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    I did this over the past few weeks and first real attempt at making a showy base for a big model. I ended up using cork bark and some UV resin but I loved how it all turned out.
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    Hi everyone, Now that the contest is over, here are more pictures of my converted 77038, Hell Hound. The original sculpt is by Ben Siens. This was my entry in Reaper's Facebook Convert and Paint contest. Khan is my elf riding dog in our D&D campaign. The contest was the perfect pretexte to make this conversion. I first removed all the spikes and flames on the hound's back. I then built the armor and saddle using green stuff and a paperclip. The chest is from Reaper's 02638, adventuring accessories. There were amazing entries in the contest and I managed to get an honorable mention. Thanks to Reaper miniatures and Matthew Clark for organizing this contest.
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    Here's a couple of the dark elves from the Darkreach Expansion of the recent bones kickstarter. These were a lot of fun to slap paint on this afternoon. Looking forward to getting them on the table in the near future.
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    I sort of fell off the WIP thread because life made this take longer than I had originally intended. The minis are by Bombshell, and I have to say that they were a pleasure to paint. I will be picking up a few more at ReaperCon, for sure. The scenery is by Secret Weapon, Shadow's Edge, and Woodland Scenics. The base is from a cheap 3 pack from Michael's. All paint is from Reaper. I'll probably end up staining or painting the base, but I haven't yet decided which way to go with it. It feels really good to finish something for the MSPOpen. In hindsight, I probably should've started with something smaller, and worked my way up to this, but meh. I'm pretty proud of this.
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    I took a bit of a hiatus (about 4 weeks). Here is my first guy since coming back.
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    Went bright and vibrant with this little guy. Based the color scheme off of the dragons sitting on top of oriental temples. Also, it gave me a chance to play around with the new sets of clear paints I bought last month.
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    I painted a raptor. He was a speed paint to let out some steam.
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    From the depths of SPACE, they came! A menace unlike any the Solar System had yet seen! Their weapons--inexorable! Their strange mental powers--UNCANNY! Bombshell's Counterblast line has a faction called the Edofleini. Can't prove anything, but I feel strongly that the designer had read David Wiesner's "June 29, 1999" at a formative age. The Edo are giant-brained cephalopods with zap guns and psionic powers, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps a Space Squid has used an Emotive Transductor to suck all the JOY and WONDER from your heart? (They can do that, you know!) I couldn't resist, anyway. Tried to give them a color scheme inspired by this coconut octopus. Here's the four-eyed leader of the bunch, in its magnificent robe of office. The gold-armored subordinate with Neural Halberd: A vicious enforcer, tentacles flailing: A four-eyed underling: And a runtish Spawnling: And here's a group shot! Keep watching the skies! Guard your brains! ARE YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR OWN, CITIZEN? Ever so many more pictures below if you click:
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    This is my second entry into the Reaper Facebook Convert and Paint contest. I wanted to do this one because I love doing dragonman (dragonborn) conversions. There just aren't enough kinds of dragonmen to model for various character classes. And I'm glad that the catfolk minis came out within the last year because when I think about dragonmen, I like to see their clawed hands and feet, so it makes them great for such a conversion in my eyes. These were the minis used for parts, including pieces from the dragonman conversion kit: 03457. Poor Shadoweyes got her head and tail cut off. Then I had to do some filing and filling to smooth out the cuts (particularly in the back because the tail was sculpted against the backs of the right leg and sword) and some of the fur pattern on her arms and legs. Also had to create small bit armor at the base of the tail so the pieces flowed together well. All Captain Razig lost was his hat and added a head and tail from the conversion kit. Originally, she was going to be green with dark purple/red armor. But after I got the original base coats on, I felt she looked too much like a lizard and not a dragon, so I switched it up. She ended up being the winner. I was shocked. I figured I might place, but pretty as she is, I didn't think this was one of my better pieces. But she was fun to do and I'm glad the Reaper folks put together this event. And now, because I still feel bad about chopping off Shadoweyes' head, I'm using a portion of the winnings to buy another one to paint!
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    I’m so pleased. The grey beards have been a joy to paint so far.
