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  1. Yeah, my plan is to do the bulk of the core troops with the Skull Pass spearmen and archers, none of which need assembly -- pop them on the base, spray black, paint faces and hands green, wooden bits brown, metal bits dirty metal color, and just blaze through them. Ideally get 20 done a day (oh, how I love Christmas break).

  2. Well, I'm gonna start with a storming of the Bastille, so as -- oh wait, reSolutions, not ReVolutions?






    I'm going to build a Night Goblin army for Warhammer, of no less then 1,000 points.


    I'm not going to play tricks on drunken college students. Even if it is funny to see them fight over toothpaste.


    I'm going to learn the Savage Worlds RPG system.

  3. It's true.


    I've discovered Battle Wagon Bits, and blocks of Night Goblins from the Skull Pass box set, $6.99 for a unit of 20 sounds like a fair deal to me.


    I've ordered 40 Night Goblins with spears, 40 with bows, a troll, and a Boss.


    In the not too distant future I'll be getting another unit of spearmen and a unit of spider riders, to convert me some Night Goblin spider riders.

  4. I like the "Po' student" gaming rig I've got set up now...two couches in a study-lounge for players to sit on, a big block/table, about 3'x3'x2' on which the players place bottles of soda, snacks, and roll dice, and a separate table for the DM, supporting a DM's screen made of two manila folders paperclipped together.

  5. I roll with a pretty good group, and the best darn DM I've ever had the pleasure of gaming with.


    I'm playing a relatively quirky character right now, a human barbarian whose WIS and CHA scores are well above average, especially considering the fact that he's an overmuscled guy dressed in furs and lugging a greataxe around. Plus, instead of Chaotic Neutral, I chose to make him Chaotic Good. So I play him as being generous, friendly, and as having a bit of a philosophical streak. So he's not the usual overmuscled lunkhead.


    A couple examples of how Brauron the Barbarian acts:


    The inn we're staying at is burned down by a Magmin summoned by an evil cleric, planning to immolate us and prevent us from meddling in his business. Immediately and without hesitation, I go over to where Gabrielle, the innkeeper, is sobbing into her apron and empty the pouch containing the gp, sp and cp I'd looted from a dozen goblins I'd killed into her hands, telling her it was to aid in the rebuilding. And those were some rich goblins, it worked out to about 50gp worth of coin altogether. I'm sure there'll come a time in the near future where I'll wish I had 50gp on me, but I won't regret giving it to her.


    A bit later, we (the elf wizard played by the DM's girlfriend -- right now, we're the entire party) were talking to Lilgen, a wizened old NPC who'd been an adventurer decades earlier, gathering information. The elf had been surly (the elf often is, and Brauron often finds himself apologizing to NPCs for the elf's behavior) and as we walked away from Lilgen (who I'd made friends with the night before, playing a couple rounds of a game of chance with him and swapping stories about killing goblins) I told the elf that I didn't know what sort of manners they teach in elfland, but where I come from we're taught to respect our elders.


    "Elders? I'm older than Lilgen will ever grow to be." said the elf.


    "Years are not what's important. Wisdom gathered from a life well-spent is. You've done nothing but sit and read your entire life, Lilgen's travelled the world, seen and done things you and I can probably barely imagine. For that, you should respect him." I replied.


    The elf (the elf's bad behavior prevents us from referring to it by name, and it's ambiguously gendered, hence the lack of a gendered pronoun) also doesn't do much. Mostly because the person playing the elf doesn't like her boyfriend's DMing style and often sits and sulks, or declares that they are attacking harmless, non-threatening NPCs. The elf tried to extort a healing potion from a local cleric after I'd already agreed to pay for it.


    So I think it's the players, more than the mechanic, that Munchkin the game, and/or make the game fun/unpleasant. Certainly the elf's player is often unpleasant to play with, and if the DM wasn't so amazing, and the other players (when they're able to play) weren't so much fun, I'd probably end up quitting the group. She's thrown tantrums over the fact that my character has more XP than hers does (because my character acts instead of sulking), over the fact that the other players get along with me better than they do with her, etc.


    Though perhaps she was right to be grumpy when, after the elf decided to be POINTY-EARED, CURLY-SHOED, NO-GOOD, STINKING, ETHNOCENTRIST and insult my culture, my tribe and my own greatly-missed deceased mother, I smacked the elf upside the head with the flat of my greataxe, knocking the elf unconscious and leaving it in that state for six hours.

  6. I got a stocking full of pewter (Crocodile Games' Wargods of AEgyptus stuff) and a gift certificate for The War Store, one of my favorite online hobby shops (for when I'm buying goodies from multiple manufacturers at once, plus dice and some card games) that went towards a mix of Reaper and Crocodile Games pewter.

