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  1. Lionmane - If I remember correctly, Conan was in his late 40s when he became King of Aquilonia. And the earliest 'canon' stories (Howard, Lin Carter, deCamp and Nyborg -sp?) have him at about fifteen, sixteen years old. Somebody recently wrote a book with Conan even younger, ending with the oftmentioned sacking of Venarium, but he fiddled with the continuity and I didn't consider it paticularly well-written. Somewhere it was put down that Conan originally considered bows and arrows as children's toys, until his mid-twenties when he was in Turan and saw them used with devastating effect by Turanian horsemen. However, in this book, Conan's twelve years old and picking small birds out of the air with a bow he'd made himself. And, in regards to your signature, you have great taste in music. What song is that from?
  2. I think small-scale fantasy can work well too. I love the stories of Conan, which were certainly small scale, rarely more than just the Cimmerian involved. Occasionally he went thieving with a partner (Taurus in the Tower of the Elephant comes to mind). King Kull and Bran Mak Morn were similar, acting primarily alone, though both were often to be found at the heads of armies, being the leaders of their respective peoples. Conan eventually became King of Aquilonia, but he primarily worked alone. Granted, these are examples of grimmer Sword-and-Sorcery rather than the High Fantasy of Tolkien.
  3. Just a side note regarding 'dire' animals...some 16,000 years ago a real creature called the Dire Wolf (canis dirus) existed. It weighed from 125-175 pounds and is the largest known canine. It was much more robust then the gray wolf, with substantially larger teeth and shorter legs. I'm guessing D&D Dire animals are based in name on this fellow.
  4. I'm fanatical for H.P. Lovecraft and his gang (Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Bloch, et al) and I like dragons, so how about a really hideous Cthulhu-ish Aqua Mythos Mutant Dragon: bulging octopus eyes, a sinuous body, three pairs of legs, ending in seven-clawed paws, with fins on the forearms/shins, a tail ending in a cephalopod fin (look at the end of a squid opposite its tentacles. It has a pair of fins that I believe they use for changing direction - don't quote me on that though) and a really wide mouth with rows and rows of jagged, broken fangs, a beak instead of lips, surrounded by flailing tentacles ending in big hooks. Instead of normal wings, it would have a bunch of tentacles projecting from either side of its spine, with large webs stretching between the tentacles. Dunno what you'd call it though. Squidragon? And, in response to something that appeared several pages earlier, if Reaper did make a Tarasque miniature, I think technically they could call it a Tarasque. A beast by that name appears in a French(?) legend. It had a head like a snake, a body like a bear, legs like an elephant, feet like bear's paws and a whippy little snake's tail and was terrorizing this village until a saint tamed it and led it into town with her hand on its chin, where the villagers promptly slaughtered it.
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