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  1. I'm assembling a steam tank for a Steampunk game...the chassis and treads are resin, with pewter smokestack, gun, and hatch. I get out my trusty Krazy Glue, but it doesn't seem to be forming that great a bond between the chassis and one of the treads. Is the glue the problem?
  2. I always heard that Foo Dog statues are highly stylized representations of pugs. And if you look at some statues, the ears and wrinkly face...you can totally see it.
  3. Doesn't sound too bad...I just have to get access to a hand drill then.
  4. How about a Thylacine miniature? And I'd love a Familiars set with a Tasmanian Devil in it.
  5. How'd you get the wires to twist up so neatly for the reins? I may have to do the same thing for a project I'm working on...
  6. I'm running an alternative history game in February at Running GAGG (Geneseo's official gaming convention). Well, maybe a bit more than just alternative -- WWI starts a couple years early because the British blame the Germans, who are testing an experimental ice-melting machine (designed for whaling ships) in the North Atlantic, for the sinking of the Titanic. The Kaiser calls these accusations baseless, diplomacy falls apart, and war breaks out. Land Ironclads, Zeppelins, rocket-troopers and Unicycle Lancers duke it out in addition to the poor blighters in the trenches.
  7. How about a flying gorilla? Or a suave gorilla with tophat, monocle and umbrella?
  8. I love TSO. This'll be my third year going to one of their shows...and mom got tickets the moment they went on presale, so we're going to be sitting 9th row center floor. It's gonna be craaaazzzzy.
  9. I'm just about done with my shopping as well. I hated the Christmas season last year. I had to listen to nonstop Christmas music at work from Octber 31st to February 1st. I was ready to take a flamethrower to Frosty.
  10. A roguish person in tight pants, frilly shirt, and high boots, with an arrogant sneer on his face, long curly hair, a big floppy hat with plume, and a pistol (like that of the musketeer figure) in each hand. Maybe a sheathed rapier at his side.
  11. I think I may have to do something similar with my River Troll...
  12. Be there or be a rectangular thing. Also (deluded fool that I am) I may buy a second army and do Overlords. How do you think they'd look with glossy blue-black armor and orange cloth?
  13. Yeah, I'm planning to freelance...possibly Andras and some Overlord crossbowmen.
  14. What would youse mugs say to replacing 3 Warriors with 3 Skullbreakers? Just a thought, as I have no clue how to use them...But that's fine. I'm not playing to *win* yet.
  15. What is the proper use for a River Troll? Combat Monster? Draw archers away from other troops? I just got one, and am about to use him tomorrow. Should be interesting, and I want to get as much as possible out of him (and hopefully leave a few poncy elves needing to change their undies)
  16. Fiddle-dee-dee...add in Greater Magical Armor...subtract a grunt to balance it out...hmm. A'ight. My army list, right now, looks like this: Khong-To, Greater Magical Armor, Greater Magical Weapon, Divine Favor -- 406 pts. T'Kay, Bandage x3, Familiar, Teleport -- 161 pts. River Troll -- 52 pts. 6 Warriors -- 138 pts. TOTAL: 747 pts. Is it necessarily bad that my Warlord makes up over half the cost of my army?
  17. Cool, that's a lot cheaper than I expected. Add that in...Awesome. So, would it be better to put it on the Khonger or T'kay? I have a nasty habit of unwittingly putting my cleric in bad places...
  18. I don't have the book yet, but I'm preparing my army list for Sunday's tourney here at Geneseo. Everyone says I should buy Divine Favor, either for the Khonger or T'kay. Checking Reapergames, it's not listed among the spell and equipment cards, so I'm wondering how much it costs, regardless of who it ends up on.
  19. "Orc Guards" - one asleep, one standing there picking his nose, two playing with dice.
  20. Hehe. In our (now on infinite-hiatus) D&D game, one of the guys played a half-orc...who had a human father and orcish mother.
  21. I'd like more swashbucklers too, especially ones like the musketeers...*drools* mmm, pistols and rapiers...
  22. I'm in, with a half-formed idea of a Howardian epic of 10 gladiators vs. 10 Picts in the arena. I figure I pair them off, write 5,000 words about each pair, and string 'em together.
  23. Me and a couple of the guys from my dorm played this game the other night. "Cthulhu vs. a ninja?" "Cthulhu." "Cthulhu vs. 20,000 ninjas?" "Cthulhu." "Cthulhu vs. Chow Yun Fat's character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?" "Cthulhu." "Cthulhu vs. a black hole?" "Dude, it's always going to be Cthulhu. It's a universal law that Cthulhu always wins." "Cthulhu vs. his double from a parallel universe?" "What? Cthulhu, obviously, because whichever one wins is still Cthulhu."
  24. Gotcha. I think I've got some superglue around somewhere...
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