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  1. They're back! https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/bonesblack/latest/44126 @NebulousMissy
  2. In the color tools, can we get shades/tints suggestions?
  3. Very excited for the iOS Beta. Any timeframe for that?
  4. I have a bucket of Terra horses (https://www.amazon.com/Terra-Battat-Assorted-Miniature-Toppers/dp/B01D5CBTGS) and I think a few match your description. May not be a precise scale though.
  5. Just poking in hoping for news of an iOS version.
  6. https://www.reapermini.com/search/bases/latest/74041 is listed as having "bones plastic". I don't think the bases are made of bones material, right?
  7. I'd like to see https://www.reapermini.com/search/bases/latest/74041 with vertical sides like the 1" bases.
  8. https://www.reapermini.com/PowerPalette 404's. Is there an archived version or will it be coming back?
  9. Are there any plans to re-do the pathfinder iconic characters to match the new look they're going for? I'm a huge fan of using them for the adventure card game. -Evan
  10. Hi. I know bones 3 had some weapon sprues, but as far as I know they're not available right now. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of plastic weapon bits? Specifically something that works well with bones (Interfacing metal weapons on the end of bones seems like a bad idea). -Evan
  11. Looking forward to when the ios trials start
  12. Managed to get everything done for November (and got the zombies done in time for the game). December: ToDone: * Mine tracks and some carts. (still need rust though) * Clean the office. (and move the spraybooth to the smaller table, adjust the shelves on that table so it fits) * Paint 11 toy crocs ToDidn't: * Paint some more dragonborns * Photograph everything from last month * Paint the kobolds from KS3
  13. Damn, I bought all my presents for my nieces when december started :( edit: well... the 4th. so 1 day off At least I'll have some of the awesome dungeon dweller.
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