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    Wanted to share something with you guys before posting anywhere else. This is the Gragg Elfslayer mini that we'll be using as our social media free figure. Details will be announced tomorrow, but here's what we'll get added to the Core Set if we hit that social media goal. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson from a concept by Talin.
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    I did some zoom on the preview and CSIed the spoiler...
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    First minis I've painted in 20+ years. Had lots of fun with this and will be painting more!
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    There is a bones 5 figure WIP in this photo. But we are on the wrong side of the screen! Seriously though, this has pretty much been our view of my wife @Rainbow Sculptor for the past 2 months as she excitedly tackles her bones 5 assignments. Gotta say though.... The one she's working on here is SO COOL!
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    Hi folks, My very first snow base! I haven't attempted Non-Metallic Metal on a shield like this before and I'm happy with how it's turned out :) Thanks, Mocha
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    Hi everyone! I though wyrmgear would look good with some parchment with various math diagrams and equations on its wings so I painted it like such. I also wanted it to pose in some sort of vanity position so I changed its limbs to be more elevated on the upper half and used green stuff to attach the wings at an angle so they are visible from the front and back. I will add more photos from different angles once the green stuff dries. Enjoy! :)
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    All done up for a Halloween present. Hope you all enjoy, this was a fun one!
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    I tried making them similar, yet dissimilar in a variety of small ways. They all have irregular freckles on the shoulders and upper arms, and I painted the horns light to dark, or dark to light.
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    So these are the first things I've painted that I've felt really really proud of and wanted to share.
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    First real attempt at object source lighting. Model was zenithal primed and painted using glazes and inks
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    My godson's mum is beside herself right now. His very first word wasn't "mama" or "dada", it was a very clear and loud "CAT!".
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    This mini is called "Vorvorlaka" and is from the Bones 3 kickstarter, Graveyard expansion. I based it on a 30mm lipped base. The obligatory size comparisons... 77631 Vorvorlaka Reaper Miniatures, Bones 3 KS 2015, Graveyard expansion Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi 30mm base available from reapermini.com Here shown with Reaper 80068 Victorians and North Star's Pulp Heroes: The Film Crew sculpted by Bob Murch click the pic to enlarge
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    And in that moment, Linus realized he'd made a horrible mistake... Just a Rotten Patch I did forc a friend, enjoy.
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    Just something that was mentioned on today’s Bones 5 Twitch show. At some point a special edition Sophie dice set will be added to the core, as a tie in to the comics, where Sophie has her lucky dice stolen and tries to get them back.
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    My post from the commentary thread on the KS. There are a (very) few trolls (imo) who have been pretty negative about the KS in general, and somewhat insulting to supporters as well. Unfortunately, their 1$ buy in will allow them to continue their grumbling indefinitely. (Begin) Some numbers to ease the concerns of those who may have been disturbed by the more negative commentary earlier in this thread. It won't help some, as they are committed to their narrative, but for those who are willing to consider FACTS rather than innuendo and demagoguery, this may ease their minds. In terms of money, we did not reach this point in Bones 4 until day 27. At that point, we had unlocked 118 core minis, 3 expansions for another 106 minis, and 45 add-on minis. Time wise, the core set was at 91 minis, we had unlocked 1 expansion with 34 minis, and a total of 24 add-on minis. Currently, we are at 127 minis in the core, , 3 unlocked expansions with 90 total minis, and 76 add-on minis. Would I like to see more? of course. Is it really worth grumbling and throwing complaints about? IMO, not really. Again, if you are committed to your narrative, rather than actual FACTS, this will not dissuade you. However there are still a few people out there who prefer reality to any constructed narrative. (end)
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    This is Barzillai Thrune, the major villain from the Pathfinder Hell's Rebels campaign. I painted him as a service to my DM because we are currently playing that campaign and my intuition tells me that it will be needed some day. The mini is extremely faithful to the original Wayne Reynolds art and I also used the same colour scheme, but I regret using my standard unimaginative "block of acryl paste" base. With the burning mace the mini would be excellent for OSL experiments and there are two fine versions of it on the forum with lighting effects, but I thought to late about the idea and was reluctant to add it to the almost finished mini.
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    With Call to Arms on the horizon (the new Elder Scrolls minis game) I felt the need to celebrate not-Fus Ro Dah style. I apologize for the over exposed photo, I am still trying to figure out how my new camera phone works.
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    I passed my practice exam with 81%! I’m going to focus on the areas I messed up, then see if I can do better on my 2nd practice test. 81% is enough to get my license, but I’d like to up that score.
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    Today's halloween cat photo is brought to you by the words "me" and "ow".
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    Yeah, my puny leather wallet kept whining and complaining...so I ditched it for a carbon fiber one that can handle the strain.
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    I recently painted the spear armed version of this group. I liked it quite a bit so I painted the rest of them up. I tried to match them to actual snakes. Some of them were more successful than others. First up is a Blue Racer and a Fox Snake. Next are a Black Rat Snake, a Scarlet King Snake, and a poor attempt at a Garter Snake. I've got a second set I picked up during the kickstarter that I'm planning on painting up as venomous snakes. But I'll need to reshape the heads and my greenstuff skills aren't there yet. So it may be a while.
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    Got a really good onesie for my girl: (I may have a small finger, but I have daddy wrapped around it!) So, I think I submitted my insurance agent application. Website was hecking confusing.
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    I had a unique experience the last couple of days. I signed up for my every 3 years refresher training I like to get on an assessment methodology I use. And one of my former interns was one of the teachers. She did a pretty good job explaining something she'd never used before working with me. She's always been a top notch botanist. But it was really nice to see someone go down the professional route you helped set them on. She did try to turn the field portion of the class over to me today a couple of times. But she didn't seem to miss a beat when I handed the reins right back. We even had a good discussion about where we disagree on how to score certain things. All in all, one of the more satisfying professional moments I've had. I almost forgot, have some dew covered webs courtesy of the fog this morning...