  7. On that note, what I wish D&D would consider is the needs of people who actually ENJOY being low-level characters, but who want an adventure that's a bit more complexicated than the old cliche' dungeon-crawl avec beaucoups d'orcs.


    I LOVE my DM. We're at 2nd level, and we only had a dungeon crawl with goblins as a side-quest. We've dealt with a wild boar (I killed it good), some dogs (before I joined the party...the rest of the party ran from the dogs), some Grimlocks (I'm not sure what happened with the Grimlocks, it was before I joined the party but after the dogs) the goblins and an evil though low-level cleric. Oh, and a corrupt, bribe-taking town constable.


    The constable I dealt with entirely by myself...the cleric I got some help with from our party's wizard, casting a sleep spell on him to buy me time to get close to him....the boar our cleric helped whittle down with a crossbow, and killed a few goblins as well.


    Our over-arching quest is rescuing our wizard's lover/study buddy from a band of orcish slavers....we're not supposed to know, but the DM accidentally let slip that the orc slavers are under the command of a Chain Devil.


    We're not sure how long it will take us to reach the Chain Devil though, because we play regardless of who's present...if someone's can't make it they collaborate with the DM to create a reason for their character not being there and then the people who could make it go on a sidequest.

  8. Hehe, yeah, I had originally planned on converting an orc team out of Dark Heaven figures, especially the army packs.


    I ended up buying an Impact team instead. I may get an Imp team from Impact in the future as well. They're so darn characterful!

  9. My recipe for apes is undercoat black, drybrush the fur with a 1:1 mix of the darkest brown I can find (Reaper Walnut, for instance) and a dark, dark gray (paints with names like "Charcoal" tend to be pretty good).


    For a silverback, I add lighter and lighter grays to the mix as I highlight the back.


    One thing I've noticed with gorillas is that there's often a browner patch on the top of the head. This spot gets a drybrushing of a reddish-brown, burnt sienna color.

  10. Your team went out in the mail this morning at 10 a.m. So unless the postman is REAL slow ... you should have it for Thanksgiving break.


    Norse under the newest revised rules are a lot of fun ... especially if you play against heavily armoured teams where your Snow Troll can really use his skills. We don't yet have figures for the Ulfwereners. Phil Bowen's sculpts for those are currently at Iron Wind getting moulded and cast so they are coming.


    Anyway ... have fun with the team. I love the new Norse roster.


    Galak @ Impact!


    Excellent! I can't wait to work on them.

  11. I ended up chucking the orc idea and ordered a team deal of Valkyries from Impact Miniatures, with plans to stat them up as a Norse Team, the famed and feared Midgard Maulers, 12 lovely ladies (clad in armored thongs, kneepads, furry boots, jerseys and winged helmets) backed by a hulking Snow Troll.


    I had it shipped to my home address, not school, and with any luck it'll arrive while I'm on Thanksgiving break and can work off that turkey by painting a team and then get started playing.

  12. We're not sure how much play it'll be getting....right now the treasurer and I are the only ones really interested in playing.


    I'm planning on using Shadowforge's Orc Cheerleaders ::D:


    But other than that it will be plastic GW Orc Boyz with weapons removed. I looked at a few options and that's more or less the cheapest way to do it.


    (btw, Frosch -- small world; my DM's girlfriend played in the Alice in Wonderland scenario you ran at Rudicon. She showed me the con booklet to point out the event and I saw your name and said "heyyyyyy...")

  13. The treasurer of GAGG, while snooping around in the back of the club's game-closet, found a copy of Blood Bowl. He wants to get some people playing it, hopefully culminating in a big Blood Bowl tournament during the Superbowl (i.e., we eat some pizza, some nachos, watch the commercials shown during the Superbowl and play some Bloodbowl).


    Is it worth getting in to?

  14. Update. Apparently I'm playing my Barbarian as too intelligent and too lawful. So from now on I'm not allowed to use any word larger than 3 syllables while talking in character, and can't say, "Why am I hitting this shop-keeper? He hasn't threatened me in any way." while hitting aforementioned shop-keeper, at the rest of the party's request.


    Also, I've settled on figures to represent the party.


    Brauron the Barbarian will be played by Koarlap Bloodhand (axehead replaced to make it a Greataxe, and given a shield).


    Lucien the (unnaturally effeminate) Elf Wizard will be played by Loryn Stormblade, Elf Fighter Mage (selected because the person playing Lucien told me Lucien had a sword in addition to being a wizard, and I like the look of the figure).


    Rephan the Cleric will be played by Tolzar the Righteous (2600s version).


    Rhodian the Fighter will be played by Falco Steelcross.



    These figure are going to be given to their players right after Winter Break. During that time I will paint them and post pictures of them on the boards for everyone to see. Also, the DM is getting Aaron the Conjurer from the 3000s line, just because I really feel like painting it and he says he's never played a mage, though wants to at some point.

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