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  1. well, if I were to get a pack of Foundry british...that would give me 8 Bone Marines, which is probably the most I'd ever end up fielding anyways.
  2. Thinking about getting back into Warlord and getting Razig's Revenge... Do the Bone Marines really only come two to a blister? It might be cheaper for me to buy a pack of Foundry AWI British, decapitate the lot of them, and put skulls on in place of their heads, for the amount I'd want to field.
  3. Y'know, I'd been wondering if that had been a typo on the site, "pewter-free lead"...Guess not! I ordered two ships, and I think one of them has to be the ill-fated Antelope from the song Barrett's Privateers I think I need to get a large toy octopus, hack it to bits and glue the pieces to an AOL CD, build up some "water" around it, paint it and stat it up as the Kraken.
  4. The only member of the Dutchman's crew that I didn't like was Conch-Head. I felt like that was taking the theme too far. The guy fused to the wall (with brain coral for a brain) was really cool.
  5. I found out about this game recently: Pirates!, by Flagship Games. It's a mix of historical and fantasy, with ship-to-ship battles between various pirate crews, ranging from English, Dutch, Spanish...to dwarves, elves and goblins. It looks like a lot of fun and I've ordered a copy of the rulebook, though instead of the resin ships the company sells, I'll be using these instead. So I'm just curious as to whether anybody here has played and enjoyed the game.
  6. I loved it. I knew, having heard from friends who went to the Midnight showing before the real opening that there'd be the cliffhanger ending. It was the little touches that really endeared the movie to me. Jones inhaling from his pipe and blowing smoke out his siphon, for instance.
  7. I'd definitely buy it -- he looks just like the leech I found clinging to a golf ball (fished out of a water hazard) last summer!
  8. Prehistorics. Cavemen that look like cavemen -- the recent Neanderthal is nice, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't look like a neanderthal. I'm planning to put him in a diorama fighting Thor. An Arsinotherium would be nice too.
  9. Jason Wiebe, hands down. I just ordered a bunch of the Roman-armored Gorillas he sculpted for 100 Kingdoms. His apes are the best apes I have ever seen -- such characterful, expressive faces! More than just monstrous apes!
  10. I've actually been thinking about running a game with these rules. Recreate Rorke's Drift or something.
  11. Here's a new one... I recently came into possession of a small round wooden box, lined on the inside with green felt, made (so I am told) in Mali. I decided it would be a great thing to store my 16d20 in. The next day I took one out, rolled it a few times...20, 19, 19, 17, 16, 19...NOOOOOOO! I need low rolls! I mention this to a buddy of mine, he says, "Well, the problem is you have a high-rolling box. Now, you either need to find a low-rolling box to keep your dice in, or keep them in the high-rolling box and store it upside down when not in use." It's upside down on my painting desk right now!
  12. Today I started work on a small oasis/watering hole, built on an AOL mailer CD. A couple cheap plastic palm trees glued to the CD, and further anchored as I built up a rim of Green Stuff around where the water would be. Now the GS is dry, and I filled in the water area with white glue. All of the sudden I hear a buzzing, and a housefly lands next to my oasis, crawls up on it, and starts tasting - possibly even trying to eat - the GS and the white glue! He crawled away, time and again, but he kept coming back to eat more! I'm just hoping he doesn't die in the middle of the night from eating glue, specifically I'm hoping he doesn't die *in* the glue. Poor, tiny-brained fly. Anybody else ever have problems with their terrain projects being eaten by six-legged houseguests?
  13. “I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” Yep, Dr. Seuss.
  14. I've never rolled so many natural twenties as I have during GASLIGHT games (low rolls good). Whereas in DnD, I will fail to hit the legless, one-eyed goblin, who will proceed to score a critical hit on me with his belt buckle. I've never smashed/melted a die though. Put one in a plastic baggie with a big rock, tie the bag shut and throw it as far out into the river as I can, though...yeah.
  15. I'm actually thinking of ordering a small Tau force. The War Store can't offer GW stuff online, but you can call in an order for the stuff and they give you a 20% discount. The $90 Tau starter set becomes $72.
  16. I heard somewhere that Verhoeven was originally making a movie called "Bug Hunt," and someone working for him said, "Hey, this sounds a lot like this crazy book Starship Troopers!" and Verhoeven said, "Cool, let's rework the script a little bit and call it SST."
  17. I'm thinking about buying a starter box, and a friend of mine who is a Heinlein FANATIC (and also enjoys the movie) is interested as well. I think he'd be most interested in playing an MI army as close to the book as possible. A couple pages back someone mentioned a 2,000-pt. army that consisted of 4 souped-up Exosuits? Can someone tell me more about how that works? I think that would really interest Chris, plus it would allow me to play Bugs, because the Skinnies and MI don't really interest me the way the Bugs do.
  18. Orc guards asleep/drunk at their post. Mmmm, delicious, easily-won XP... Fatter figures. Friar Tucks, dwarves with beer bellies, a zaftig, operatic Valkyrie...
  19. I am sooooo playing this with my friends.
  20. Yeah, he's supposed to have a great big pulpy sack of a head.
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