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  1. This is just based on the web images as I'm not home... but the triad of: 9109 Ruddy Leather 9110 Oiled Leather 9111 Burnt Orange has a similar hue. So does: 09199 Russet Brown 09200 Harvest Brown 09201 Orange Brown
  2. Tried just thinning more, and still ended up with a chalky consistency. Added a drop of liquitex glaze medium (this thing makes big drops) to about 5 drops of caucasian flesh, watered it down with 2 drops of water and it seems to be working fine if taking forever to apply. The sunburnt flesh looked really good with this method, but that's darker already. Thanks Cyradis
  3. I've noticed some of my skin tones have a chalky build up when I use them. I think the latest one I remember it happening on was maiden flesh. Anyone know why this happens and how to mitigate it?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I've noticed this too. I wonder if anyone has a good way to stop that. will ask in another thread I suppose.
  5. Filling out an order... For the last one I got some good advice in another thread and picked up the Mahogany Brown, Chestnut Brown, and Rust Brown triad for red hair... So what's your favorite and why? (and when are the dungeon paints coming out?) Edit: here's my current checklist (red is was filled in mostly from this page) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/154DbjQtCR6u-g-_w-zMf8g_BwuaZpk2ObwT72SqHEF8/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Distilled water (for cpap, but water's water.), and I by way too much canned/dry food at costco... so there's a bunch of that. Gonna get really sick of soup and beans... but I'll live for a few days. Skeletool, so yes.
  7. Specifically for bones, it would be nice to have the model number imprinted along with the copyright information on the bottom. It usually takes a few steps to find out information on a given figure once I start looking (thanks figure finder). This could just be an issue that affects people with bins of kickstarter figures though.
  8. Re: purple. Was going for some adamantium like look... ended up using the purple army painter wash over reaper honed steel
  9. Such a winning smile! Higher res images and gif available at: https://imgur.com/a/u5Kbxqt
  10. @Wren I know the swatch images won't be representative, I was just hoping to have a better map to plan buying stuff.
  11. Are there any foam inserts for the learn to paint sized black clamshell cases? I see an eggcrate case for sale, but nothing that's just the foam.
  12. I keep poking into that thread, but there's no ios version... I've got the numbers sorted out in a spreadsheet now... just need to write something to loop through them and put the images next to eachother. Edit: was going to use reaper's images, but they change the file name scheme after the black primer :(
  13. Yes, but it's not a good way to view the colors... Maybe I just need to scrape the html and do it myself.
  14. I keep seeing varieties of images like this: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ff/95/39/ff95390a686422d0aee50f8352c95e3d.png But none of them seem to be up to date (that one is missing bones and a third of the HD paints).
  15. I bought some Liquifex glazing medium to try and get a thinner base-coat on bones. Seems to work alright for avoiding pooling, but if I put any on the wet palette it starts to pool again.
  16. Okay, most of my problems have been with Umbral Brown. Which is sad because that's like my favorite brown. I guess I just need to start base-coating in a lighter brown.
  17. Okay, here's what a single layer of umber brown looks like: https://imgur.com/gallery/6nHoitT To the left of the square.
  18. I've been out of painting for a while, bought some hematite beads which show up in 2 days. Going to try the toothpick thing too. Thanks, -Evan
  19. I was looking at how the light was hitting the corners of the bottles around the caps and wondered if back-lighting would work. (not with the foam build... but v4 or so)
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