not necessarily a big fan of the 5e Kraken either. It kind of looks like someone tried to shove the front half of a fence lizard onto the back half of a squid and then gave it some turtle arms with fingers as an afterthought. As such I decided I wanted to give it a more whimsical look. Took a bit of experimenting with color schemes before I hit on something I liked. In my mind it's got a bit of a Dr. Suess feel to it, especially the tentacles. Which makes me smile. So despite all my other misgivings I'm thinking of this as a success. You may be wondering why one of the tentacle in the back is a different color? Shh... that's tentacle Steve, he doesn't know he's adopted. Anyways, I've got a few more larger minis that can be used to attack that pirate ship. Need to get kracken on those. Cheers all! Editing to say thanks to @Kuroneko for suggesting I take a look at the Blue Ringed Octopus for inspiration, doesn't look anything like one now, but that's where the color scheme ideas originally came from. Thanks!
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    A quicksketch idea from a warmup page that I want to evolve into a piece at some point. It's one of my favorite drawings, even in such an early stage, so I leave it on there to remember I will draw cool stuff again at some point.
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    Obviously fake. Starbuck's got there first. The Auld Grump
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    Really thought I would do the same. Exposed them to decades and genres wide and far! And so what do my teens listen to?! Musak. Specifically, Italian mellow sounds by Generic Instrumental Group #2515. On CD. Bleah. I’m not entirely sure they don’t have a years long troll going.
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    Yup. So, in thinking about how to raise the Hamsterling, one thing I've been thinking about is music, and wanting to make sure he's exposed to a LOT of it, and a wide variety of it. So... I found a list. Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. I'm a couple of albums into it, and have the thought that maybe I should record my thoughts on each? If nothing else, it's something else I can write about for my blog, though this definitely falls well outside what I usually write about. And I can't imagine I'll be writing more than a sentence or two for each.
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    I'm watching the 90s Addams Family movies. They're as good as I remember. And they have such healthy relationships.
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    Ah yes, lack of sleep had me off by a day haha, thanks! Last night was very cold, tonight will be "just" cold, and tomorrow will be well above freezing. We're still going to wait until Monday to get groceries for safety from the big crowds (and because there just aren't any groceries). My rheumatologist and physical therapy appointments were understandably cancelled for this week, but it's gonna take forever to get a spot again. Thankfully, our vaccines weren't cancelled for the third time, so we got our first shot today. But we made it through and count ourselves lucky - while we were the longest without power, a few of our friends have extensive water damage to repair now. We'll be dropping off some extra cooked food next week to help ease the load a bit. We're gonna give ourselves time to relax tonight, try to recover from the last few weeks of bad stuff, and make sure the power stays before we start printing again. Then it's back to life! ... Yay...? Yay!
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    But it beats the alternative of waking up looking at the bottom side of grass. GEM
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    Here is the big boss of the Bones I Orc Warband. With all of these Orcs they are shadowed with a purple color. I added some green freckles/sun spots for a little interest. For his shield trophies, I included some skin tones and hair colors that could represent elf, dwarf, human, goblin and undead. The wood planks and boards on the shield are freehand. Kavorgh got a little extra love with the bloodstain on the axe. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93235-darcstaar-vs-bones-i-ep-12-orcpocalypse/ And the group shot. Enjoy.
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    I finally finished my Dragons Don't Share! I have another that I purchased to paint sometime next year! For this one, I was inspired by the ruins of Pompeii. I went with the yellowish stones and added frescoes and statues. There is also a bird in a nest, a lizard, butterfly, and bunny in amongst the ruins. I used a lizard photo to design my dragon instead of going with a "usual" color. I thought he fit in with the ruins. You can see the work in progress here: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! There are lots more photos on my page. The link is in my signature.
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    Widget Wonka, from Privateer Press' MiniCrate. This is another one for the Paint Club commissions. I originally had dreaded painting this model (for obvious reasons I hope), and it turned out to be a lot of fun instead. All the little details and candies were really fun, and a nice change of pace from the usual swords, guns, robes, and such.
