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  1. My stocking was overflowing with miniatures this year, a bunch of Reapers and some Crocodile Games' Wargods of Aegyptus, and my dad pointed out something interesting -- The Wargods packaging specifies that the figures are made from "lead-free pewter" whereas the Reaper figures simply said "pewter." So I was sternly instructed not to put the Reaper miniatures in my mouth So I'm curious as to the difference. Do Reaper figures contain lead?
  2. Just remember to tip your mailman. This time of year is absolutely brutal on them.
  3. OUCH! Feel better soon, Enchantra. I had to have a knuckle lanced and drained once. It didn't contain four ounces though, yuck, that's gotta be misery. Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Painkillers, at least!
  4. I always wake up at about a quarter to six. Automatically. Even when I've been on summer vacation for a month.
  5. Sounds like how I am now, in High School. Heck, that's how I found the girl I'm currently dating, although I didn't slam her tormentors against the wall. Christine's a bit plump, and a bunch of snotty girls were picking on her for it. I'm grinding my teeth, clenching and unclenching my hands as I listen to that, a red haze wavering in my vision...I go over, lean on the table the snotty girls are sitting at, and said quietly, "Yes, because everyone lusts for girls sporting the 'Starving Ethiopian' look and dressed like prostitutes. If you can't get your skin to cover your ribs, at least get a shirt that will."
  6. I like Claus' Germanic helper, Krampus. While Claus gave good kids gifts, Krampus gave bad kids beatings.
  7. My God, it's like reading my own biography (the Junior High years; Senior high has proven incredibly kind to me). I think the high point of 7th grade was when one jock got down on his knees behind me while is buddy pushed me over his back, headfirst onto the gym floor, while my uncle, who taught gym at that school, looked on and did nothing. The only thing that really stopped the bullying in mid-8th grade was that I became a bigger bully. By that time I was taller than most of them, and substantially heavier as well (I'm 210 lbs.) and not afraid to hit back. The downside of this tactic is that I have gained a nasty temper, and fly into a blind, berserk fury at the drop of a hat. I'm mostly in control, but there are times when I'm afraid of myself. Most of my tormentors have dropped out, and those few troglodytes that are left come to me begging for help comprehending 9th-grade math, after they've failed it several years in a row, and the satisfaction of saying, "Why should I help you?" is the sweetest revenge I could ask for. I'm actually semi-popular now, with friends ranging from members of the football team to the founders of the new Scrabble Club. For the first time, I've asked a girl out and not been told I'm "too ugly" to date her. However, I'm oscillating on whether I will attend my reunions. My closest friends aren't in my graduating class, and the people I dislike most are. So I guess the point I'm meandering towards is, good for you, Enchantra. Have fun.
  8. More Egyptian God statues. I'm using the newer Stone Golem, with some small modifications, as a Statue of Ptah.
  9. I like the Seins warrior - he is BROAD! At first glance I thought he had two six-packs right next to each other. The Wizard...isn't he based on the art of the same guy who drew the art the half-orc ranger is based on? I like him, the head of his staff will be painted to resemble blue-white flames, but the dragon my be removed...somehow...I don't much care for the dragon.
  10. Uhm... ... ...no. I don't think she's what I want. She looks more like a succubus than my mental image of Atali will allow.
  11. A second Frost Giant pose would be greatly appreciated. I need a total of two different Frost Giant males for my diorama based on Robert E. Howard's "The Frost-Giant's Daughter" -- I've got Angus Stormhand for Conan, the Ice Queen as Atali, but I need two nordic-looking giants.
  12. I went to Letchworth two years ago for a fieldtrip for Earth Science. Beautiful place, though I've only seen it covered in snow.
  13. Lots of biology and chemistry -- I'm not quite sure at the moment what I want to do with my life, I'm torn between being a high school biology teacher (Christmas, Easter, and summers off) and being a pharmacist in Florida. I can't wait to escape the cold forever. I want to do a semester abroad too - someplace exotic, but not too much -- Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, maybe Norway.
  14. Enchantra, Lanse, and all youse mugs in the Rochester area - My application to Geneseo was accepted! I went Early Decision so that I'd know early whether I was accepted or not, and the notice came in the mail today. Hmm. Now I have to learn how to really paint, or be justly impaled with the butt-ends of many, many paintbrushes.
  15. hold pickles in your hands for a while. I guarantee they won't smell like garlic any more.
  16. Ye Gods I'm sick of that Frosty song. I hear Christmas music every minute I'm at work (thank god I'm not working ever day) and it seems like Frosty the Snowman is every other song. Very soon I will go insane, douse a snowman in gasoline, and dance around it as it burns to death. Killer snowmen would be cool figures though.
  17. Red with white spots...? Doesn't Mario jump on that type and get bigger?
  18. I asked for it for Christmas. And, doing some snooping...I know for a fact I'm getting it (Oh, I am soooo on the naughty list.)
  19. Let me guess, Eastman -- one of your arms is incredibly ripped, the other isn't.
  20. I filled a shopping cart at The War Store with $250 worth of Wargods of Aegyptus and Reaper miniatures, and provided a link on my Christmas list to my mother. By a wacky cosmic mix-up, the order confirmation was sent to me (my mother and I have nearly the same email address). It didn't list the miniatures she ordered for me, but it did have the amount -- with tax (cause I'm in New York State, as is the War Store) it came to $91.17. So I get the huge surprise of finding out what minis I am getting.
  21. I had no idea he did the concept art for Conan the Destroyer...I knew he provided some (that was not used) for the 1998 American Godzilla...
  22. We have a very light dusting here...it's late. Usually the first snow here is Halloween, just as the kids are getting ready to go out.
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