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  1. It is leopard print; he couldn't get the chainmail to work for him so he put a thin layer of greenstuff over it and painted it as a gray leopard.
  2. Nudity is liberating. Nothing like sitting around like Victor Hugo, brush in one hand, mini in the other... *NOTE: Victor Hugo, author of such classics as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables, would, in times of writer's block, lock every stitch of clothing he had away so that he could not leave until he had gotten through his block.
  3. I'd like to see a Reptus character figure with their tongue out, 'tasting' the air for prey/enemies (that was redundant, wasn't it?) A resculpt of Kazala the Efreet would be nice, maybe with a scimitar in each hand. And a Djinn to go with him, maybe coalescing out of fire or rising from a lamp.
  4. For the rhinos skin I would do a 1:1 mix of charcoal and walnut brown, with a slightly lighter brown for the basecoat of the fur.
  5. Hmmm...seems I need to earn a few more 'Dooleys' CDs. (explanation: a couple years back, I painted a mural for the science department, at the request of one of the earth science teachers, depicting the history of the earth from the Big Bang to the evolution of Man. Upon completion, I was "paid" with a complete set of CDs from the band 'The Dooleys.' The Dooleys are a local group, the teacher who commisioned the painting is a member, and they are completely non-profit -- every cent they makes is donated straight to Roswell Cancer Institute's Pediatrics Wing. The thing is...their music is kinda...*thbbpppt!* if you know what I mean. They have three CDs, Self-Titled, Second to Nun and Retro Acoustic Gems. I have their uses as bases all planned out, and now this guy comes a long.)
  6. More miniatures with snakes involved. Maybe a Cultist Priestess to go with Taenar -- snakeskin loincloth and brassiere, arms raised over her head, a knife in hand, and a giant python coiling around her, two coils around her feet, and the rest of the body wrapped loosly around her torso, then up her arm, its head forming a neat sort of symmetry with the knife in her other hand. Or possibly a cultist Priestess with her legs braced apart, her arms straight out in front of her, and a snake coiled around each arm, their heads swaying in front of her, mouths wide. Maybe with knee-length hair in dozens of dreadlocks. A short, hunched-over, crazy looking wizard, leaning heavily on a staff, with a grungy animal skin cape around his shoulders and a look on his face that says, "I can make jerky out of anything with fur!" And a shapeless, worn-out hat. An Igor figure. Hunchbacked, ugly, belts looped around each leg at regular intervals, patched-up shirt, and a big cleaver in one hand and a torch or a whip in the other. His arms should be long enough that the cleaver is touching the ground, and the torch/whip should of course be raised over his head. Maybe a lobotomy scar on his forehead, too.
  7. In town, there is a bar called H-e-l-l. A priest, a rabbi and a serial killer walk into the bar. The priest says to the bartender, "If you'll give me a free drink, I'll put a blessing on your bar to double the business." The bartender thinks, okay, what's the harm and gives the priest a drink. Immediately three more people walk in. The rabbi says, "That's nothing. Give me a free drink and I'll put a blessing on your bar to double the business again!" The bartender thinks, okay, what's the harm and gives the rabbi a drink. Immediately six more people walk into the bar. The bartender turns to the serial killer and says, "Well? what'll you offer me in exchange for a free drink?" The serial killer thought a moment, then stabbed the bartender in the throat, set the bar on fire and walked out. (here it comes...) The next day, the newspaper headline read, "Priest, Rabbi, Several others Burn In H-e-l-l"
