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  1. I second Iced Earth's "Glorious Burden" and Gamma Ray's "No World Order!". Gamma Ray's "Somewhere Out in Space" is good as well. Hammerfall -- "Glory to the Brave," "Renegade," and "Crimson Thunder" are all really good. Warrior Metal without the brutal savagery of Manowar, less spitting on the corpses of your enemies and more fighting for honor. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets -- punky-surf, very, very, very heavily influenced by Lovecraft. "Cthulhu Strikes Back!" is a fun album. I'm listening to the song "Shoggoths Away" as I type - it's about loading shoggoths (Reaper's Faceless Horror is a great proxy for a Shoggoth) into the cargo bay of a B-17 and dropping them on cities. hehehehe. Running Wild -- Pirate metal. "Pile of Skulls" "Blazon Stone" and "Masquerade" are all to be recommended. In Flames -- haven't been good since "Colony". That album, however, is recommended.
  2. I confess to holding the heretical belief that chivalry is not dead, that it is merely dormant, a sleeping giant, until such time as social conditions are such as to allow the widespread reawakening of it, as opposed to the small pockets of it that exist and are active at the current time.
  3. Nail biting, and plucking at the long, wispy hair that appears on my neck in little patches occasionally.
  4. The manager on duty tonight, Juanita, spontaneously announced to us (the dining room was almost empty at this point) that she was craving a bologna and peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are good, peanut butter and apple sandwiches are good, but peanut butter and bologna? And at Ted's, our milkshakes (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Loganberry flavors available) are made with 1% milk, real ice cream, and flavored-syrup right in front of the customer. Juanita did a sudden milkshake inspection while I was serving drinks, and as she's watching me make them she asks, "Bill, who taught you how to make shakes?" I told her it was George, one of the other managers, and she POKES ME IN THE FOREHEAD (apparently hitting my "erase" button) as she tells me to forget his way of making milkshakes because it's too wasteful. Apparently, George's method involves filling the milkshake cup a 1/2 inch too high with milk.
  5. I knew there was a gaggle of us in Rochester...Mom's having me put aside my entire paycheck each week (Ted's Red Hots -- try the Loganberry milkshake) in a saving's fund for ordering pizza and such when I'm at college...I guess I know where that money will be going instead. But yeah, Geneseo is my ideal school. Absolutely beautiful grounds, a brand new science building being built, to be opened in 2006, they're very well-renowned for Biology and Education, and since I plan to become a Biology teacher, that suits me nicely....and it's not too big. I was on the UB campus and the immensity of it kinda scared me a little.
  6. Wow. Thanks, Enchantra. If the person who reviews my application sees it in the same light as you, and coupled with the really nice letters of recommendation I've gotten, my high SAT score, my class rank of 64 out of 500-odd, and my all-around high grades...I'm a shoe-in, even for a top-notch college like SUNY Geneseo.
  7. So I'm applying for college, and it says I need to write an essay or include an unpublished sample of original writing. I'm doing the latter, and I chose to do a poem to be different. So what do you think of it? The What-is-It from Borneo The year was 1898; the town was London fair; The barker’s cries broke upon the stillness of the air “Come one! Come all! And you shall see A beast shrouded in mystery! Caught on the shores of Borneo To see costs only a pence or so!” People came, from far and wide, to see the Borneo-beast In a cage, in a tent, upon it their eyes did feast. Hulking, shaggy, the beast banged upon the bars of its cage Terrifying onlookers as it snarled in rage People ooh’d, people aah’d, when the beast they saw They gasped as it shoveled raw meat into its toothsome maw. Stories ran about the What-is-It, as it came to be called, Of how brave sailors captured it, and how half of them it mauled. Day after day, week after week, in the cage it glowers Counting off, one by one, the seconds, minutes, hours The beast longs for its freedom; to once more roam the beaches Of Borneo, far distant now, where the Pitta bird squeaks and screeches. The What-is-It slams against the bars once more, nigh forlorn of hope One finally gives, and snaps in two, like a sodden piece of rope. “The What-is-It’s out!” the barker screams, “Everyone should flee! Save the women and children, for the vicious beast is free!” The What-is-It runs down the lane, giving a maid a fright And a dozen strong men take up arms, and gather in the twilight. The What-is-It is stalking in Hyde Park Hiding in shadows, deep and dark The men surround it, and start closing in The What-is-It panics, for it has been pinned In howling fear it lashes out, and a bearded man falls dead The men strike back, the beast’s laid low, a bullet in its head. It’s dragged out of the shadows, and a light’s brought to its face And every killer flushes red; shamed with their disgrace The beast was not a monster, though on all fours it ran; The What-is-It had been a man.
