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  1. There's a local family-run restaurant, kinda fast-foodish, called Ted's Charbroiled Red-Hots, sells hot dogs. I turned in an application Wednesday, had an interview today, and Louise, the manager who interviewed me, told me I got the job. As soon as I get a few forms filled out and show her some picture ID, they'll outfit me in my uniform (a T-shirt with Mr. Red-Hot, a hot-dog with legs, an apron and a cheerful face, working a grill - would that be cannibalism?) and start training me.
  2. Hellboy Dagon The Thing (1982) All the original Universal monster movies, from Phantom of the Opera in 1925 to Creature from the Black Lagoon in 1954, including all sequels to all of them except the 1943 remake of Phantom of the Opera and the film The Creature Walks Among Us (1956 or 57, I think) They're largely being released in special DVD boxed sets, with Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman already out, and Creature, Mummy, and Invisible Man coming out on October 19th. The Island of Lost Souls (1932) -- "What is the Law?"
  3. Any idea if it will be a familiar vulture or a giant vulture? And am I correct in assuming that the Vampire Mage is the Ivan Van Helstein, Vampire Wizard listed as coming out in October?
  4. Kerry keeps talking about this big plan of his. Every one of his supporters I've heard from keeps talking about his plan. I have yet to hear anyone specify what his plan is, exactly. It was the same when Hillary Clinton ran for Senate in my state. She kept talking about her grandiose plans to fix everything in upstate New York. She got elected, and no plan has manifested itself. She has done nothing for upstate New York. She's a loser who needs a good swift kick. Also this whole 'Global test' thing of his. I don't understand that at all. As for Bush seeming drained at the debate, well, while Kerry was out tanning and having a manicure done, Bush was in Florida with hurricane victims. Probably not the best idea on debate-day, but my god, could anybody walk among that devastation and not be moved to tears? Could anybody talk to the mothers of those killed in Iraq and not feel torn over whether the right thing was done? People talk about how 1,000 Americans have died in Iraq as part of the War on Terror. Really, the death toll in this war is more along the lines of 4,500. Why? 3,000 American brains splattered across several city blocks on September 11th, 2001. It shocks me that some people are so quick to ignore 9/11 - I'm not talking about anyone here, keep your undies unbunched, but people I know IRL - when, a hair over 60 years ago, when America was attacked on December 7th, 1941, for years people shouted "Remember Pearl Harbor!" and "Avenge us!", yet nowadays that sort of sentiment is gone. Yeah, Iraq likely had nothing at all to do with 9/11, but we deposed Saddam for the same reason we went to war against Hitler. Hitler wanted to be America's friend, but we went to war against him anyways. Saddam considered himself to be the next Suleiman, the great uniter of the Arabic world against the Israeli world. He gave sanctuary to the mastermind behind the 1993 WTC attacks and butchered thousands of his own people. He was a monster who needed to be gotten rid of. And to anybody who would say, "Then we shouldn't have put him in power in the first place", well, hindsight's 20/20, isn't it? I'm sorry, but I'm sick of people saying that to me. Kerry keeps talking about his service in Vietnam, which lasted all of 4 months. He has spent the last 20 years as a Senator. Why doesn't he talk about that? What has he done in those twenty years? Kerry voted in favor of the Gulf War in 1991, and then talked about how he'd done everything he could to oppose it. He's doing the same thing now. He's also complained violently about how unfair it was to bring up Clinton's "service" in Vietnam, that that had no bearing on politics today. I cannot get enthused about either candidate. I prefer Bush to Kerry, but only slightly.
  5. *claps for Cripdyke* Way to tell it like it is.
  6. An enraged ogre lifting a wimpy little Elf-bard by the frilly collar and threatening him with his own lute. "Ahhhgh, ye wormy li'l bastaird, one more song about how me armpits smell an' I'll stuff yer insterment up yer nose!" A hooded, cloaked elven fighter with a small crossbow-pistol in each hand (like what Duskraven is holding) and a smirk that says, "You wanna mess with me? Do ya? Make my day!" An orc, posed like Rutger the Slayer, with a big, jagged two-handed sword, or else a big two-handed axe.
  7. Rodnik - you look like my 9th grade Biology teacher. Only skinnier.
  8. A fighter with a spear in each hand. A Troll-spider -- An head like the Thornback Troll, a lumpy, spiked torso with eight spider legs projecting from it, each one ending in a clawed hand, and a fat, warty abdomen. A little less ugly and it could be an Ogre-Spider. A giant snake with an adventurer's legs projecting from its mouth an a large bulge in its throat. More killer/carnivorous apes. Maybe one sitting down, gnawing on a splintered bone, with a skull in his other hand.
  9. Frisbees Distracting wild-eyed hippies with the bright reflected colors while you make your escape.
  10. I'm probably going to see it next weekend...was going to see it this weekend, but my blasted knee got in the way. Patella went 90 degrees to the left all of the sudden.
  11. I have mixed feelings about this. They better not make her blonde in the movie like they did in the 80s on the BBC.
  12. I have centipede problems. Specifically, since my bedroom is in the basement, they tend to come out of the walls or up from under the carpet occasionally. One time, just as I was falling asleep, one fell from the ceiling landing right on my hand, and then it started to scurry up my arm. I freaked, jumped out of bed, turned on a light and grabbed a tissue to kill it with. I failed, however, to grab my glasses so I couldn't see to kill it, and it fell from my arm to my bed and escaped. Worse though...I've got a big shelf full of H.P. Lovecraft books, and one morning I see a HUGE, and I mean HUUUUGE centipede scuttle out from behind them. Hmm, what eldritch sustenance was it living off of? I quickly got a hammer and beat the everloving life out of it. The wall is still discolored where it died.
  13. Pirates who are a bit more mediocre than the average. Listen to the song Barrett's Privateers.
  14. Elves are naturally hairless south of the eyelashes. Thus, despite the elvish cast of her face, my last date was most emphatically NOT an elf With those silken blonde curls...protruding from her sleeves. That said, anyone who paints this elf with hair on her tuckus, will earn it the name of "Sara the elf"
  15. I've been thinking about picking up the armored Conan figure. The Belit figure kind of disappointed me.
  16. Avast, ye scurvies, ye see this 'ere cutlass? Present from Edward Teach when I was cabin boy. Me band-anna? Anne Bonnie gave it ta me after I saved 'er own life, says I. The parrot? Arrr, the parrot's, uh...pinin' fer the fjords! God D@mn them all! I was told We'd sail the seas for American gold Fire no guns, shed no tears Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier The last of Barrett's Privateers!
  17. Some adventurers who were caught unawares by a random encounter, perhaps packaged together -- A halfling sitting up out of a sleeping bag, a look of surprise and fear on his/her face; A dwarf half-finished trimming his beard; a fighter wearing nothing but trousers, his boots and armor piled on the ground (a separate piece); a thief clutching a chicken drumstick in his teeth as he prepares to fight with twin daggers; an elf archer sitting on a stump, restringing his bow; a wizard soaking his feet in a bowl of water and herbs -- that sort of thing.
  18. I think we need a looky-loo at the Eldritch Demon advertised for October. And a monkey carrying a straight-razor and a sign that reads "Foreshadowing".
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