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    Now the 2nd member of the pair from zombicide: Black Plague special character, Thalia. The traveling companion of Grom. These two are also going to serve as a Savage and Swordsman for my Ranger's of Shadowdeep warband. Went with some NMM, some came out ok, other parts didn't. In the end I decided to leave as is, Since I want to move on and get to playing the games. And the Pair Thanks for any C&C you give.
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    This was my first time painting two of the same sculpt twice in a row, so I tried to make them pretty distinguishable for table play. I also hadn't realized how much bigger 77464 is then 77009, but I still think they work together and I'm pretty happy with the pack overall.
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    This is the wonderful Cave Troll by Bobby Jackson from the Cave Dwellers subset of the Bones 4 core set. It is also available in metal sku# 03959. I was going to go with a traditional green troll but as I was searching for reference/inspiration, I came across some cave skink photos. I was really interested in their dark hides and pale pale underbellies which I tried to emulate here. I took the opportunity to experiment with washes. I used practically every ink shade I had except blue.
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    Finally getting back to painting a bit more consistently and finishing things. Here is one I finished recently, Theo from Zombicide: Wolfsburg. I'm multi-tasking him to also serve as the ranger for my ranger's of shadowdeep warband. Hoping to have my warband finished by the end of the month. Theo Thanks in advance for and C&C you give.
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    Started painting this when I only had the paints from the Bones 4 kickstarter, but glad reinforcements arrived before I finished. Went with carbon grey base for the shell, then areas of Styx Purple and Tropical blue over that, followed up with clear blue and clear purple, and a glossy varnish to try to give it that iridescent feel. Pretty happy with it.
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    Ohhh... Good to know! Painted... Well, started painting some dark elves last night while hanging out with an old friend online. Its kinda cool how good they look with just the blue liner... Finally gonna get to use some Drow Nipple Pink! Coffee!!
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    Reminds me of the time that I got a trouble call for a piece of equipment and i knew what the issue was from what I was told over the radio. I tried to explain what needed to be done to correct it, and I was cut off by the watch officer who said ' I'm here with the captain, we need this fixed immediately and that's your job. Now get up here and do it! ' I reported as ordered, walked up to the equipment, stopped, looked them both right in the eyes, then reached out and turned a knob to the correct position. I smiled, said 'there you go, sir', and walked away.
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    It still feels weird to be pulling a mask (bandana) over my face when I pull into a convenience store.
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    I'm not sure its as bad as knowing you have 2 bottles of Gorilla glue (blue & green cap) somewhere in your house still in package, yet you can't find either & have to buy a new bottle of green just to work on projects. Now where did my accelerate spray go to............
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    The proper reaction to finding that I am still alive & still have a heart full of love to spread around.
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    Update on the wayward AC guy. He realized once he was on the roof that he'd knocked on the wrong door. Our AC is fine tho. I expect we won't need it for awhile, after this weekend's random bout of entirely normal warm weather it's supposed to get pointlessly cold again. This isn't summer, it's San Francisco Summer. I was wondering if he might be soliciting. In any case, if you hadn't called for him, I wouldn't have allowed him in. To be fair, I didn't let him in anywhere. He asked me how our AC was running then said he was going to the roof. Having just been pounded awake from a sound sleep I told him we weren't running our AC but forgot to mention we hadn't called. Our apartment building contracts with only one guy for all AC and heating needs. Mask or no he has a unique voice. I knew who he was. Mostly I was confused.
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    This was such a good thread to read. Honestly, we started this out with a weird bit of survivor's guilt. My love does remote IT for banks and hospitals so his job wasn't going anywhere. I already stayed at home so we're used to living on a single paycheck. We started ordering contactless pickup once a week from our favorite local food places to help them pay rent if they were open, when we typically eat out once or twice a *month.* But we wanted to be able to help where we could. We're not super social to begin with, so the biggest change for us is that we haven't gone camping, fishing, or bike riding in almost 3 months. That's the only part that's been driving us crazy and we felt a little guilty about that. But we're doing our part and staying indoors as much as possible. Oh. And my husband only knows how to have fun. The first few weeks of him working from home, I got 0 chores done because he kept distracting me! We thought it would be the other way around!
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    Dinner is homemade ramen with pork belly and veggies. Itadakimasu!
