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  1. I love my pocketknives. I have two, both bought the same day at this store in Hawaii that sold Scrimshaw done by native artists. The first one's about an inch and a half long, folded up, with a teensy little blade and a shark etched on one side of the handle. The second is about three inches, folded up, with a two-inch blade and a 1800s-style sailing ship and a Hawaiian petroglyph etched on one side of the handle.
  2. When I was working foodservice, they hired this guy Dave. I never met him because they never gave me any hours - I was seriously working three hours a week - and two weeks after he was hired, the cops came into the restaurant and arrested him. Seems he and his cousin stole a trampoline out of someone's backyard, and his cousin squealed on him.
  3. Beautiful, beautiful -- Nothing is finer than steampunk. I like the walker especially -- I may have to try something similar.
  4. Don't think of it as an unmatched horn....think of it as an EEEEVIL ponytail.
  5. I'm not watching, but if they made racing these an event, I would be soooooo hooked. I mean, come on, if Luge can be an event, so can propeller-sledding.
  6. Today I managed to glue the superglue bottle to my hand. My roommate sat there laughing as I tugged at it. It finally came free, and I still have most of my skin.
  7. The building itself shouldn't be too complicated - a piece of plasticard for the part a figure would stand on, another for the screen, and then a couple barrels with drinking-hoses sticking out of them.
  8. I imagine Dwarf Dwarf Revolution is where you drink from various kegs as dictated by runes flashing on the screen to the tune of bagpipes.
  9. She watches VH1's "I Love the (insert decade here)" series religiously, so I'm sure she's seen it.
  10. Recently, my girlfriend Christine and her friend Emily were discussing in study hall what to get their respective boyfriends for Valentine's day. They were overheard by a teacher, who butted into the conversation by asking Emily, who was unsure what to give, "Well, what does he like?" Emily replied, "Well, all he does is play DDR" (Dance Dance Revolution, a dancing-based video game, where one stands on a pad and moves their feet in rhythm with arrows shown on the screen, for those not in the know) Teacher inquires further, "DDR? Is that that nerdy game where you roll dice and pretend to be a dwarf?" Christine, if she had been drinking milk, would have shot it out her nose at that point. As is, she laughed and explained, "No, you're thinking of D&D. Dance Dance Revolution is completely different from Dungeons and Dragons." "How do you know?" the teacher asked Christine, finding it inconceivable that she could be a nerd. So she explained that I played D&D once in a while, and thus she knew about it from association. Well, I thought it was a funny story, in any case. I just love the "pretend to be a dwarf" bit. I would totally play Dwarf Dwarf Revolution if such a game existed.
  11. Hmmm. The worse that's happened with me is I drove an X-acto blade into my thumb while trying to disconnect a Heroclix figure from its clicky-base.
  12. Fat figures. Like a big pudgy Western-style monk (think Friar Tuck), Eastern style monk (Hotei-Buddha), a big operatic Valkyrie woman (Foundry has one, but I don't want to shell out $18 for the whole pack when I just want the one figure). Fat, drunken louts, too. And an ogre picking his nose. Better make him fat as well, just to be on the safe side. More African-style fantasy figures, like Nehanda and the Lion-man.
  13. I managed to glue three consecutive fingers to the table simultaneously. But the best was the time I was spray-varnishing and caught the tip of my finger in the spray. That was an interesting sensation.
  14. Aw great...now I have a giant monkey to get...
  15. A skinny Indian water-bearer, barefoot, in a turban and loincloth, with a waterbag slung over his shoulder -- a "Gunga Din" figure, of sorts.
  16. That "sleigh" is actually TARDIS and Santa's a Time Lord. Simple as that.
  17. Mmmm....Gwangilicious! I may have to keep something like this in mind for Running GAGG 2007...
  18. The 1930 version of All Quiet on the Western Front. Didn't much care for the remake with Ernest Borgnine.
  19. There is one argument for the Rider with bow to be plague/pestilence, actually. In Classical texts (I'm specifically thinking of the Iliad) when the gods deliver plague it is by arrows. Apollo fired his arrows of pestilence into the Greek camp. It kinda makes sense.
  20. When and where is Historicon? Chances are it wouldn't be someplace I can easily go to (remember, I don't have a car, bein' a college freshman and all...)
  21. You know, I think I will dip into my savings a bit and get the Pax Limpopo Unicycle Lancers and the 100 Club WWI Rocket Troopers. I might as well enjoy my hard-earned money.
  22. A little bit. The Lancers and WWI German Rocket Troopers are Eureka, though through lack of funds they will not make it to the table this year. Both my Land Ironclads are Eureka as well.
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