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  1. Hmm. I'd say go with vhaidra's recipe, but instead of white/gray use silver. Then, once the green and purple glazes have dried, go over it with a thin black glaze, so that it's a "black" dragon and not an "iridescent green/purple" dragon.
  2. Nothing is quite as intense as laughing ice cream cake out your nose. It can happen. I saw it happen to my dad.
  3. I watched some of the alumni of the Geneseo Area Gaming Group play one afternoon last semester.....it went on....and on....and on....I played three other board games, left to get dinner, brought dinner back and ate it between the time they started and the time they finished. Cool minis though.
  4. Gorgeous....*sigh* add that to the list of miniatures I must have....
  5. hmmm...think I'm going to go with Aramil, the High Elf Mage looks a little grumpy....and while Lucien is currently out of commission with a case of food poisoning (undercooked rabbit) I don't think he's too grumpy. Dysenteric, if such a word exists, yes, but not grumpy.
  6. my buddy Rob has been running a sporadic campaign since the school year started, and until recently couldn't fit me into his sessions -- it's his first time DMing and he didn't want to risk overloading himself with more than four players. Well, one player quit after failing to differentiate between real life and the game -- she's Jewish, and at a banquet in the adventurers' honor pork was served and she went ballistic over it and her PC (a gnome bard) stormed out of the room, and she quit. So I was able to slide into her slot. I'm a human barbarian named Brauron (some of you history buffs might know where that name came from), we joke that I was Conan's roommate at Barbarian Finishing School, and apparently I'm the best-roleplayed barbarian Rob (who's been playing for years, his entire family and all his family friends play as well) has ever seen. Examples: Me (in character, sitting in a tavern): "I'll take a gold piece's worth of ale." Rob: "That's 20 mugs of ale you know." Me: "Yeah, so?" Tim (our Cleric): "Brauron's a big meaty guy he can probably drink all that and not die." Rob: "OK, you open the chest and find.....120 copper pieces......85 silver pieces.....60 gold pieces....and four platinum pieces." Me (in character): "We can but the whole tavern!" (Mountain Dew fountains out of Rob's nose as he laughs) I'm going to paint miniatures to represent the members of the party as gifts for everyone in the group this Yule. I've got most of them picked out already, the hard one is Lucien, our Elf Sorcerer (played by Rob's girlfriend), who is extremely effeminate, even for an elf male, and wears glasses. I'm thinking about maybe just using Jolie, Female Scribe. Seriously, Lucien is that feminine.
  7. I hung out with a couple friends, with plans to watch Bubba Ho-Tep. That plan fell through. However it was still good times spent with good friends. On the 29th I went to a party in the college union dressed as the Weird Al song "White and Nerdy." My Monty Python T-shirt, my +1 hat, a USB flash drive hanging from my neck, my dice bag hanging from me belt and a copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 1 tucked under my arm. It was hilarious. Everyone who got the joke thought it was one of the best costumes there -- and I threw it together at literally the last minute from stuff I had on my desk. Next year I might copy my friend Brian's idea and dress up as a lawn gnome.
  8. Only one movie I've been to in years hasn't been like that, and that was Flyboys over Columbus Day Weekend when I was the youngest person in the theater by a couple decades. Before that let's see.... Nacho Libre -- two grotesquely obese women with 5-6 kids in tow sitting directly in front of me, every fifteen minutes they were up and shuffling around because one of their little womb-goblins has to go to the bathroom, and one woman does not stop texting the entire time. Additionally, there was a guy a couple rows behind us and way off to the right narrating the entire movie into his cell-phone. King Kong -- Lady sitting right behind me used the opening credits to teach her little womb-goblin how to read. The Libertine -- literally a dozen kids under the age of 12 there. My best guess was their parents were a bunch of mouth-breathers who couldn't be bothered to look up the word "Libertine" and just assumed, "Oh, Johnny Depp! Pirates and Willy Wonka, he does kid movies, this must be a kid movie." They all left before the opening credits finished rolling. War of the Worlds -- Three geezer women sitting right behind me and my girlfriend. They do not shut up once during the entire movie. When Dakota Fanning was on the screen they babbled endlessly about how cute she is, and then when she wasn't on screen they babbled, "oh no where's the little girl? did the aliens get her?" Then, when the Tripods started spraying the Red Weed with blood as fertilizer, Christine buried her face in my shoulder because gore upsets her (I was not expecting visible gore in a movie where the main alien weapon is a heat-ray that vaporizes flesh instantly), and these old biddies start loudly complaining about "how rude teenagers are."
  9. The Geneseo Area Gaming Group holds an annual convention every year (known as "Running GAGG") and one of the highpoints of every con is a big auction, all the proceeds of which go to Ronald McDonald House.
