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    Hail and well met. I've been painting for about a year and have finally worked up the courage to post some of my minis here.
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    The Lord of Change has been one of my favorite minis ever since I first got into miniatures. Maybe it is that they kind of remind me of The Dark Crystal’s Skeksis, but I have always loved the strange bird daemon. And unlike many characters, I’ve continued to love them through the many redesigns that they’ve experienced. While I liked the earliest Lords of Change, I’ve likewise enjoyed the larger metal miniatures, and the later move to very large plastic. And Forge World’s obviously too large Lord of Change is a fantastic mini as well. Here are a few Lords of Change that I got to paint.
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    Coincidentally, I had this figure very nearly done two days ago when the sad news of Diana Rigg’s passing was made public. It always was a tribute to her incandescent portrayal of Emma Peel in the old British TV show “The Avengers”, but now it’s a memorial as well. Requiescas in pacem, Ms. Rigg. The figure is “Pandora King (Classic)” from Crooked Dice miniatures. Crooked Dice has a minis game based on cult TV and they’ve produced a lot of different figures suitable for that sort of storytelling.
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    The swirls sculpted into the dress panels made me think of Van Gogh and so that's where I went.
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    I finally reached the point where I think I'm done with Mossbeard, the enormous ent from Bones 4. I wanted to go to town on his base, and almost immediately after recieving my package, went out to Michael's and bought some dollhouse/fairy garden deer, frogs, and mushrooms. I also ordered the Bones familiar pack #1 (77176) and some Tiny Terrain trees from Miniature Market. And then, I just didn't do anything with him for over a year. Finally decided to get him done. While assembling him, I decided to make use of his empty chest cavity to install a tea light so his eyes could glow, so I drilled right through his eyes and neck, and filled in the eyes with clear gel medium so the light would come through when illuminated. Used lots of grass tufts, lichen, and cuttings from am IKEA fake plant, and put some fairies I've had for over a decade into the base, too. I also modified the head so he was looking more directly forward, since he was largely looking down in the original. Hope you like him! Close Ups & Details of Base Head Details and Glowing Eyes WIP photos
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    This was my second try sculpting something non-base, and my first try at a complete stand alone figure I like dinosaurs, and decided on a Stegosaurus as something to try and sculpt. I also sculpted a little pterdacryl for his Jurassic river base Work in progress thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83775-attempt-at-a-stegosaurus/
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    I've been working on this mini for months, and did a big push recently to wrap it up. It's a gorgeous figure, so I really wanted to do it justice to the best of my ability!
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    This Bombshell Miniatures' 75mm resin Tara purchased at last year's ReaperCon. She's actually a skosh over 80mm. She's also listed as 1/24th scale, which puts her a tad over six feet. The kit is four pieces - body/legs/upper arms/head, lower arms incorporating a head and sword, and a small rocky base. The body is well toned with noticeable muscle definition. My example had a large resin blob hanging down betwixt her legs (the one time I don't check a figure for issues/parts). Anywho, Dremel to the rescue. I routed out the blob and reshaped her thighs. Since her skirt is very short, I painted in a pair of expensive solid black tactical La Perla boyshorts. Nuthin' but the best... The rest is of the casting was fine although the sword scaled out to over 40 inches and was too thick. I took some of the length off and thinned it down. I also added a scabbard, since none was included. An odd omission... I also added a secondary weapon in the form of a boot knife. The skin tones are the new Bones colors and, since she has a barbarian look about her, I imparted a somewhat dirty and sweaty look to her - no smooth boudoir look transitions here. I also toned down the highlights in her hair - barbarian vs shampoo commercial. I did add a bit of makeup to her face (contradictory, I know). All other paints are Reaper's MSPs. The base was extended with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, stippled with an old oil painting brush with kitty litter rocks and pebbles. I added pointed ears to the severed head, and painted it using the Dark Elf Skin triad. Qs and Cs welcomed. Glen
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    Been working on a new game for dungeon crawling, and have settled with predominantly Reaper miniatures for my personal use (and for use in game component imagery, etc.). Second post here, so apologies if I fumble the image stuff a few times.
