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  1. They're back! https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/bonesblack/latest/44126 @NebulousMissy
  2. In the color tools, can we get shades/tints suggestions?
  3. Very excited for the iOS Beta. Any timeframe for that?
  4. I have a bucket of Terra horses (https://www.amazon.com/Terra-Battat-Assorted-Miniature-Toppers/dp/B01D5CBTGS) and I think a few match your description. May not be a precise scale though.
  5. Just poking in hoping for news of an iOS version.
  6. https://www.reapermini.com/search/bases/latest/74041 is listed as having "bones plastic". I don't think the bases are made of bones material, right?
  7. I'd like to see https://www.reapermini.com/search/bases/latest/74041 with vertical sides like the 1" bases.
  8. https://www.reapermini.com/PowerPalette 404's. Is there an archived version or will it be coming back?
  9. Are there any plans to re-do the pathfinder iconic characters to match the new look they're going for? I'm a huge fan of using them for the adventure card game. -Evan
  10. Hi. I know bones 3 had some weapon sprues, but as far as I know they're not available right now. Does anyone know of a manufacturer of plastic weapon bits? Specifically something that works well with bones (Interfacing metal weapons on the end of bones seems like a bad idea). -Evan
  11. Looking forward to when the ios trials start
  12. Managed to get everything done for November (and got the zombies done in time for the game). December: ToDone: * Mine tracks and some carts. (still need rust though) * Clean the office. (and move the spraybooth to the smaller table, adjust the shelves on that table so it fits) * Paint 11 toy crocs ToDidn't: * Paint some more dragonborns * Photograph everything from last month * Paint the kobolds from KS3
  13. Damn, I bought all my presents for my nieces when december started :( edit: well... the 4th. so 1 day off At least I'll have some of the awesome dungeon dweller.
  14. Is bones black the same material as the weapons sprues and wizard of oz figures from KS3?
  15. With the closeout of the HD paint line, are you planning on re-choosing the paints in the learn to paint kits soon?
  16. Things done: Make and paint sword in ground (for magic item) Make a stuffed owlbear out of greenstuff (to match the one on Yoon) Finish the 9 orcs from mid october (only too 22days) Current/Todo: Do some skeletons (mostly done, maybe one more hit of clearcoat) Do some mummies (same batch as skeletons) Finish the donkey (same clearcoat batch as above) Paint some zombies (am I sure this isn't october?) And after that: Maybe a dragon? I've got dragons. Paint more Terrain Crate stuff That game is way better with minis. --- update: Still painting zombies. So many zombies. Have the normal zombos, the beefcake zombo, and the flesh golem done and ready for spray coating. Still doing the shading and highlighting on the (I think reaper calls them ghasts) large zombies.
  17. What is the factory glue used on bones, and how would you dissolve it without also killing the bones plastic? I assume it's some kind of superglue or something similar but I figured I'd ask.
  18. Edit: Here's the info on the mini for this month (so you don't need to look for pg 3) Thinking of picking up some L2P kits in December for my nieces... and it would be nice to have a dungeon dweller that I could use multiples of. <3
  19. I agree, I dropped a glass of warm water into the tub containing all my first KS paints... some of the labels went completely white.
  20. I was wondering if anyone else uses quickshade via a dip method, and if so, how do they shake the stuff off? When I was gluing bases to corks I could just put a nail in the bottom and attach a drill, but I can't think of a way to shake off a mini on a 1" plastic base without possibly damaging it with pliers. So either a suggestion for a safe way to clamp onto the mini for a shake, or a way to get a 1" base attached to a drill would be helpful.
  21. Well that explains why my first paints are illegible now.
  22. That owlcub is adorable, but not stuffed looking. I think I'm just going to have to try greenstuff.
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