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  1. An ogre with spiked chains wrapped around his fists.
  2. Looks really good so far, man! And Joe Jusko just kicks arse. I wish the book of all his Edgar Rice Burroughs' paintings wasn't out of print.
  3. That's a good idea, I guess...Makes painting the inside of the mouth a bit easier, leaving the top of the head off until last.
  4. How many pieces does the Dragon of Fire come in? It looks like four to me (the head/neck, the body, and the two wings) but there's probably more.
  5. Yes, a ratty sort of tophat...I dunno, sewn-shut eyelids might be a bit hard to sculpt...Maybe we should send it to herr Klocke, he can sculpt a dozen angels on the head of a pin, so it should be no problem for him
  6. As a change from a traditional necromancer, how about a voodoo wizard? He could have a bunch of voodoo dolls, each dangling from his waist by a length of cord, wound around the doll's neck like a noose. In one hand he'd be holding a knife, in the other a gnarled staff or a doll or something. He'd be dressed in ragged pants, barefoot, and a close-fitting shirt, the sleeves raggedly torn away. And a hat of some kind. Maybe give him empty eyesockets for the extra-creepy look. Accompanying him in the blister pack would be a zombie servant, with a blank expression and arms held stiffly at its side (not TOO rotten though, should still have plenty of flesh to paint in various undead colors).
  7. More Tim Prow and James Van Shaik skeletal undead. The 2800 Skeleton Warrior is dreamy, Laumarak the Pale is freeking awesome...I needs more...I'd like an Aztec rope mummy, maybe crouching down, with nasty gnarled hands...and skeletal composite mummies, a dog or a cat's skull grafted onto a human skeleton, in Egyptian garb. That'd be cool. And a skeleton holding a spear over his head in both hands, charging forward in full attack mode...mouth open. His mouth has to be open. Pretty please?
  8. I sometimes do two or three at a time.
  9. I hate trying to do *realistic* fur. I want to just drybrush it brown or gray and get it done with, instead of trying to match the look of an animal's pelt. Insides of mouths are a pain too, trying to mix the right amount of red into the proper amount of raw sienna, then picking out all the teeth in layers of highlighting...bleagh.
  10. Undead, especially fleshy undead like ghouls and Terezinya the Necromancer's familiar. He's gonna be fun. I likes the pale green-gray I found that is perfect for the 'died-and-decayed-underwater' look. Villains always rock, especially when I can do little extras -- I painted lightning bolts on Ulern the Antipaladin's sword, for instance. I intend to do Terezinya's sword as bloodstone to counter the reds and purples of her outfit.
  11. If you're at all interested in giving it a look, I'd be happy to send it your way.
  12. Finished the book this afternoon post-exam. It was...ehhhhhhhh. Kane makes Conan look like the poster child for Prozac success. For all his "gigantic melancholies," Kane is even more doom and gloom. The mishmash of magic and superscience didn't appeal to me, and the words in some characters' mouths were out of period. In the feudal period, which this roughly is equivalent to, I doubt people used phrases like "shove it". And it was more nihilistically Lovecraftian than S&S is generally allowed to be. Conan didn't know about Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth; why does everyone know about the Karl Edward Wagner's Elder Gods?
  13. I'd buy it. You know, if it were cast.
  14. I'm 70 pages into it so far, and it's not too bad. Yeah, Kane is very dark, something of a scholar of eldritch stuff, and there is technology, though it's Lovecraft-technology. All brought down from the stars when the earth was young, that sorta thing. I'm not sure I like how everyone knows about these Elder Races and how lightly they accept the fact of their existence. Wagner even includes a variation of Deep Ones, called the Rillyti, degenerate descendants of a once-powerful alien race called the Krelran (vaguely reminiscient of the degenerate flying ape from Queen of the Black Coast) who are described as 'batrachian' and 'bufanoid.' I'll finish it and give you my full impression of it then.
  15. A dire wolverine. The real ones are psychotically vicious enough, so a dire one...can we all say CR 25, everyone?
  16. At the library there are a couple racks of book donations they've received that they have no room for, and so are for sale. I browse them almost daily, to see if anything desirable is in. 99% of the time I walk away disappointed, either because there's nothing I want or I don't have any money on me. Today I'm browsing and I recognize the name Karl Edward Wagner from his editing some of my older Conan volumes. The book's "Bloodstone" and features the red-haired barbarian Kane. Looks interesting. I bought it and intend to start it tonight. I hope it lives up to my expectations. I paid a whole dollar for it.
  17. Sure, rub it in our faces those who couldn't go. Maybe next year...I pre-ordered the Savage Tales of Solomon Kane from Barnes and Nobles yesterday, ships June 29th...I can barely wait.
  18. In the online store Green Stuff is $13.99, and Brown/Aluminum Stuff is $7.99. Why the difference? Is there more Green Stuff in a package than Brown Stuff?
  19. A resculpt of Tili the Wood Golem. The tiki head is great, the weapon is awesome - that's really how they made swords in polynesia, a block of wood with lines of shark teeth. But the body is kinda...lackluster. Especially the arms and hands. I want something more like a full-body tiki, the kind that are carved from a single tree, come to life.
  20. Normally I don't muck around with inks too much, after a nasty experience with an ink bottle that didn't close properly, resulting in a green leakage all over my hand. However, I'm thinking about giving them another try. So I see this ink extender in the online store, and I'm curious: What is it's purpose?
  21. She has my e-mail address, if she gets in touch with me I'll ask her.
  22. LOL yes. I like her for a lot of other things besides her willingness to read REH and HPL (I gave her a graduation gift today of a Lovecraft anthology). We're, literally, the only two people in school (though since she's graduated now, I guess I'll be the one and only) who listen to GOOD Metal.
  23. Yeah, REH wrote Conan, Kull the Conquerer, Bran Mak Morn, Cormac Mac Art, Solomon Kane, Red Sonia, and a slew of non-S&S tales.
  24. Maybe next year, when I'm 18 and not under my parents' thumb. I'd love to go, and in fact was just recommending REH to a girl in my studyhall who's a writer. I thought the sample of writing she asked me to read over was vaguely reminiscient of Howard, with the same sort of emotional intensity.
  25. And a tinkerer/wizard to go with it, preferably with the hairstyle and mustache of the Patron Saint of Electrical Engineers, Nikola Tesla (my personal hero). Tesla Society of New York
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