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    I’ve had this mini forever! She’s one of those minis that I just didn’t want to muck up with a bad paint job. (I’ve got quite a few of those minis in the pile!) Just got the Dark Skin Triad and thought I’d give it a try! Added Intense Brown as a final highlight. I thought she turned out okay! She’s finally ready to join her pirate compatriots!
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    Just finished the Bones Black Mystic Portal I've been painting for about a year now (just figures for my D&D group). No training or lessons other then an army painter pamphlet and trial and error. I have no color sense myself, and normally just copy color schemes off pictures I find online, but I couldn't find many of this one, so thought I'd share it. Maybe it'll give other people some ideas.
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    Quick job here. Printed this off a couple weeks back in clear red resin, mostly because I've had the most luck with my current settings and a mix of clear and clear red resins. Decided to use the clear resin to my advantage. Quick shot of Vallejo Black primer by brush, couple coats of Reaper wolf grey mixed with the black primer, then a drybrush with just Wolf Grey followed by a lighter one with Wolf Grey mixed with a little Daler Rowney White ink, followed by a quick wash of Vallejo Dark Grey. The clear red then got a coat of Tamiya Clear Red, and I really like the look. Not going to win any awards, but for a D&D prop, and the little bit of time required, I'm calling this a win. Total about 30 minutes spent painting this, minus some drying time. When my PCs finally reach a portal that may lead them out of the Underdark, there will be a decent set piece on the board before all hell breaks loose. Thanks for looking.
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    Two Wizkid's Pathfinder Battles dragons. The Gargantuan Green and the Gargantuan White. White was more difficult. First, because it was white and I'm still learning to work with the color. Second, finding that balance between white skin and shadowing. And third, the sculpt. With the green dragon being textured skin vs scales, it was much easier to finish with drybrush layering.
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    The lovely piece I commissioned from @kristof65's wife arrived safely! EDIT: This picture doesn't show it, but some of the glass pieces are iridescent. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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    I've just finished Demogorgon, a demon prince from Forgotten Realms D&D universe, resin kit limited to 1500 copies From GF9. It's been a long time since i wanted this kit ! I have to re-do one of the trickles of drool as it has bubbles in it. The blacksmith is here for scale.
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    This is part of a series of amusing vignette's I've been working on. Pairing Bones 4 townsfolk with ogres and trolls to make a simple scene. This one is a troll going crazy over some spicy soup. The cook is not amused at his overreaction. I tried some freehand on the cook's dress and apron and I experimented with making the troll as contrasty as possible using a non-Christmas version of the red-green combo. To see others in the series see here and here. As always, any feedback is welcome.
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    Just a quick picture. They're not special but I am trying to get my paint count up this year so just before reapercon I chose 20 miniatures I had no special attachment to and went about getting them painted. Most of them are destined to appear in my Christmas village as townsfolk The rocky was a bonus from Mocha's paint a rocky class. I thought he came out great! Not part of the 20 but because I haven't shown them yet, the swine mafia needed to have a word with the vegetable hauler. Apparently he hadn't hired pigs to load his cart...
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    "I mean . . . our uniforms are covered with skulls and things . . ." These guys have been on the "almost done" pile for a while while I finished off the Kraken. Given the time it's taken for me to finish them I hesitate to call them a "quick" job, but they're mostly contrast paints for a tabletop appearance. My skill at iron NMM is improving, however I still have a way to go before it matches my gold. Just saw the spot on this guy's chin - will have to touch that up Axeman needs a final highlight on the chainmail. It's amazing what pops up with a close-up photo.
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    Another mini finished till I get home before I can base her.
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    Both are completed except for Mashaaf base but meh, it's fine as it is.
