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  1. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...remeexploration The first thing I thought of when I saw this was an image of an astronaut dirtbiking across Mars, doing tricks and jumps and such on canyons and craters.
  2. A female figure that's not slender - a princess that's had a few too many bon-bons, for instance. Or an operatic-looking Valkyrie.
  3. I'm 17 and beginning to get interested in Historical miniatures (though at the moment more for use in Victorian Science Fiction gaming). Very likely this will lead to a real interest in Historical gaming. My children, should I someday choose to inflict such horror upon the world, will very likely be brought up in it. And one of these days I'll get a hold of Mr. Wells' Little Wars.
  4. Permanent attachment would be awkward. But Christine seems to object to spending less than 30 minutes at a time with my arms around her. Waitasec - Enchantra? Are you keeping a harem now?
  5. a slumping, depressed-looking Iron Golem named Marvin.
  6. I love Pulp Figures. They're so characterful, and where else can I get an entire unit of 'Rocketeer'-style guys?
  7. Yep, first thing I thought too. But I was thinking of having him as a fellow Yagite who isn't quite as wise and gentle as Yag-Kosha since the figure has a weapon. Look forward to seeing yours! Didn't REH use the names Yag-Kosha and Yogah in that story? I seem to recall Yag-Kosha referring to himself as Yogah once or twice. I'll take a break from Edgar Rice Burroughs tonight to re-read that story. Funny, I was just thinking of Yag-Kosha the other day, too...wondering what ever happened to him after chasing down Yara. And Primeval, I paraphrased the quote from your sig as my senior quote for the yearbook. See what they think of that (they wouldn't let me wear a horned helmet for my senior picture, so I slew them all).
  8. By the Green Gods of Yag! I can't believe I didn't think of that! Okay, I'm down for three Harapans at least, and I may have to do a pink elephant-drawn beer wagon as well...
  9. Also, remember that in the ancient world, people loved color. The Parthenon was painted in a variety of pinks and greens, thousands of years ago. Likewise were Egyptian columns colorful - lots of yellows and reds, IIRC. /burgeoning Egyptology buff
  10. I likes the Gor-Gor. I may get an extra one, cut away the axe, and get out the greenstuff and convert me a Barsoomian Apt. Nerea I really like as well. About time we had a good female antipaladin. And Agramon's name isn't a slight reference to Agrajag's revenge form in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, is it? I doubt it, but you never know, with the sense of humor sported by the wags at Reaper HQ...
  11. She's a fine lass, for sure...not sure about her buying me miniatures though, she's incredibly strapped for cash - she works in theatre, and gets paid when the show ends its run. Then, for two weeks, she'll be richer than Kroesus, at the end of which time she'll have a great many more books, an empty wallet, and will begin working on the next show.
  12. Maybe it's just the H.G. Wells fan in me, but... MORLOCKS! And, by the by, ghouls traditionally aren't undead. Only in DnD are they such. They originate in Arabian myths, in which the biggest difference (that I recall) between the ghuls and these greens is that ghuls have hooves.
  13. I can't wait to buy several of these. Especially Harapan. Probably at least two of him - one to paint in regular gray-brown, elephant-like colors, one to paint as a white elephant, maybe kitbash two together, get some green stuff going and make Ganesh. Is Harapan wearing a skirt, or pantaloons, btw? I can't quite tell from the pictures - but if it is a skirt, it is a manly skirt.
  14. I've seen their Neptune. He's like 100mm tall, $20 at the War Store. Of course, between my tiny disposable income, and the fact that I just started dating this girl, it may be some time before I get to pick him up. Priorities and all that...yeah, I know, I'm a bad wargamer, have my priorities all screwed up.
  15. I spent the Eve with my girlfriend's family. Watched Dodgeball and Secret Window, played Trivial Pursuit: Disney Edition, and possibly received a cracked rib (she hugs hard!). Her dad's weird. He spent the entire day watching what countries entered the new year and yell "Hey! It's New Year's Day in [country]! Happy New Year's!"
  16. That's the Yamato no Orochi from the film "The Birth of the Japanese Islands." His look was later copied for the godzilla foe King Ghidorah.
  17. A giant ape-man -- about 40-50mm tall, grotesquely overmuscled, very hairy though not as hairy as an ape, longer legs than an ape, with longer arms than a man, monkey feet, a tail, a crude kilt (like what the Neanderthal Champion is wearing) and carrying a primitive double-handed cleaver. We've got miniatures of Thor, Hercules, and statues of Anubis and Bast that could be painted to represent the gods, now how about more gods? A few ideas from the peanut gallery: the Aztec god of the underworld Mictlantecuhtli and his wife, Mictecacihuatl, perhaps packaged together -- a lovely couple, their skin stretched tight over their bones, with huge staring eyes and grinning like maniacs. His liver should be dangling freely. Maybe have him standing and her kneeling. Athena, with a helmet, spear, shield, and owl. Zeus, looking very cranky and holding a thunderbolt like a javelin, about to throw it. Odin, with a spear and a raven on his shoulder. Beowulf, mentioned by Tommy the Skip, would be cool too. Maybe Perseus, with winged sandals and holding Medusa's head in one hand. How about a Minotaur in sandals and Greek garb, not holding any axes or clubs or anything, but bare-handed. Kali from Hindu mythology would be cool as well, but since that's a faith that's still practiced by millions, maybe that wouldn't go over too well.
  18. Don't be silly. WK elves are all parthenogenic females.
  19. I don't know how big it is (presumably smaller than the Reaper one, or else in a pose easier to cast?) but even if it's smaller than the Reaper one, that's fine by me, because Two-Gun Bob didn't specify their heights, he just said they were giants. The Biblical Goliath is generally depicted nowadays as being about thirty feet tall, but he's described as 9 cubits and a span -- about ten feet tall. To scale, he'd be a little bigger than a 54mm figure. Conan made the Frost Giants a lot more aerodynamic in a handful of paragraphs - presumably, then, they weren't too much bigger than Goliath. Smaller giants will fit better on a CD, anyways, without crowding. (I can swipe all the free AOL mailer CDs I want from work - there's always a big stack of them on the magazine rack in the hallway, and if three or four find their way into my bag, nobody's the wiser!)
  20. Great minds think alike, Brother.....I'm doing a diorama on that scene, too. I'm also using Angus Stormhand for Conan, and the Frost Giant(duh ).....I'm going to attempt to convert the Fire Giant into the second Frost Giant, and I'm using Alura the Succubus for Atali(minus the wings). Hope it turns out OK. I plan on taking it to Howard Days this summer and entering it in the silent auction held to raise money for upkeep on the Howard House. I'm actually thinking now I might convert the IWM's Ral partha Frost Giant. It's more barbaric-looking than the Reaper Frost Giant. And I really like the idea of Alura as Atali. Wasn't there a dancing girl, Jade of the Veils, a while back who'd also work? Someday, I will get to Howard Days.
  21. My sister and I each got an iPod. I got a metric buttload of miniatures, only about 27% of the ones I asked for though. Only four Reapers in the bunch though - forgive me!
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