  8. I'm stuck on candy duty. The kids on our block are fit only for sacrificing to dark, nameless things that howl mindlessly at the gibbous moon. One of these little brats is going to tick me off just far enough (none of them say trick or treat, or thank you, or anything - they just glare at you sullenly, holding the pillow case out, silently threatening to kick over the pumpkin that you painstakingly carved into a reproduction of the cover art of Helloween's album Better than Raw) that I will tear out their filthy, putrid guts and devour them like so much sausage right in front of their obnoxious parents.... *cough* ahem. Regaining composure now. I dislike what's become of Halloween these days. I miss the glory days of Samhain (I'm Scotch-Irish - basically, a Celt. This is my holiday, darn it!) and dancing around bonfires. Now it's just candy-grubbing little maggots in cheap, flammable plastic costumes. I hates it. FILTHY OBSCENE CAPITALISTS, PERVERTING THE TRUE MEANING OF HALLOWMASS!
  9. We've got guns in the house. Dad used to take me shooting. He put a rifle in my hands (I was about eight at the time), pointed me in the right direction, and told me to pull the trigger. I did. The recoil drove the scope right into my eye, giving me a heck of a shiner. Dad hadn't counted on the recoil. Taught me a whole lot of respect for firearms though. To me, a gun is a tool, just like a hammer or a screwdriver. If I wanted to kill someone, a hammer works just as well. Along similar lines, I saw Michael Moore's documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' recently and I think it's terrible. It's so much sensationalism versus so little honest-to-Bob facts. Implying that the KKK, once banned, recreated itself as the NRA, that Charleton Heston is an evil, racist person (he marched on Washington with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for equality between races)...ouch. That hurts me. Former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a lifelong member of the NRA. And let's see here...what leaders have seen guns as evil and banned them? Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung...hmmmm. The second amendment is there for a reason. I'm sorry I took this thread off topic like that, but gun ownership is something I feel very strongly about.
  10. I'm at the Ted's on Meadow Road in North Tonawanda (Go Jacks!), next to the Senior High School.
  11. Today I officially became a productive, contributing member of society. I worked from 3:30 to7 (was going to be 7:30, but my manager, Juanita, decided the effort I put into the first 3.5 hours qualified me to go home early - thank you protestant work ethic!) at Ted's Charbroiled Red-Hots, our little local hot dog place. There's thirteen or so of them in Western NY, and one in Tempe, Arizona, where Spiro, the founder, retired, being sick of NY winters. Obviously, since I just started, I'm not slapping dogs on the grill just yet. Brittany, one of my coworkers, has been there seven months and she's only qualified to do dining-room (what I'm doing) drinks, and dressing the hot dogs. I'm on dining-room, which means I wipe down the tables, I sweep the floor, I mop up spills, I take out the trash, I clean dirty trays, and I clean the bathrooms. I feel weird doing the bathrooms, because it means I'm in the women's restroom, because that's where the bathroom supply closet is. I scrubbed toilets today, and dang if I didn't feel absolutely great about it. I know tomorrow people at school are going to say that sort of thing's below their dignity, but I don't see it that way at all. To me scrubbing toilets is the first step to being able to lay down on a mattress stuffed with wonderful, wonderful lucre....I'm living the American Dream, baby! Hoo-ah!
  12. Heh, kind of. 80% of my paycheck each week goes straight into my savings account. 20% goes into my wallet. It will add up, after taxes are taken out by the guv'mint (didn't Wilson say Income Tax was only a temporary measure until the War was over?) to $80 in my wallet each month, or $960 in a year. That's for minis, books, DVDs, CDs, art (mmmm, Frazetta prints...*drool*) and so on.