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    28mm scale "Stug" mech I painted for a friend. I know he got it out of a Kickstarter, but otherwise no idea who makes it. He'll be finishing the base to match the rest of his army. Tried some different paints and techniques and pushed the 'weathering' further than I have before. All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
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    Trying something a little different this time. I've got a friend who loves JRR Tolkein and I thought he'd really appreciate a little diorama. Since I have to ship this, I need it small and durable. Now, I get it that Bilbo's sword Sting glows bright when Goblins are near, but let's just say for this story it's glowing because danger is close. I have him in the stone henge area with a Wraith King coming around the bend. Let's just say this is about to get real... Starting this on some foam board. I was going to use some chip board, but didn't want the glue and stuff I'd be using for the base to get soaked in and bend. Using the extruded foam core for the stones. Carving them down was pretty fun. I'm thinking I might add some runes or something into them. I haven't primed them yet, so I still have time. The ground terrain is kind of fun - I used spackle, glue, sand, and some burnt umber paint. I'll do some grass and floral additions to it. You can see on one of the pillars that I used a different mix to surround the stone. That was the filler without the paint added. For the circles, I'll be leaving those open to put the minis into and can be taken out on their own. I'll be basing them to match the surrounding area, but Iike the idea of taking them out of the diorama when wanted. Open for any and all suggestions here. We're still far from done.
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    Perseverance landed successfully on Mars!!
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    I recently finished up this book nook. I was inspired by Black Magic Craft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxOWFbYNTOo&fbclid=IwAR0KPsFmpNYhvNHcca_3uWtP4U3fLk1F8InSrhXuLQB94Fj0EPAc_wwDbHo). I made this for a good friend that I have played DND with who is moving and wanted a little going away present to give to him. Painted with mix of Reaper Paints and Vallejo paints. The terrain is 3D printed, stalagmites are from Thingiverse and the ruins are from Printable Scenery (https://www.printablescenery.com/) that I modified on Meshmixer. This was my first time working with poured resin and LED lighting, was a lot of fun and now I am definitely going to make one for myself.
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    Another addition from WIP completion. WIP Link here. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91014-darcstaar-vs-bones-i-ep-7-kagunk/&tab=comments#comment-1931906 I was going for an Ice Ogre vibe here. Being that he is likely surrounded by frost-resistant and fire-vulnerable enemies, I wanted his shield to be a fire weapon. This has always been a favorite model of mine from BONES I. I hope you like it as much as I do.
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    This toothy grabby wormy thing is something I doodled up in Blender and printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro, one of the roughly 50% of prints that actually succeed. The human figure is a plastic Caesarian Roman Centurion; I forget from which manufacturer.
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    Kinda shocked it's not Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats to Study/Relax to, but maybe that was so last year?
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    Expect cartoon and anime theme songs. Lots of them. In English, Japanese and French. I'll come in extra hydrated to make sure this 49 year old man using his anime girl singing voice lasts a long time.
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    Yes, my relationship with my brother was build on a mutual desire to end each other in the most gruesome way possible too
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    Several years ago (about 30) we were doing an all day gaming session. One of my friends brought his young son. While we were playing started to play a video game. We did not notice he was gone so long until it was time to eat. He came down and said the console had stopped working and some came out. The owner of the system said "You let the some out? Don't you know that they run on smoke?" That young son now owns several computer companies and has sold many many more.
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    I've had terrible eyes since 3rd grade. My goggles have always been expensive and necessary. Last few years my eyesight has been creeping slowly better! Then last year I got presbyopia and had to go to progressive lenses which almost double the cost of my older glasses. Ouch. But at least I can do things. It was getting so I couldn't read or do anything up close. My optometrist had me trying contacts which I haven't worn in ages. I was on vacation wearing a set that I could see a fly a mile away. Couldn't hardly sign my name though. Furnace on the farm tuned and running ok. It barely kept the house from freezing through the -30 last week. Leaking hot water heater in town patched up. Neither was what I'd planned on doing today but at least it seems successful. Now to go play a game with my oldest.
