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  1. Indiana Jones Conan the Barbarian Kull the Conquerer Hugh Jackman's Van Helsing Kate Beckinsale's Anna Valerious in Van Helsing Billy Zane as the Ghost Who Walks Ron Perlman as Hellboy Bill Campbell as the Rocketeer
  2. I think I did very well. Showed up in my tie, got there early and they were able to take me early because somebody else didn't show up, other people applying weren't nearly as well-dressed as I was, I gave plenty of reference, including people who work there currently. This is my first job ever, so there was no resume and no request for one, just an application. On prom: I decided not to go based on reports of last year's prom. Too many illegal substances smuggled in, too many girls deciding to go streaking across the school lawn, not enough security, and the police who were there were sleazebags who tried to get dates with the streakers. Not my kind of place.
  3. I applied for the position of page at the public library. 14-hour work week, $5.40 an hour. I've got an interview tomorrow, 3:45. I really really want this job. IRL I'm not nearly as social as I am on the board. Honestly, I prefer the company of books to people, especially the people I'm forced into contact with at the high school. I fully intend to spend prom night curled up in the recliner with a good book. I gave plenty of good references, including a librarian who knows me from when I did volunteer work there during the summer a few years back and a friend who was also lucky enough to get a job there. I'll be wearing a tie. The official tie of the Royal Scots Dragoons. If that doesn't clinch it, nothing will.
  4. I love it! The only nit I can pick is that on the nanotyrannus the skintone of the dinosaur and the color of the reins is too close.
  5. "By the power of Grayskull!" is what he seems to be saying.
  6. Those pants are freeking amazing.
  7. Eh. There is nothing new under the sun. The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 The Espionage Act of 1917 Schenck v. United States of America, 1919 What the current Administration is doing is nothing new and exciting. It's all been done before, by Liberals and Conservatives alike. That said, I will state that I cannot, in good conscience, support either Bush or Kerry. Between Bush's refusal to accept hard fact and science, instead relying solely on the Bible (apparently just the Book of Leviticus) for everything, and Kerry's refusal to actually come out with a platform, this election, from what I can see, will be another decision between the evil of two lessers. I can sit in front of the TV and watch Bush and Kerry, or I can go to the zoo, get some fresh air, and watch monkeys fling poop at each other. Either way I'm seeing the same thing. I sometimes wonder if Kat's idea in All Quiet On The Western Front of how disputes between nations should be settled -- The leaders of those countries left in a muddy field in their underwear to fight out their differences -- isn't what our modern elections are devolving into. In H. Rider Haggard's novel She, the character Ayesha notes that democracies inevitably become tyrannies when the people become too disinterested to participate in the affairs of government. "What luck for leaders that men do not think!" -- Adolf Hitler "Anybody capable of having themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." -- Douglas Adams Now where'd my copy of The American Crisis go?
  8. More Arabian Nights-style figures. There's the evil vizier-wizard and short fat sultan who are both OOP, as is Sallah, Arabian Hero...Kazalah the Efreet is still in production, I believe.
  9. Cowboys and dinosaurs. I like it; I may have to looking into getting some of these dinosaurs...
  10. I had just started high school. I stepped out of my fourth period Japanese class, went to my locker, and got my stuff for 5th period Global History. I got there, the radio was on, and everyone was milling about in a state of confusion. The teacher - whom I have again this year, this time for Government and Politics - was on his cellphone, desperately trying to contact his wife. I quickly learned that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Centers, and a few minutes later we went to a classroom with a TV just in time to see the second tower be stuck and collapse. The teacher announced that we were entering a grave time in American history, and that we will never forget where we were when the towers fell. After that class I shambled to lunch. Food was like ashes. One kid - I still remember who, it was Brian Shaheen - was dashing around screaming that our high school was the next target, inciting a panic until he was caught, sad to say. The days following were amazing to see however. Even in my own high school everyone was united as Americans. Even the whiny, listless goth kids who refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because they "hate America" stood up, put their hands over their hearts, and recited every word with pure, untempered honesty.
  11. Bull. No way it includes everything in the Monster Manual. I mean, who'd use the Dire Badger?
  12. That's because everyone knows women are more ferocious then men *looks around furtively than scurries back to his cave with a copy of Lysistrata*
  13. And I one in honor of a pair of fine lasses!
  14. I've seen it. But it's $20 and the sarcophagus isn't egyptian in style.
  15. And let me just say it will be some time before they forget me!
  16. Eeeeee...I don't think that would work afterall. Wargods of Aegyptus uses D10s...
  17. Here's a picture of me on Maui, enjoying myself immensely: the link. I'm the pasty-white one in the center, who just got lei'd. I think it's a major testament to my iron will that I managed to keep my hands at my sides.
  18. Labor Day was created in the late 1800s as a way to pacify the new-formed unions. Ironically, nowadays, the proletariat - the works for whom the holiday was invented, the ones Karl Marx would have approved of - work on Labor Day while the white-collars get off. My $0.02. Take from it what you will, ignore it if it so pleases you. I've said enough.
  19. I'm curious as to whether #02724 can be opened and closed. I think it'd be a real snazzy way to carry dice for Wargods of Aegyptus. If it does open, I figure I can put magnetic tape on the edges of the lid and bottom to hold it shut...
  20. Here, here, primeval! I'd pay a few shekels for that!
  21. I'd like to see an Ogre Chef. A big ogre with a goofy Emeril Lagasse smile, a ragged apron, a big wooden spoon and a big cauldron, filled almost to the brim, with a hand sticking out of it. Maybe if you want to be ambitions put them on the same base and pose to Ogre to be slapping the hand with the spoon. They'd have to be cast separately, but they could be glued to the same base... A female Ogre. There's the Gargoyle Matron, now discontinued, and there's the Troll Matron, who is downright nauseating (my compliments to the sculptor -- Ben Seins if I recall) now give us an Ogress. Maybe give her a mustache, real thick underarm hair, holding a mirror (obviously stolen from someone they ate) and adjusting her hair while looking into it. The surface of the mirror sculpted as being broken would be a nice touch. I likes the Ogres.
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