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    I don't actually have a "Shelf of Shame" of half-finished miniatures like some painters do, but if I did, this figure could have been on it. I sculpted Ulf Gormundr for Reaper's licensed Pathfinder line in late 2012. Ulf is a character in the "Jade Regent" Adventure Path. Although I have painted almost every one of the figures I've sculpted, I neglected to paint Ulf and a few others, mostly from 2012-2014. Probably it was because Martin Jones was working as Reaper's staff painter and giving them good paint jobs for the gallery as soon as each figure was released. Several years ago, I prepped this metal casting of Ulf but then put it aside. I removed the moldlines, patched a little pit in the handaxe, clipped away and bent the wolf-pelt leg (which is attached to pommel of the sword in the original casting) to make the overall pose a little more dynamic, and twisted his sword slightly out-of-plane for the same reason. Despite the sheltering-in-place over the past eight weeks, I haven't painted or sculpted much (er... anything). My painting area had gotten even dustier than usual. I resolved to paint something this week. I poked around my painting area, found the prepped-but-unpainted Ulf, and spent a few late-night sessions painting him. The color scheme is the "official" one -- from the portrait by Wayne Reynolds on the cover of Adventure Path #51, plus the shield design by another artist in the interior of AP #50 (I don't know who, but there are several artists listed in the credits and I could rule out a few; does anyone out there know?). The figure has some complicated layering of clothing and armor and gear (but I actually simplified Wayne Reynolds's design a bit for the miniature). I made it even more fiddly with freehand textures. For the base, I glued the figure to a plastic base, sculpted a layer of putty over the top (including his last footprint behind him), painted it blue and white to look like snow, and glued on a "Winter Tuft" grass product. I cut the smallest tuft into 3 sub-tufts because I didn't want to hide his legs behind a big clump of grass, especially in the front view. Enjoy! Derek
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    It's been a while since I've painted a Reaper miniature, so I thought I would post my latest creation here. I had a lot of fun painting this mini - blue is one of my favorite colors to blend with, and I enjoy painting fun hair, like her braid in the back. TMM was used on the metal.
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    ...a journey, not a destination.
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    I asked my son to describe me in 5 words. He said I’m mature, I’m moral, I’m pure, and I’m perfect! Then he also added that I also -
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    I over did it gardening yesterday. got the compost spread and the garden tilled. Helped Middle Daughter build her shelf. Went an got some more plants/bushes (including some red currants) and 20 bags of mulch. I am feeling it this morning. Getting my caffeine and food in my stomach so I can start popping ibuprofen like Tic-Tacs. Plants are arranged but need to go in the ground. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Hey now. Quality Control needs to be thorough, or what even is the point?!
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    Hi everyone, These two are from a Kickstarter I backed about 2 years ago, the « Village of the Witches » by Midlam Miniatures. I used Master Darkweezel as Thanadio the Pink, the BBEG in my DnD campaign. Sister Foulberry is Magda the Chubby, one of my PCs. I hope you like them. :)
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    I absolutely love the Bones Black Tidal Lurker. Unfortunately, it comes pre-assembled. With so many tentacles and such a dynamic pose, it will be impossible to adequately paint it fully assembled. I'd like to take it apart, but am worried about breaking it. I've already tried leaving it overnight in the freezer to weaken the glue and it doesn't seem to have done much. Any advice on how to proceed? UPDATE: After freezing it overnight, I dropped it in boiling water, and the sudden change in temperature seems to have weakened the glue enough for me to pry it apart! I'll leave this post up in case others have the same question.
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    Started getting around to working on Ma'al's eyes yesterday. Got 2 of the heads done and am pretty pleased with how it's coming along. I have 10 weeks to get it finished. After the initial feeling of "oh broccoli" and stress I think I'll be fine.
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    My print copy came in the mail today - very happy with it. It is hitting nostalgia buttons from back when I was running a Top Secret campaign, back around... 1980, or so? The Victory Games 007 game had higher production values - full color, a big name property - but this is very much a cleaned up version of the same system. But somehow this feels like the TSR Top Secret game, and makes me itch to run a campaign. I am thinking a small Freelance agency - maybe a bit like the original Mission: Impossible. *EDIT* The movies have missed the whole freaking point - the show was about an agency, not just an agent. Have each player create three characters, fulfilling specific roles - and the Face gets to pick what agents he needs for the mission, one from each player. Sometimes Control may stick his oar in - 'You are going to need a Wheelman and a Demolitionist', but mostly leave the character choice to the mission lead, and let each player have turns being the lead, if they want the job. *EDIT* There are no classes - I am talking skill sets here, not hardwired to particular characters. Trying to remember details about that Top Secret game... been a long, long while, might be fun recreating it. *** Unconnected, I got paperwork from Americorps asking if I want to run my after school program as an independent, rather than tied to another agency (Catholic Charities). As far as I can make out... there is no advantage for doing so, just being responsible for paperwork that I can currently punt over to other people. In particular, my stipend would remain the same. The game tonight was fun - it looks like they will be able to finish up by the first week in June. The Auld Grump
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    We finally got our stimulus check. With the up to 20 weeks, I was thinking it wouldn't be here for anther month or so.
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    I know there's some fans here... Dropkick Murphys are going to do another concert, streaming from Fenway on May 29, with Bruce Springsteen. No links yet....
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    Up next are some more battle droids. One episode of the Clone Wars has some B-1 Battle Droids that are programmed to follow R2-D2. I thought I would paint up some for him for Legion. I also want to paint a labor/battle droid for a Star Wars RPG character, so I modified one with leftover Grievous arms. That one got a coat of green contrast paint over the primer.
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    Flumphs. And colours. And spelling it 'colours' instead of 'colors', as nature intended.