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    Happy birthday, @TheAuldGrump and @Inarah. I hope you enjoy this. Notes follow after the photos. This is Grenadier’s Hippogriff, #138 from the Fantasy Lords series way back in 1983, now sold in lead-free pewter by Mirliton Miniatures, Italy. It’s well sculpted, with securely fitting wings. I wanted to paint something different from the common hippogriff colorings, something with a little challenge to it. So I decided to go with several black and white patterned creatures. The front end is based on an osprey, the wings on a hoopoe’s, and the hindquarters on a zebra, all somewhat modified to suit the figure and to blend where the shifts happen. Whenever you’re going to paint a chimeric model, a creature made up of the parts of other creatures, it’s a good idea to go look at real animals to see how their colors and feathers and skins look, and also how they blend into other things. If nothing else, there are excellent visual resources on the internet. Technical notes:
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    It's been quite some time since I've done a show off but here goes. I painted this mini in about 6 hours. Still need to gloss and seal. C&C welcome.
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    hey folks just wanted to show my genie and a Sophie done with the same palette
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    This mini took forever to paint. Not really because anything I did with him was all that challenging, but because once I did one thing I realized that more stuff was needed. I couldn't figure out why the demon was holding a rock, so I decided it must be a spell effect. I liked the crackly rocks of the base, but decided it must be cooling magma. Then I decided that his base wasn't stable enough for his huge wingedness (the mini is metal and thus VERY top-heavy), so I extended it. Then I dithered about whether to just paint the lava or apply a resin of some kind. And on and on and on. Eventually I forced myself to be done. Here he is :-) C&C appreciated as I've definitely never done this many techniques with one mini. :-D
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    Once, there was an artificer. A half-orc, a genius. He could make creatures of metal and wheels that seemed as alive as any man. His clockwork marvels were the talk of the province, and when an accident in his workshop took his arm off, he built a new arm of girders and cogs, stronger and more dexterous than before. (More of this fellow if you click:) His fame spread far and wide, and one day a wealthy man, a captain of industry, another half-orc, asked him to build a weapon. He had many enemies--competitors, bandits, robbers--and also many people he wished to treat as enemies--unionists, agitators, and the like. "What kind of weapon," the artificer asked. "The unanswerable kind" his patron replied. "Inexorable. Supreme." The rich man had a vision, which the artificer was happy to share, and huge sacks of cash money, which the artificer was also happy to partake of, having very little of the same, and a strong if wildly degaussed moral compass, which the artificer did not have at all. And so the artificer consulted with other specialists, gnomish engineering savants and goblin pyro-sages (who also partook of the fat sacks of cash) to design this Ultimate Countermeasure. It took a year and a day (and, some say, more than one apprentice) but at length the work was done. A steam-belching, boiler-powered fire-breathing dreadnought, an apex predator in steel and brass. The patron was pleased. More: It is said that the Engine of Malice produced had the strength of a team of elephants, and a breath like a blast furnace. It is also said that its brazen talons broke the Bloodgutter Strike a generation ago, and that this is why your parents cut their sausage with knife and fork, because the Butchers' Guild doesn't waste anything and you really don't want to break your teeth on a brass button. It is also said that the Emperor conscripted the Engine to fight the foreign enemy during the Cruel Wars, as it was impervious to the miasmas and poison gases, and could roast whole squadrons in their trenches. It is, notably, NOT said what happened the day it slipped a gear and went berserk. There were very few surviving eyewitnesses and none of them want to talk about it. Questions on this topic remain unanswerable. The Weapon remains at large. (I love the huge wings on this sculpt, but I'll never be able to compete with some of the canvasses other, better, painters have made of them. Also they are very rigid, so I removed them for future projects and took some pinewood derby exhaust pipes I found on clearance, some aluminium fencing wire, and a few eyelets. Gluing them on wasn't the easiest, and I used plenty of baking soda. This wound up looking like horrible overdone welds, but that's all right in context.)
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    One of my favorite beasties, so much they come in packs. A little work with a heat gun to reposition tentacles and tails. Time to make my players cry.
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    I've been painting up the Stygian Barge lately and decided that since I was already painting lots of wood colors, I'd go ahead and do some other figures that shared a similar scheme. First up is the raft from the Dreadmere expansion of the last kickstarter and a barrel of fish that I think may have been part of another mini painted last year. Next is the Dreadmere Fishing Boat. It's not very big, I doubt I'll get more than one based mini in it at a time. But it's a wonderful little sculpt. I'd be happy with a boat like this in real life. Finally this is the boat and treasure chest from the Wizkids Kraken set. Unlike the Reaper boat, it's big enough to hold several miniatures, but it's fairly plain. Cheers and thanks for looking.