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    I put two entries into the recent Reaper Facebook Convert and Paint contest. This first one didn't get many votes, which doesn't surprise me as I think not too many people knew what it was and it was on the weirder side. Plus the paint job itself was kind of bland. But I like the idea of it because of what it is. It is a tikbalang - a malevolent, mythical Filipino creature that leads travelers astray or plays tricks on them. It has a horse's head, a bony body, and long, disproportioned limbs. I used these minis to make it. The wendigo's head was chopped off. Then I took the head of the Silverhorn, removed the horn and did some filing and sculpting to get it to join properly to the body of the wendigo. Very minimal green stuff use outside of filling seams; I filled in the wendigo's hooves, which were cloven, and rebuilt a bit of the mane so it joined smoothly with the rest of the body. And I saved the body of the unicorn. At some point I'll have to convert it into a centaur!
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    I know, I know, that's the wrong movie for my idea, but since I'm doing a mousling, I needed a catch phrase! Actually, I could use some help with that! The plan is to take: ...Mr. Wizard there, and have him summon... er, well, a terrible monster from the depths of space and time! Ah hah ha! So, I want to take the phrase "cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" and cheesify it. Any thoughts? Cheddar riccota? Cthulhu r'lyeh havarti feta? Hmmmn... While y'all are percolating, how about a WIP? I realized I needed a project for open. Open is my favorite category because I get to sculpt a bit and still spend a good bit of time on the painting. It allows me to be creative in chopping up miniatures and making monsters. Yay monsters! I decided I wanted a bunch of eyes. And tentacles. I raided my beading supplies for the eyeballs and the kraken for tentacles. I also stole the teeth from the carrion worm. (Mr Bones is a stand-in for Mr Wizard, who is perched high on his cork right now.) Here's Mr. Wizard in progress: I took the "eyes" off their sculpey perch to move them around the teeth, and was left with a really fun shape: I leave it here because I'm going to keep it for another project and I thought it was pretty. Anyway, here we go! When I sculpt, I tend to try for an organic balanced shape, but mostly, I just squash sculpey until I'm happy with it. Ok, so I finished the sculpey section. Then I baked it. I left on the tentacles and the eyes for the bake. Bones melts at something >500 degrees, so while they got a bit soft at 275, they're fine. If you ever build something, you can in fact bake the bones! Now I'm getting the eyelids attached. I used green stuff because I can roll it thin and it holds better detail than my sculpey. I played with a bunch of textures for this. Last reapercon I bought a bunch of tools, so I decided I'd test a few of them out. One can never have too many randomly shaped pointy things. And then I basecoated my little baby. Awww! Isn't he just the cutest? I left off one tentacle as it will seriously be in the way for painting. I'll add it towards the end. Next, colors: Also, while I'm at it, my brush set up. I use the tissue to wipe the brushes. It gradually absorbs water, stays wet, and can double as a quick mini-rinse for the brush if I'm blending. Next, the nebular plan. I want the monster coming from space. I know Cthulhu comes from under the sea, but space seems scarier. I like nebulas. They're just gorgeous. I start by working out where I want the clouds of stars to go. They need to match up with Mr Monster, but still seem natural. I changed the colors from the picture to match the colors I want to use on the piece. I decided to go with a red-green complementary scheme. I may need to repaint Mr Wizard to match. I put in a few stars to test it. I'll add more later, but I wanted to get started on the eyes. Animal eyes! Whew, ok, have to go hang out with my family. more soon! If you have questions, let me know!
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    My take on the Giant Rhinoceros Beatle from KS4
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    Finally got my Bones 4 this week and this is the first mini I painted. She's part of the elves section of the core set, but honestly she doesn't look particularly elven. Honestly I didn't like the sculpt that much so I thought it would be a good mini to try some different techniques. The skin was painted from a magenta base rather than a typical brownish skin base. I also practiced nmm on this mini, most noticeably on the sword. Also painted some patterning on the blue cloth around her waist. Also I got tired of trying to dot her irises with a brush, so I just used a tooth pick and it actually worked really well. Overall while there are a few areas to improve on (the nmm on the blade), I'm really happy with the results (magenta skin actually worked), especially considering it was originally intended as a test bed for a few new techniques.