  13. I'm just going to wander around preaching the glories of Cthulhu-worship.
  14. Why does Cthulhu have his left pec pierced?
  15. Poison by Alice Cooper Heck, a lot of Alice's stuff works for me.
  16. If it's not Cthulhu, then I am a Shoggoth.
  17. The government has no right to recognize marriage as legal or illegal. The 10th amendment states The Constitution does not say that the Federal Government has the right to recognize marriage, so therefore it does not have that right. I think Douglas Adams best summarized the 2004 election:
  18. I should probably stay out of this, but... As stated, the Civil War was not waged over slavery. Abraham Lincoln just wanted to keep the United States in one piece, and he was willing to allow slavery to continue in order to get it (or so says my AP US History textbook). Really, the Civil War was seriously unconstitutional. The states joined the Union by their own volition, and could just as freely secede from it. When I was down south and visited Fort Sumter last year, never did I get the feeling, "Confederacy = Evil" Never. The Civil War, like all wars, was waged between two groups of equally flawed human beings, neither side either wholly good nor wholly evil. Was Sherman a saint for torching Atlanta? No, of course not. Was Lee evil for choosing to side with his home state, which he loved dearly? No, of course not. The Stars and Bars should not be used as a symbol of racism. It's a symbol of a fascinating period of American history that should not be forgotten. And here's where I get controversial: Really, if you look at it, slavery was on its way out on its own when the Civil War started. Given another twenty years, and the South would have given up slavery on its own as not being economically viable. Slaves were not cheap, they were a substantial economic investment, and the large portion of white farmers in the South either had no slaves, or had five or less, and often left provisions in their will for freeing their slaves. In 1861, free black men outnumbered slaves in the South, but it's not politically correct for that to be known, so it is generally ignored. Same with the fact that 8,000 black men volunteered to fight in the Confederate Army. These were not slaves "volunteered" by their masters (in fact, slaves thus "volunteered" were not allowed to fight, they mostly dug ditches and performed other menial tasks) but free men who saw fight to fight to preserve the Confederacy. An interesting bit of history generally ignored in favor of "all slaves were brutally beaten and the women raped by white men" generalization. Yeah, some slaves were treated extremely cruelly. Others were treated like members of their master's family. I am all for equal rights, but special dispensation and victimhood bother me. Renaming schools and such that had been named after important members of the Confederacy bothers me too. It's history. Robert E. Lee was a valiant, courageous man and a brilliant general. To rename Robert E. Lee elementary school as something else simply because he fought for the losing side is wrong, and a disservice to his memory. There's ultimately a one-word difference between Thomas Jefferson elementary and Jefferson Davis elementary. Back on topic, I agree that maybe if either candidate would come out and take a stand on something, maybe I could support them. I dislike Bush's stance on gay marriage, abortion and stem-cell research, and I dislike that he bases his stance on theology more than anything. If he really valued the "sanctity of marriage" he'd impose a penalty on people who go through three or four or six divorces in their lifetime, dragging their children from one marriage to the next. The Federal government has no constitutional right to impose abortion bans, that right is left to the states. As for Kerry, well...he's Ted Kennedy's toadie. He's spent 20 years in the Senate without distinguishing himself in any way, so he's built his campaign on four months spent in Vietnam, after complaining vociferously when Clinton's draft-dodging came up, Clinton's military service shouldn't be questioned because it had no bearing on the election. However, boys will be boys, and politicians will be crooks, as my great-grandfather used to say. They don't take a stance because they want everyone they can possibly get to vote for them. Just remember that George Washington warned against career politicians.
  19. I see it now. Nice Flesh Golem! I'm liking the bruised look around the stitches. I never thought of the witch-hunter as blond, but it works.
  20. GRRR, computer's all screwed up and I can't see the pictures. The Flesh Golem is Van Shaik. The witch-hunter is Ridolfi - I think when I pick him up I'll convert the hammer into a torch, myself.
  21. Maybe it's just the picture, but there's something I dislike about him. I'll probably end up buying him anyways...
  22. I watched monkeys throw poop at each other on Animal Planet. Never knew the difference. And it's not so much the lesser of two evils, but the evils of two lessers. I didn't think it could get worse than the last election, but it has.
  23. Well, I get half-price hot dogs. If I buy two hot dogs and give one to a friend, that's considered stealing from the company and I risk getting fired if I do that.
  24. A tall, gangly, stiff-limbed vampire, bald, pointy ears, big teeth, and dressed like Count Orlock from the film Nosferatu.
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