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    So about a month ago, a writer for a local magazine put out a call on the local Facebook groups looking for "adults who collect/play with toys." I went ahead and responded and she came out and interviewed me about my gaming. I was one of three people she wrote about in a feature article - me about miniatures gaming and D&D, a guy about his Hot Wheels collection and a guy who races RC cars. I got to read a preview copy of the article, so I thought I knew what to expect. Magazine arrived today, and I was surprised to find myself on the cover: I'm more proud that tabletop gaming got the cover in a community magazine than I am that it's me.
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    This will be the last of the "townsfolk" from the Bone 4 Core set for me for now. That only leaves the farmer's wife with the torch and rolling pin but I want to move on to other pieces and pallets. I'm pretty sure these were sculpted by Bobby Jackson and I don't think there are metal versions. At least I couldn't find them in the Reaper store.
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    It’s official!!!! I have received the role of... SCHROEDER!!!!! Which is CRAZY because he never even crossed my mind, yet now that I think about it, he is a pretty good fit for me!! And it’s DOUBLY CRAZY because that’s a pretty up-there role, and I’ve never done any real acting before. And it’s TRIPLY CRAZY because that’s usually a role they give to upperclassmen, one of whom I am not. So, in conclusion, I am hyped as all heck about this!!!
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    Hello all, I'm stuck at home the next couple of months like the rest of the world and thought I'd finally try again after my only failed attempt at painting minis thirty-five years ago. I got one of the Reaper Core Essentials kits and did my first one today. Honestly I just can't believe it came out at all. When I was a kid I didn't have anyone to give me advice like the awesome Reaper booklet did (washes, base coating, etc.) and I seriously have to say thanks for putting out such a well designed tutorial. I just bought the Layer kit and I look forward to learning from all the expert artists here.
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    And here is another figure I just finished, a classic Tom Meier Elf Princess. This was from the Personalities and Things that Go Bump in the Night Range, sculpted in the eighties. This was the second version of this figure, the first one far more simple. Anyhoos, lots of flowers and she's a pretty small figure, so hope you enjoy the mini! She's not currently available on the old Iron Wind web site, but she was fun to paint just the same!
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    First post here! I've been painting minis for about two years now, and after recently painting up a warband for Frostgrave, I've been trying to improve my techniques. Which leads me to the Dark Watcher! Loved this sculpt, and any beholder kin. I liked the stalagmite base, but I wanted this guy to be free range, so I made a floating base for him with a model sprue and an extra base. And now for my secret shame... Still using fifty cent craft paints! I've occasionally got to use "real" paints through friends, and maybe some magical day I'll acquire some, but in the meantime I've done what I can to try to make the models look good with what I have. I've seen a lot of great paintjobs here that were inspiring, so hopefully someone gets a kick out of my discount paintwork!
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    Been painting a canvas of the angelfish I lost a few days ago The blacks are done with Reaper paints because better control and thinner paint for the details
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    I finally finished the 3rd figure included from the "La Brise Sanguine" hero box which is for the Rum and Bones game by Cool Mini or Not. I really tried to go out of my comfort zone in terms of colour and free-hand design and contrast.
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    Good morning Reapermaniacs, So here's one I've had painted for about a week or so but have never just gotten around to sit down at my normal computer to post him. This one is one I've actually had for a long time, and it's an old lead version back from the seventies. I had to at one point I think scrape off some paint. I had another newer version of him, but the detail was pretty soft so ended up painting up the original, whose details were so much more nice and crisp. And being he was a "high" elf, I wanted him to have some nice light colors, no greens and browns. Anyhoos, here he is: I've been on a recent kick painting these older miniatures, even old by Partha standards (pre-eighties). I think I'm going to keep painting them, putting them into my normal mix of newer, old Partha figures. In any case, hope you like them!
