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  1. Howzabout an Electricity Elemental? That would be soooo cool. Some sort of elephantine monster -- either a bipedal were-elephant with shoulder armor, hip-guards and a circular armor plate strapped over its heart, and its tusks capped with blades, with a huge axe in each hand; or a behemoth sorta thing, basically elephantine, but with bony armor plates instead of wrinkled skin and a slobbering, fanged mouth and curly tusks like a mammoth. Sculpted, of course, by Jason Wiebe.
  2. #10 might be difficult, as Reaper is a family-oriented company Also, going into 120 degree heat, with the sun beating down on you, in the buff is *not* a good idea. Why do you think the nomadic tribes of the middle east wrap their heads, and indeed their entire bodies, in billowing white cloth? To keep cool.
  3. I need that scribe well in advance of Christmas. I need to paint her up as a gift to the woman who edits my Lovecraft pastiches.
  4. Those are some freakin' huge swords. They look like they're six feet long, to scale. I will swap them out for more manageable weapons.
  5. Or one sitting, hugging her knees to her chest, smiling sweetly, with her wings flared behind her. And a barbed tail behind, curling up slightly. And wider bases on Klocke's females. Yeah, I know I could put them into the available square bases, but I like the cast-on bases and Klocke's females tend to topple easily.
  6. Q: Why don't blondes like M&Ms? A: Because they're too hard to peel. Q: How many blondes does it take to make chocolate chip cookies? A: 5. One to stir the mix and four to peel the M&Ms!
  7. For color I would suggest a very dark green for the skin (I'm thinking Delta Ceramcoat Black-Green here, but GW Dark Angels Green would be very close, esp. over a black basecoat) with the horns and armor plates in a dark metallic color (Tamiya Gunmetal - very dark slightly bluish color - comes to mind).
  8. ot, but Death Angel, I love the Meatloaf song from your sig. Man, I'm gonna go listen to that now.
  9. How about a big, gritty, hacked up warrior in scarred leather armor, holding a huge broadsword that's all knicked up with the point resting on the ground, smelling a daisy with a slightly goofy smile on his face.
  10. Hmmm, armor in walnut brown, cape maybe dark blue or purple...maybe Bestial Brown hair and blue steel metallic for her swords...
  11. I've got candy... And those toes should be webbed, of course, and maybe five or six per foot. The skin should be scaleless, kind of warty, maybe with some seaweed-shaped fringes. Down the length of the body maybe rows of 'bubbles' for me to paint as bioluminescent nodes. I have a bottle of glow-in-the-dark paint that's aching to be used on this bad boy. How would he be posed...The stereotypical dragon is crouched on all fours, or in flight...hmmm! What if he were rearing up on his hind legs, using his forepaws to grasp a pair of adjacent underwater fumaroles or volcanoes or even just outcroppings of rock, with his face peeking from between them, twisted into an absolutely ghoulish grin, like he's thinking, "Gotcha now, adventurers..." a moldering, barnacle-encrusted mast would work as well, and serve to remind that this guy's aquatic. Then his belly would be slightly more visible, what with his short legs and all, and you could sculpt cool fringy growths along his midline. And elbows, and knees, and anyplace else it would seem appropriate. I've got the most recent National Geographic in front of me, which has a lovely article on deepsea life around Monterey Bay and I'm culling ideas from that. Hm. Vampyroteuthis infernalsis, the Infernal Vampire Squid (Ia Ia!), has instead of suckers rows of thorny spines on the underside of its tentacles. Maybe a row of similar structures on either side of the central dorsal fin. Did I mention that the eyes should absolutely bulge? Like grapefruits rammed into the sockets. Big ol' googly eyes. And thick lips drawn well back from the teeth. maybe sculpt a few nasty cankers on his exposed gumline. Jagged and broken teeth would be lovely too. Maybe with a merperson crushed beneath one gigantic paw. And, based on the periodic insect of the season and all the havoc it's wreaking with irrational people, how about a Demon Lord of Cicadas? I'm not sure Chicastus is close enough to convert, at least not for my talents.