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    Momma always says, "happiness is as happiness does."
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    My head immediately went to the Peanuts cartoons on that subject, but since Ladystorm already went there I'm going to say happiness is a well drained garden (we got several inches of torrential rain overnight).
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    Just because they are in a position of authority doesn't mean they know everything, or even necessarily not than you. And some people really really don't like being questioned. Coffee!
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    Painted this up. Finally attached her to the base. Not sure if I want to just paint black over the base or do something fancy with it.
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    I just bought 6 bottles of the Loctite ultra gel for $20 because of this problem.
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    Yeah, I could see knowing you still have some but not knowing where it is could be rather annoying. I have some cash in my wallet, so I'll find an atm, deposit the cash, and then use a card to pay for another bottle of superglue - I want to finish assembling these minis today! Then I'll only have twenty Infinity minis left to paint, but they'll be armies I'll be working on after the two that are current projects are taken care of
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    For some reason, my brain is insisting that the game begins in media res - with the Faceman about to get his face rearranged, and saying 'Yeah, that's me, you're probably wondering how I got here'.... LOW budget agency - but Adventurous, not Grim and Gritty. Maybe a recently revived agency - with the upper staff being REDs, picking up cold ops that they weren't happy with. Lost Causes or maybe Peculiar Incidents. All PCs former members of other intelligence agencies, all burned when things went west on a mission. Most combat with fists, not guns - they don't have a License to Kill, making the #2 mission objective Don't Get Caught. The Auld Grump The problem is contacts - CC has them, I do not. Not to mention, the form they sent me is freaking huge - and I would need to be independently bonded. Right now, CC handles that for me - I don't even know how much that would cost. The Portland school system has been a lot more careful since a crossing guard took a shot at one of the students, about twenty years ago. The Auld Grump
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    Time to get busy in the kitchen, mwa ha ha ha ha! Pork chops and mashed potatoes for supper, and for "breakfast" it'll be a roast, because, well... Why not! Well, that and it has to go in the slow cooker for 8-10 hours, so yeah, breakfast it'll be!
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    Quarantine Bust Mania continues. (Why can't one web site carry everything i want to buy from Europe?) Ares Mythologic - Excelsy BustBigChild Creatives - Nataku BustBigChild creatives - iron-heart BustGalapagos Minis - Alai, The Templars Atonement
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    B:GCC - Hero Box Leftovers "aaaand DONE!"* The hero box had some police drones I had yet to paint (and they just as often show up as villainous henchmen) and some of the neutral innocent people of Gotham you sometimes need to rescue. *The first wave also had several expansions, so I'll probably tackle them next. Police Drones (with guns!) Bystanders Citizens. I don't know what makes these "citizens" and the bystanders "bystanders", but whatever.
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    Playing with pets, covers both. Like others have said, star fleet level medical tec would be nice, Interacting with others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu6ljRUdZiE
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    Hurrah for the Drow. I supposedly collect those. I have also been converting my elves slowly by paintjobs. No one in my games ever runs an elf. Gotta use those sculpts somewhere. Got through my shadow dragon the weekend. But no upload for channel. Daughter is silent on Tablet. Good old May. Rain-a-geddon is almost here.
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    Also...ahhh, the magic of technology... Work changed one of our "before you go to work" sites, and the database didn't get ported properly, and several employees were doubled I nthe database, so we couldn't log in because it kept assuming we already were in the system as confirmed users with full profiles *laughs* I've spent an hour in various phone calls and text messages getting it sorted out, but now I can actually go to work now, yay!
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    I had a similar experience with a workman in my previous abode. Our apartment was on the third floor of six and one day we got said workman knocking on the door declaring that he needed access to our loft space. When I told him that we didn't have one, he was quite insistent that it was our apartment that had been listed to give access and our landlord had definitely sent us a letter to inform us. I ended up asking him if he had gone to the top of the stairwell on the way up and he finally figured that he might have the wrong place when he hadn't actually gone to the top of the building. He left after that and I called our landlord, who confirmed that there was supposed to be work going on in the loft, but had no idea how our apartment got involved, other than a possible clerical error.
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    I don't have any good stories like that from my Navy days But CW's story reminds me of numerous phone calls I had with the mothers of teenage boys back when I was a tech for Jim Dunlop Mfg working on electric guitar pedals. Angry mom would call up complaining that the Wah Wah pedal they bought for their son was defective. From their description of the sound it was making, I knew it was plugged in backwards. That would usually trigger the angry rant that was some variant of "What, do you think my baby is stupid or something!?! Let me speak to your manager!" The week after Christmas was the worst. The number of times I wish I could have just walked up to them and swapped the cords were too numerous to count. Instead, I had to be satisfied with "No, I don't think your son is stupid ma'am. It's an easy mistake to make. I have to plug and unplug these pedals in 15-20 times a day, and I make it at least once a week. Please try that first and let me know."
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    That people are elfholes and you shouldn’t depend on most of them too much.
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    Cats will always be enthusiastic about something if it means they're preventing the others from having it.
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