  8. Maybe just twist her skirt around and cover up her naughtiness?
  9. Well, I referred to her as Mayan because in one of the many sword-and-knife catalogues I receive, they had a fantasy sword identical to the one in her hand, and they called it a "Mayan Sword." I briefly considered buying it and hanging it on my wall, but I didn't have the money at the time and by the time the next issue came around, it wasn't listed. *thpbbbbbt*
  10. I love the Mayan Warrior-girl you posted, Enchantra. I would definitely buy like, twelve, especially if she's decently clad. I have a bit of a fondness for Mesoamerican art and architecture, and their mummies were so much cooler looking than Egypt's. That's what we need! An Aztec mummy! All skeletal and rope-bound and stuff, with a big feathered headdress and a dagger in hand, ready to slice out sacrificial hearts as he did in life. Or a dagger in one hand and a heart in the other, held high over his head. It could be $40 and I'd still buy that sculpt. More African-style figures. We have Jaatu the Jungle Warrior and a couple gorillas, lions, and Nehanda the Princess. Plus the Lion-Man forthcoming. C'mon, I just got a collection of Solomon Kane's adventures in the Dark Continent ANd an anthology of Allan Quatermain's adventures in lost cities, gimme some miniatures to go along!
  11. No, it's just the angle. If you look close, you can see the sword in shadow under his right armpit.
  12. Bill_Adcock


    Dang. And here I thought you were talking about Pandinus imperator, the African Emperor Scorpion. Make lovely pets.
  13. Create an unpronounceable jumble of letters with far too many consonants. Ex: N'Gmoch
  14. A cyclops. A big, ugly cyclops. Carrying a relatively straight branch that's been sharpened to a point on one end. A giant snapping turtle, encrused with barnacles, starfish clinging to its shell, with its mouth open showing lots of nasty sharp pointy teeth. Klocke females whose bases extend more than a millimeter past their feet. A very traditional-looking devil (Yes, I've seen Mephisto). I want a goat-legged, bat-winged, barbed-tail fellow with horns and a goatee sitting on a throne, looking very gloating. Maybe he should be toying absentmindedly with his goatee with one taloned hand. And I want a devil playing a fiddle. (I'm a teensy bit of a Charlie Daniels fan) A guy in a long coat, slouch hat, a bandanna around his neck and high boots. He kinda looks like he's falling sideways in the traditional Wild-West-Shootout dramatic pose, and he's blasting away with a pistol-crossbow in each hand. I still think an orc picking his nose would be a big seller. An evil princess. She looks all sunshine and butterflies, but she's got a (dagger/bottle of poison, clearly marked with a skull and crossbones/noose) behind her back. A giant brain, a fanged mouth projecting from between the two hemispheres of the brain, long, wavering eyestalks and standing on six long legs ending in paws with four claws set equally around it, so each claw is roughly ninety degrees from each other. Call it a "Brain Gnasher" or something suitably B-movie-ish. A goblin struggling to lift up a giant glaive.
  15. The Band with Rocks In? No, that was a troll, dwarf and elf...I think Buddy was an elf... "Be There Orr Be a Rectangular Thynge!"
  16. GAAAAHAAAHAAA! Oh man, that's gotta be the best I've heard in years.
  17. I was just going to sculpt robes onto Jason Wiebe's Carnivorous Ape to make Thak.
  18. Sprig Sorethumb as the wizard? That's a pretty good idea. He looks good in green. What is that between Sprig and the Scarecrow?
  19. Aw man, I love the McFarlane Kong! That company makes the best action figures. I think the Heresy Spider is great...Though perhaps it would be cruel of me to sneak it into my sister's bedroom while she's asleep.
  20. In Spongebob Squarepants, in the episode where Mr. Krabbs has a mid-life crisis, He spends an evening with Spongebob and Patrick trying to feel young again. There's a quick sequence of them playing a D&D type game, and on the table are a few miniatures, one of them of a seahorse-dragon.
  21. How about a demon ape? It'd have the body of a gorilla, a head like a baboon, no hair whatsoever, and oversized clawed hands. Yes, lionmane and primeval, I'm talking about Thoth-Amon's pet in The Phoenix on the Sword. I need a miniature of that monster.
  22. You...quit the Cult of the Black Primer? You know, the Cult is a lifetime deal, you can't just leave...Or one day they'll find you, flat on your face next to your desk, no marks upon your body but a black smudge on the back of your neck. You might want to gather a few essentials and 'disappear' for a while.
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