  10. I saw this on Monday and loved it. It helped that it was my best theater-going experience in years, no screaming kids running up and down the aisles, nobody yakking into their cellphone through the entire thing....it was me and five other people in the theater, and I was the youngest one there by probably three decades. There was a guy in the back who looked old enough to be a WWI vet. I was slightly irked by the multitude of red DR-1s, but I was appeased by the delightfully stereotypical Teutonic villainy of the Black Falcon. All he was lacking was a monocle. Plus....Zeppelins! Everything's better with zeppelins. "Beware the hook!"
  11. a buddy of mine (amateur stand-up comedian) created a list of "If __________________, You Might Be From Western New York." The only one I remember is: "If the roads are closed, but the schools and businesses aren't, you might be from Western New York."
  12. Robert E. Howard wrote some pretty ghostly tales back in the day...."Pidgeons From Hell" is good despite the seemingly silly title. "Hop-Frog" has always been my favorite from Edgar Allen Poe.
  13. I'd love that too...I always play overweight characters in DnD.
  14. Being a long-time fan of 8-Bit Theater, I've always wanted to get this figure, clip off the ends of the chains, and attach swords...making him Fighter with his Sword-Chucks.
  15. Is he...anatomically correct? My brain just died.
  16. Yeah, I ordered some John Jenkins figures (company's based in Hong Kong, the figures are reanimated terracotta warriors and a jade-suit-clad Chinese mummy) and a Wyrd Miniatures Steampunk Sorcerer. Great stuff, and what I really liked was they sent me an email when I sent my order in...and when they billed me...and when it shipped...and when it arrived.
  17. I have "acceptance" set as wallpaper on my computer.
  18. well, they were called "Red Planet Green Men" when they first came out, then a couple months back they were changed to Wastelander Mutants. Makes ya wonder.
  19. It's actually two Kroot torsos stacked one on top of the other. That's partially why I bought an extra Kroot sprue, the contents of the box would have only been enough to make eight Green Martians. I saw some of the old heritage ones, pictures of them at least. They seemed a little on the small side. The Bronze Age ones are nice, but a bit pricey for my tastes and needs. I can't justify dropping $100 plus shipping on a single unit. With shipping, converting this unit came to about $75. Here's the whole unit, with a RAFM colonial Martian infantryman (who stands 28mm tall) for scale. (though my Green Martians are somewhat hunched over...)
  20. One of the most fearsome inhabitants of Mars in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars series are the Green Men. A savage race of nomads, they roam the ancient, dried seabeds of Mars, attacking any they come across. I' puttered away on these guys for six months. I'd seen Green Men someone had made out of Kroot on TMP, and liked the idea, but didn't think Kroot heads with the quills filed away were quite the look I wanted, so I filed the idea away in the back of my head. Looking at Frosch's Reven in person at Running GAGG X, it struck me that the Orc heads would make excellent Green Men heads, with their curling tusks. I got a box of Kroot, ordered a couple sprues of orc heads from Reaper and an extra Kroot sprue from GW and a Dark Elf sprue to cannibalize for weapons. These are the results. I made ten all together, and am quite proud of them. (btw, the colors on the edge of the base are used to denote the figure's rank in GASLIGHT. Red is an Extra, a lowly grunt whose sole purpose is to die to make the main characters look good. White is an Adventurer, one of the higher ranks of Main Characters in GASLIGHT. )
  21. Irony of Ironies, I actually just got an email from them, the gist of which was, "payment received, we'll ship your figures ASAP."
  22. I placed an order with them a week ago, and got an automatic confirmation email. Since then, I've not been billed nor have I received any update regarding my order. Should I wait longer or send them an email asking what's up, or even cancel my order if they're a bit on the untrustworthy side?
  23. My college roommate this past year played WoW obsessively. Like 12+ hours a day. Every day. He brought eight characters to level 60 between September and May. He pulled all-nighters a couple nights a week to level up. Early in the school year, he'd actually meet his friends and play basketball or poker or Nintendo. Eventually, he communicated with them almost solely through WoW and played poker online against people across the globe, instead of with the people who were a 3-second walk from our room. To tell you the truth, I was a little disgusted. Plus he was a little obnoxious about it. One night my GF called (she's off-campus) having a panic attack, and I wanted the room to myself for a half-hour or so so that I could calm her and comfort her in private. I asked my roommate to leave, and he said, "I can't, not right now, I'm right in the middle of leveling up, can you wait like 45 minutes?" I'm somewhat amazed I never slugged him for that. Part of me says I should have, because that's just plain rude. If he had a girlfriend (he didn't, he was too busy playing WoW to actually socialize with anybody) and she was having a panic attack, I would have left the room so he could calm and comfort her.
  24. Yeah, I wasn't impressed with the panther either.
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