  12. Abyssal Sea Dragon - huge eyes, an impossibly wide mouth brimming with fangs, and a dangly-anglerfish lure thingie. No wings, short neck, and real short legs with wide splayed-toes and a fin down its spine.
  13. A giant venus flytrap with lashing, thorny vine-tentacles, with chewed-through plate armor scattered around it. More monks (I'm dyin' for that one in the current set of greens to be released! He's holding a pair of kamas, which are my favorite martial arts weapons). Maybe one "in the air," on a pole like the Dire Bat, posed as if he's doing a flying back flip, holding a sword in each hand. And a crouching monk holding shurikens in a throwing sort of stance.
  14. I can't reveal my face. To get an idea of my mugshot, imagine the bubbling, drooling, snarling, blaspheming maw of Azathoth, glibbering to the tune of faceless flautists in the center of all Eternity. But with acne As for what race I'd be...hm, PC races only or anything out of my RPG books? Cause I'd be a Nightgaunt.
  15. See, I don't have a little shoulder angel and shoulder devil. Rather, I have a pair of shoulder Cthulhus. Which goes a long way towards explaining my general behavior.
  16. I want a kunoichi who's not wearing a miniskirt, at least. And armed with my favorite of kunoichi weapons, the neko-te. Translating as, "cat's paw", these were metal claws that strapped to the kunoichi's fingers, with the sharp tips dipped in poison. The slightest scratch from these could bring blindness, paralysis, or death depending on the poison used.
  17. Huh. Just have to make sure my sister knows it's not a popsicle, then...
  18. I'm thinking about doing a little converting, which will require some green stuff (Closing a Giant Foo Dog's mouth so I have a properly matched pair, fr'instance). Thing of it is, I don't expect to be doing a huge amount of sculpting and converting (yet; who knows what'll happen if I get hooked on the stuff) so right now I don't need more than a teensy bit of Green Stuff. If I buy the $13 tube in the online store, is there an expiration date? Will it go bad before I get a chance to use it all?
  19. More Klocke-sculpted Oriental figures. His female faces look very asian to me, so I need for him to make a geisha. And a couple realistic kunoichi (female ninja, unlike that freaky Kiri figure). aaaaaand...a Kappa and Tengu maybe.
  20. Looking at the new Samurai with Polearm for the Rokugan line, I found myself dissatisfied with the blade of his weapon, and realizing that his right arm is too long. I'm gonna change all that. I'm going to shorten his arm a bit between his gauntlet and elbow, fixing any gaps with a bit of Green Stuff. As for the Polearm...I'm going to cut the blade off and replace it with Toshiro, Male Ronin's swordblade, making it a naginata. I'm going to keep it in place with a bit of Green Stuff made to look like a strip of cloth wrapped around and around it. Whaddya think? Do-able for a beginner like me?
  21. Okay, we're going to be spending two weeks on Maui this summer, and mom has assigned me the task of researching the best general digital camera. So I need to find a nice one. Not too expensive. Like in the $300-$500 range, doesn't need to be anything fancy, but it needs to be around 4.0 megapixels because mom is expecting to take 56 pictures of sunsets.
  22. Yeah, we probably will never get real Deep Ones, but these are actually vaguely similar to the illustrations in the CofC D20 book. I prefer the Creature From the Black Lagoon design, meself.
  23. The modelling flock used by model railroaders. It's basically sawdust in various shades of green and brown. It's like $2 for enough to last three lifetimes at any hobbyshop.
  24. More power to the toad! I loved that Medusa too, nice to see one for a change that wasn't based off Ray Harryhausen's design from the movie Clash of the Titans (even though that movie is among my favorites of all time)...Could the snakes maybe be resculpted to be less problematic? If the snake body is really cool on this new one though, like on Vandorenda's nether regions, I'll buy it. Aw, who am I kidding? I'd probably buy it regardless.
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