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  1. Yes, Mothman would be nice *cryptozoology geek* perhaps rather on the slender side with long, spindly limbs and a flattened head that blends into the torso, rather than being mounted on a neck. And, to go with Selmarina the Witch, how about a peasant being turned into a newt? (He gets better.)
  2. Thanks for the links folks. I've got Helena waiting in the wings, just need to clean a teense more flash off her greaves. Anybody else having trouble cleaning up her sword? I may swap it out for a different one at some future point.
  3. I'm not seeing any resemblance between the acid spitter and any part of female anatomy. Though I did see a girl at school whose hairstyle looked just like that.
  4. Okay, is it me or does Bugbear #1 look like somebody just spit in his eye?
  5. Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no steeking badgers!
  6. Bulldogs were originally bred for bullfighting...hence the name. I'd definitely like to see a pack of two rottweiler minis, perhaps with leather harnesses? Y'know what I mean? Watch the movie Conan the Barbarian. In the beginning when the Vanir raid the Cimmerian settlement they have rottweilers with crude leashes attached to harnesses around their torsoes.
  7. For the SCWIP I didn't mean anything too graphic - something akin to Fay Wray in Kong's paw. EDIT: Or, even better, it could be holding a limp knight, his armor battered and crushed by the powerful tentacles of the beast, which is now daintily shelling him, armor plate by armor plate, so as to eat him. Just like a human shelling a lobster...
  8. A giant crab would be really cool. A realistic one, not a cheesy fantasy spiky thing like the giant scorpion Reaper produced a while back. A cyclops would be nifty. On scale with the giants, of course, and holding a boulder over his head like Polyphemus in the Odyssey. Tiny monkey cavalry mounted on cheetahs, waving pointy sticks over their heads. A giant nautilus crawling over the ground, a la Ray Harryhausen's "Mysterious Island" maybe clutching a Scantily-Clad Woman In Peril (SCWIP) in a slimy tentacle. With lots of fiddly detail in the shell to be drybrushed. An off-duty orc, leaning against a spear stuck point-first into the ground, picking his nose nonchalantly. Or scratching his rear. Both poses would be acceptable. An ogre having lunch -- biting the head off an elf bard.
  9. Never show your work to high-school art teachers. Not unless you want to hear them gripe at you for doing such lovely work on minis but when asked to produce a lushly-shaded pencil drawing of 'artistically arranged' heaped adding machine tape you produce something of significantly lower caliber. True story.
  10. Regarding metal classifications (taken from a site run by a friend of mine) Death Metal - Very heavy metal where the vocals are growled and not sung. The music is like Thrash, but with more distortion on the guitars. The subject matter is right out of a horror movie. Gore, death and other subjects of the like. Very brutal indeed. Bands like; Obituary, Sepultura, Goreguts, and Immolation. Black Metal - Kind of like death metal but the vocals are not a low growl. They are a higher pitch screech. The music has more elagance than death metal and the subect matter is usually very dark, demonic, spiritual and at times galactic. That is why it is called Black metal. Sometimes more symphonic and majestic. Bands like; Agathodiamond, Lord Belial, Emperor, Immortal and Siebenburgen.
  11. If I were to change anything, I'd use Vandorenda's nether end. And that's a darned nifty sig, Herr Oberfroschmeister...
  12. Wanna know something funny? "Ross the Boss", former ringleader of Manowar, was also my great-grandfather's nickname. The phrase "Heaven won't have him and Hell's afraid he'll take over" was invented to refer to him. I have Rhapsody's Dawn of Victory, which is very enjoyable, in a bard-ish sort of way. Though it's not particularly Howardian in theme, a black metal band called Bal-Sagoth (after REH's Gods of Bal-Sagoth) has a story that arcs over several albums, made up of just one song from each, called collectively "The Splendour of Ten Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire" according to their website, they're "Barbarian Black Metal" and there's several subtle Lovecraft references as well. They're really good, I recommend you give them a try.
  13. I may have to pick up some of the color-shifty ones...For wizard-robes and such.
  14. Those horns are a bit much for me. "Spear and Magic Helmet!"
  15. Well, there's the Anubis and Bast statues which could be painted as living beings, and Hercules (2702). Then there's the Frost Giant (somewhere in the 2600s, I believe). And the Chimaera is from Greek myth...think that's the major stuff, besides the obligatory Pegasi and the older Medusa (based off my favorite movie in the world, Ray Harryhausen's Clash of the Titans) and the newer one, hopefully soon to be out that I'm looking forward to. Oh, and the Naga, that's Indian. From the major Gods, Monsters and Heroes of Mythology, I'd like Perseus with the winged sandals, Zeus holding a lightning bolt over his head, a bellowing Cyclops holding a bolder over his head, and Odin standing passively though scowling with a longspear and winged helmet. And the eyepatch, can't forget the eyepatch...and a raven on his shoulder.
  16. I love Oswald the Overladen. I bought him because he reminded me of Nodwick. I even painted him as closely as possible to the hapless henchman, with a red shirt, blue pants and a brown mantle. Eventually I want to pick up another (and the adventuring accessories pack to bulk up his swag) and convert him to have a helmet and grapefruit-sized shnoz.
  17. I got something that seems about the same. It's called a Decocolor Opaque Paint Marker. The thinnest ones they had produce 1mm-thick lines, which seems perfect to me for simple designs on robes and heraldic designs, though for anything more complex then that I'd probably use a very fine brush.
  18. A European woman is on a ship heading south. The captain comes up to her and says, "we're nearing the equator." she asks to borrow his binoculars so she can see the line. Amused, he agrees. She looks through the binoculars and exclaims, "I can't see the line!" the captain plucks a single hair from her head and holds it in front of the lenses and asks if she can see it now. She says, "yes! And there's elephants jumping on it!" She had fleas, see, because she's european... I got nothin'.
  19. What's really cool are albino reptiles. They're a very pale yellow and pink, depending on the normal coloration for the species. I'm planning to paint the Cavern Crawler as albino.
  20. Manowar is generally my workout music. Man, pumping iron while "Hail and Kill" rages with the volume cranked...that's good exercise. I also put on Manowar while painting barbarians. I've never gotten a chance to play D&D, much as I would like to...My parents choose to listen to the fundamentalists who proclaim it as satanic. I do play Call of Cthulhu a bit, which can be argued to actually be worse...I'm not the kind of person to be influenced by a game, but D&D could be thought of as teaching capitalism (kill monsters = win treasure) whereas CofC is much more nihilistic. *shrugs* Whaddya gonna do, right? Have you ever heard of the band Hammerfall? They do warrior metal as well, and wear armor for the photos in the lyric book, but where Manowar's are very barbaric with fighting, dying, and then fighting and drinking in Valhalla, Hammerfall's are more about fighting for honor and chivalry. Very nice guitarwork though.
  21. Of course, for a hippo fleshtone IS the same as stonetone!
  22. I just got my hands on The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian the other day (I love getting Barnes & nobles gift cards!) and started reading it last night. Lot of good stuff I'd never have been able to get a hold of otherwise.
  23. Where can I find micropens? I have a figure here just screaming for a tattoo...
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