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    Well we came up with a solution to my issues. Mini-spawn is going back to in-person school. We managed a year of remote schooling but it has just become unworkable. Spoke with the principle today - the local Elementary has had no active cases and about 95% of the staff has at least once vaccination dose. the spread rates in the local area have been low, with 89 cases per 100,000 and about 2.5 % positivity. It is amazing how much brighter my outlook is when I don't have have 5 hours of elementary school on my plate. I can actually do fun things with her instead. Like watching the mars landing and cheering at the TV. Its like a cloud of despair has lifted, yes there is some guilt but when something goes this bad, change is the only solution.
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    That can not be you... It looks nothing like your avatar....
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    I've never taken so long, after starting to paint a miniature, to finish it. She is Svetlana, the Frost Giant Princess. The metal version is DHL 3431; in Bones, she's 77107. Read below the pics for the backstory of sculpting and painting. THE SAGA I sculpted her in 2009, from this drawing by Wayne Reynolds: He designed some other frost giants and the new icy-themed dark elf faction for Reaper around that time. Werner Klocke had recently sculpted Reaper's fire giant queen, with a clever metal-saving design: a body cast in front-and-back parts that left a hollow center. I stole that idea for the front giant princess. I took my sculpting kit along on my 3-week bicycle ride from ReaperCon '09 (late May) to Asheville, North Carolina (mid-June). I didn't sculpt much along the ride, but I do remember a day in Monteagle, Tennessee, when the fog was so thick I didn't want to risk being on the road. I gave my legs a rest that day and spent a few hours sculpting in my hotel room. I finished sculpting the figure in late July, and she was released in September. Some folks on the Reaper Forum debated whether the princess's face was exposed skin or a mask. I weighed in here. You can see how different people have painted her over the years, mostly with masks. I didn't get around to painting my own version with the bare skin. I got a metal copy of this figure in late 2009 or early 2010. May 2010: 1 hour cleaning the figure. ((wait 1 year 10 months)) March 2012: 4 hours assembling the body (but not the left hand and spear), and using Greenstuff to patch the gaps and adding volume to the back of the hair. April 2012: 3 hours doing a primer coat / value-study in White and Black Brush-On Primer. ((wait 3 years)) April 2015: 5 hours verifying the assembly, attaching the hand, refining the shape of the eyes a bit, setting wires for the extra hair strand & the spear strap (in WAR's sketch but not the stock figure), and then sculpting over the wires. Thin things like these can make a miniature look more dynamic and realistic because they aren't limited by the considerations for casting. (I got that advice from Jeremie Bonamont when he was at ReaperCon one year.) WIP pics then: That evening / night / early morning, I spent another 7 hours in 3 sessions roughing in blended base coats over everything. And then I lost interest. She went into the cabinet. ((wait 5 years 9 months)) I decided to include the fox in some way. (The fox goes with Feiya the Pathfinder iconic witch, #60048, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.) I occasionally got nebulous ideas for an ice/snow base, but I never sat down to give physical form to these ideas. Jan-Feb 2021: She called to me again at 1am one night / morning. I painted until 5:30am. More painting sessions over the following week, and then basing. Built the base from rough masses to final shapes -- just start building, and then edit and refine. Devised the sticks-with-straps elements to fill the front-right area and show the wind. Added the snow, including drifts and footprints. Refined the colors, especially the ice-spear and the snow. Glazed, glazed, glazed. In all, about 50 hours over the last 3 weeks. And for now, she is finished. I think the sculpt holds up pretty well, though I deviated on several points from WAR's sketch (partly from my own design sense, but mostly from my lack of sculpting skill). If I were sculpting her today, I could do better on some proportions and making the fur and hair more spiky/icy than wavy. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! Derek
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    Yeah, that's not my dog, so still not singing. And if it were, when did I get a dog? Not a karaoke kinda guy, and there's no way that liquor, hot threesomes, or a suitcase full of cash can get me to change my mind. Because it's rather obvious that if you have a suitcase full of cash, I'd be way better off not paying attention at all to it. Oh, and if that cash was actually legit, and not tied to various things that would cause problems... And enough to pretty much take care of things for a decent amount of time, including the acquisition and maintenance of a house? ...I'd probably still say no, even though Aesthetic Perfection's "All Beauty Destroyed" would be rather tempting just to make a good point, because if I'm going to sell out on something I've held firm to for decades, I'm at least going to do it to a song that's going to ruin the mood for the entire room. My true feelings on my participation in karaoke cannot be stated on here without moderator action. Let's just say lots of spirited swearing is involved, and that's just the beginning. Friends once tried to pressure me into doing a video game version of it, so to make a point I literally MUMBLED my way through the song, and ON THE FIRST TRY destroyed my friend's best score - a score they'd spent THREE MONTHS working on. Music is a love and passion, and is pretty much LIFE to me. I'll enjoy what others produce, or even do my own thing, but if you think I'm going to attempt to reproduce what others have done so well. No. I can sing, but I hate singing things others have done. Which seems silly to many, because when I'm alone, I'll gladly sing along with my favourite music, but that's a very, VERY different thing to me.