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    So, after quite some time, it's time to present some minis again. This time it's a group of Forge Worlds Death Korps of Krieg soldiers. Those are a few prototype miniatures for a friends Imperial Guard army. If he likes the paintjob, we'll do them all in this pattern. Oh, yeah - and just in case anyone goes "nice" or "awesome" or "excellent" again - HE'S WATCHING YOU. If you really don't have got anything else to say, leave me a "like" instead. I take a "like" as a nod to my participation in this forum. A "nice" is getting me nowhere. So long.
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    Hi Guys, Just thought i'd share this project with you. i've been working on it for a few weeks now. I run a weekly gaming session using a home brew system that we've been working on for about 20 years, but this post isn't about that - though if you're curious please send me a message i'd love to chat about it. First as is the tradition - the completed board in all it's glory. On the surface, it's nothing unusual, however hidden inside each tile is a small rare earth Magnet. I'm also placing magnets on the bottom of the miniature bases. This gives the miniature a very nice pull towards the board and keeps everything in it's proper square. I'm also going to produce walls, columns and doors each with magnets in to allow me to customize the terrain. I chose a typical dungeon style flooring as it's easier to get a good grid pattern going. Though given that there's magnets in the board, i could easily design tiles to sit on top of the board with other terrain types. I'm trying to think of a way to get an outdoor setting and still keep the grid going. and now to the construction. I began with a thing piece of panel wood only about 6mm thick as the base for the board and placed little rubber stoppers on the bottom for feet (i didn't think to take a picture of that as it's not very exciting.) This board is going to to be the base for the board. On top of them I placed 3d printed tiles. There's only about eight different designs of tile, but with placement and paint they come up looking very distinct. It took about four hours for my little Anycubic Filament Printer to print the tiles (and I had alot of help from some friends and the local 3d printer store) Each tile is 4x4 squares with each square bring 30mm. Each Tile took about 5 hours to print. On the underside of the tile is small circular holes about 10mm wide and 2mm deep just big enough for the magnet - though with the print tolerances of the printer i did have to use my dremel to widen the gap so that the magnet could fit comfortably.In the end, i applied superglue to make sure that the magnet wasn't going anywhere. I also had to mark the magnets to make sure that they were all facing the same way. (I'm also thinking about adding a few magnets of the opposite polarity into the base of a Beholder Miniature to see if i can get it float, but that might be just a pipe dream) Once the tiles were finished it was simply a matter of spraying the board black as a printer and placing a thick coat of grey paint. I simply used the Acrylic paint from the local art store rather than my Citadel paints. This simply acted as the base coat and then i simply built it up in layers with dry brushing lighter shades on to the board to give it depth. Once this was done I simply mixed in some blue with my paint added a bunch of water to water it down and made a thin wash to bring out the details. I'd need to come back in and add in some of the features, such as the trap door and drains. I also sprinkled some Skulls, broken weapons and shields for good measure onto the board. Once the painting was done, I used a thick mud agent, I can't remember the brand from my local gaming store and then covered the whole thing in flock and sand to give it a grimy, slimy feel. Unfortunately, my poor AnyCubic didn't survive the process (May it rest in peace) So this gave me the opportunity to buy a Resin Printer - A Creality LD002S. The Goblin Wolf Riders were my first print. Actually really impressed with how they came out. Other than the clean up, It wasn't too difficult. I used a water soluble Resin to make things easier to keep neat. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process was - It was much much easier than dealing with Filament printers. Once the board was finished, I then cheated and had the board framed at my local picture framing store (the only thing i didn't do myself.) Once I got the board back, I thought it looked a little plain So i decided to glam it up - Also was a good excuse to stop printing Mini's on my 3d Printer So i thought i'd print a Celtic pattern around the edges. I knew that i wouldn't be able to print them in one solid peice (Resin printers only downside is a small print bed) So i decided to make little tiles. I designed these tiles myself, grabbing the celtic design online and then simply just adding them into 3d builder and setting a thickness to them. A quick coat of gold Spray paint and they came up looking real shiny.. Too shiny.. I added a wash over the gold to attempt to dull them, the pictures don't really do it much justice, but on the board it breaks up the gold really nicely. By this stage i was feeling pretty clever with myself, so i thought i'd added another feature, Gemstones in the frame. this proved easier than I thought, I quickly found an STL file for the gemstone and then it was simply a matter of giving them a coat of Citadel's technical range - Waystone Green, Soulstone Blue & Spiritstone Red. The finished photo really doesn't do justice to the how the gemstones came out. and there you have it. About 6 weeks to complete (most of this time was waiting for my anycubic 3d printer to finish printing the tiles) Let me know what you think! I can provide the STL Files for the tiles if anyone out there is interesting in having a go at making one for themselves We're shutdown right now because of the Corona Virus, so no RPG for us for a while, but i can't wait to get back into it with our shiny new board. Cheers, Chris