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    I think I have got the right mini name. He or she is from Fan Favourites. Painted simply, Scale 75 black metal, then a wash, then drybrush with Army Painter rough iron/rust colour. Tried to do a water effect on the base, layers of gloss mod podge with green ink and bits of wood from a log bag in the middle.
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    Loved painting this little chap from Dreadmere. Had ideas of painting him up as a villain or grim ranger but went back to a traditional bright Halfling pallette.
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    Sometimes when I imagine the mechanics of monster summoning, it's kind of like Uber or Lyft. You select a particular summoning option, and someone picks up the call without really knowing what the mission will be. Anyway, we needed an angel. Our prayers were answered, but apparently this one was on the way to the Celestial Daycare, or maybe had just completed another summoning gig involving orphans when she showed up for this gig. I can imagine any number of ways this could have gone. But in any case, this one arrived with a baby, and without a nose. She fight off our enemies with only one hand and without any olfactory senses. It was truly impressive!
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    Enjoyed painting these and adding a bog effect to the base. A tan primer, brown wash, metal in rusted iron, clothes in Army Painter Griffin Blue, then a mixed green and brown Army Painter wash over the whole thing. Water effects base in usual way, gloss mod podge over paint, log bag sweepings, tufts.
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    Thought I'd put a little effort into getting better shots of my little plastic homies :-)
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    You have a lot of forum friends here. Talk if you feel like it, don't be shy, I'm sure others have probably already offered, but you can always PM to talk if needed. Break ups /divorces are hard. I have had one divorce and several break ups before I met my girl. It sounds cliche and cheesy but there is truth in the saying, One door closes another one opens. Take your time to get yourself together. Talk to people. When things settle down try to evaluate where things went wrong and learn from it. Sometimes we can change things, sometimes we need to see the red flags in others. From my past relationships I have learned one thing. Don't cross your own boundaries and don't give up too much either. I have defined three zones when it comes to a relationship. Maybe this is useful for those out there who are searching for someone. Red Zone - Something I DO NOT WANT in a partner. ( dealbreaker) Green Zone - Something I NEED in a partner. ( Must have) Grey Zone - Here we can compromise. The trick is that in the past I tried to compromise about stuff that was in the Red Zone or gave up when it was in my Green Zone. That doesn't work. For example. Smoking is in my Red Zone , even when she's the hottest woman around, if she smokes I know it will be something I can't live with. So when a potential partner would smoke, I don't even try anymore. Green Zone, We need to have a connection about the important views in life, we need to comfortable around each other, if not, don't go there and give up your own views. Grey Zone, so she has a different taste in music? Who cares..we can figure that out. These are just examples. It took me a few year to realise I wasn't true to myself and tried to "change" someone, or let me get "changed" as long as it concerns minor stuff that's okay, but too much will destroy a relationship. Sorry if I talked too much here, I hope people might be able to make sense of it.
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    https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86590-40mm-french-revolutionary-wars-british/ As described above, finished up today... Now on to the next unit...
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    She's sleeping in her crib! Yes! Thank all the gods! All of them, even the wicked ones! My bed is mine fluffer muffers!
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    Am going to say this chap looks like a chuul. Just my view. Really enjoyed painting it. An orange undercoat made from Vallejo red brown primer with Vallejo dark yellow. Army painter mid brown wash, then edge highlighting with Scale 75 orange leather. Tentacles with Army Painter mutant hue. This mini already comes in one piece, on a 50mm textured round base so nothing to do there but paint yellow, drybrush khaki and add tufts.
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    This past week I painted the Female Devil "Tormentor" figure from the Bones 4 Bedeviled group from the Core Set. During the run of the Kickstarter, there were folks in the Bones 4 Enthusiasm who where considering the possibilities of converting the larger Rulers of Hell figure set into some sort of Forest King and Queen creatures by removing their wings and skull iconography. With the cloven hooves and horns I could see how easily this could be done. And, while I didn't get that set, I did get the smaller sized Bedeviled group that came in the Core Set. Looking at the female figure in that set, it seemed to me that she too would be an easy conversion to make into some sort of Faun-like Forest Creature. Photos linked for nudity. Link Link Link For my full conversion and painting article, see: http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2019/06/tormentor-female-devil-to-forest.html