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    In March or so. I aim to break even so I usually have neither a large refund nor a large payment to make. Thus I am never in any hurry. When an establishment breaks out the karaoke equipment, I leave before they even finish setting up. Were I somehow trapped in a building with such a thing I would be forced to destroy it before anyone can attempt to sing. Thus no one would have to pick a song.
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    At least one 4 legged resident of Tyler, Texas is enjoying the cold weather: https://laughingsquid.com/husky-refuses-to-come-in-from-snow/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=laughing_squid_blog_posts&utm_term=2021-02-18 GEM
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    Hang in there, just went to tri-focals myself. Once things loosen up, maybe we can get together for some gaming!
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    I got a pair just like that except mine are like 4.0. Ugly as sin but they work. Yeah, the real Haldir would be in a squirrel suit.....
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    Hey all, I took some palm trees that came with one of my son’s army men kits and decided to break them up, do some quick painting/base crafting to create jungle terrain pieces. I also had some decorative Micro Arts Studio ruins pieces that I added to three of the bases. I’m attaching some WIP shots as well.
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    Here is another of the Orc Warband from Bones I. He had a very bent sword, so I swapped it with one from the Bones III weapon sprue. WIP Here. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93235-darcstaar-vs-bones-i-ep-12-orcpocalypse/ And the group shot. Enjoy.
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    Here is another of the Orc Warband from Bones I. WIP Here. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93235-darcstaar-vs-bones-i-ep-12-orcpocalypse/ And the group shot. Enjoy.
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    I actually finished this some time ago, but frankly wanted to get it over to Ma and Pa Strawhat's ASAP as we knew that Ma wouldn't be around too much longer. As such, I didn't have the option to get pictures (as soon as I finished sealing it, I went to bed, then boxed it up the next evening as soon as I got home from work and ran it out there). I grabbed Ma's phone one afternoon while I was over there waiting for hospice to arrive and took a few pictures. I had hoped that Ma would post them so I could grab them, but she didn't. The pictures are a little dark (I'm not real good at using other phones), but I think the idea comes across.
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    Actually....sunspots are the cooler areas of the sun, not the warmer areas.
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    Why, thank you! See, this is why I like this forum. You all get me.
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    Thank you. A warm, good nap does wonders. Hugs hugs hugs, Red. It's been tough, and I'm so sorry. Oh man, Destiny was a ton of fun! I miss playing the second one, too.
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    What can I say, it's my day off. Squirrels need at least 1 day of rest! My problem is up close, afar I'm fine. Which for hobby stuff, sucks big time. I tried applying a decal onto something yesterday & wow it was a task. I put on the magnification "eyes" & applied a different decal & it was fast & simple.
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    I haven't had to switch to readers yet, but I do have to take my glasses off to see anything up close now. I suspect my next prescription will be bifocals. Getting old was a terrible idea.
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    Done with all Reaper Paints and an AP Wash
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