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    Presenting 'Pop' Bodkin (From the game Wolsung by Micro Art Studio) father of Hazel Bodkin, he works in the same automaton factory as a maintenance engineer. Like many older, country born Halflings he hasn't got into the habit of wearing shoes, despite the near-constant danger of something heavy falling on his toes. Turned out to be a surprisingly characterful mini, so I had a lot of fun painting him. Still need to work on my stamped bases. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    >steps out of the shadows< Hi there! I'm just dropping by to let you all know that I'm not dead. The move went fairly well. Unpacking is going fairly well, but a little slow; we're in a slightly smaller place so finding a place for everything is challenging. Getting cable/the internet hooked back up hasn't been a priority, but we should be doing that soon, so I'll be around a little more often. >slides back into the shadows <
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    This was one of two figures I painted for @Fealron for the Secret Sophie this year. His ideas were Metal, minimal basing for gaming use, a woodland creature, usually considered good but turned to evil, and a minion of a necromancer. After thinking a while, I decided I could knock out all his ideas with some evil unicorns. Here is the first. I envisioned a unicorn charmed by a necromancer that tramples a virgin, staining it black. That taint would spread from the hooves, causing a grayscale, with only a few remnants of white/color where the corruption is still incomplete. Here are the WIP shots: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90564-starmane-unicorn-02151-project-1-of-2-for-fealron/ I’ll post the fiction a little later when I’m at my desktop. C&C Welcome.
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    Presenting Hazel Bodkin (She's from the game Wolsung by Micro Arts Studio), walking home from her shift at the new-fangled automaton factory, she always makes sure to carry her slingshot, just in case she runs into one of those ruffians who make a sport of tormenting the wee folk. Made a bit of a mess painting her boobs (it was harder to get a brush in there than I thought it would be) and I'm still not great at using my basing stamps, but overall I'm pleased with the result. As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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    This miniature will be roughly my third or fourth venture into the realm of oil paints. Everything, with exception to the metallics, eyeballs, and some skin highlights were done in oils. This is also my first attempt in basing in the style of James Wappel (wappellious) using Green Stuff World texture rollers, sculpey, and Vallejo texture paste. No black paint was used in this exercise. I still can't take great photographs, but eventually I will get there! WIP Shots:
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    Hello forum friends, wanna share with ya'll my most recent painted mini. We have a lot of time atm to hobby hard! :D Tryed new tecnics on this bad boy (well new for me) like loaded brush, mixing colors right on the mini etc. Took me way less that layering and glazing, obvious the quality is lower, but still good IMHO. The palette of choice is the most natural possible, lot of oranges and browns, but also some punchy color like the blue of the hairs and a bit of red. Also used some dry pigments on the base... not good result, but still accetable for tabletop. Any C&C is welcome, let me know if you like it. Thanks for watching :)
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    My quest to get pictures of my favorite things I painted in the last year continues. Here is the Wizkids T-Rex. Scale Picture: The color scheme was inspired by this poster-stock picture I found googling "colorful T-Rex"
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    Needed a warforged pretty quick for an npc so I did a quick weapon swap on the tin man. It could have used some more time but it will do for a game.
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    Spent the last couple nights painting up this little guy. Went with the traditional colors of red skin for a D&D tiefling.
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    Another mini which has been done for a while: a raptor. This was meant for a module that uses a raptor hatchling as an animal companion for a kobold Ranger. Here is a link to the WIP. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87634-14475-warlord-raptor-reptus/&tab=comments#comment-1856740 C&C welcome.
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