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  1. Can I "proxie" like I did last time, and simply label bases with what miniature they are meant to be?
  2. I'm thinking this'll be what I take my girlfriend to for our anniversary (December 26th). I can see Jack Black as the baby-faced huckster Carl Denham. What I can't see is Adrien Brody as the two-fisted, square-jawed hero.
  3. Bare basalt seems best to me as well - maybe a hint of moss? Also, this figure looks fantastic. Unpainted he never impressed me, but now I think I need to add him to the list.
  4. A more gorilla-like ogre, with big tusks, long arms, short legs and apelike feet with the opposable thumb/big toe. A really fat adventurer, hoisting a half-gnawed turkey drumstick high, about to give voice to his epic battle cry, "I bet those kobolds have FOOD!"
  5. Yup I remeber those Inquest stories, my favorite was Tarzan versus Conan. Where can I find this??
  6. I will say that Khong-To, in his last battle (an Unreal Tournament-type game with 3 figures equalling 300 pts. and respawning areas where dead figures are reborn automatically) killed and was killed by the Griffin, twice each. At the very end we were each on our last damage track (Hyperion correct me if I'm misremembering), dealt a wound to each other and then both flubbed our Toughness rolls.
  7. I recognized his Margara. From what I've seen they make a pretty good showing on the field -- but I'm sure my lousy generalship makes that even more pronounced.
  8. They're not doin' too much for me, looks-wise. I think I'll hold off on them until I hear from others how they fare on the battlefield.
  9. Are those Hyperion's dwarves in the third picture of the first post, about to be chomped?
  10. Indeed, we must have more musketeers!! And I recall the green of the water buffalotaur - it was back in 03, I think.
  11. Basic box set here, hopefully a blister each of Breakers and Longstrikers in the not-too-distant future...Maybe proxie a Giant Foo Dog for a Krung Beast...
  12. How worthwhile an investment are breakers? Can they kick arse on the table?
  13. How about a special edition piece of Varaug grabbing Neek by the collar, lifting him up, screaming at him, putting the little upstart in his place...come to think of it, Varaug's already perfectly posed for that.
  14. Although he has supposedly fathered three sons, and all by the same...uhm...er...organism, I guess.
  15. I think straight-up fu dogs would be better than a cross between them and the demon dogs. Maybe give them a slightly reptilian look, such as a tail and a slightly elongated snout, or a frill at the back of their head like chameleon's. But make them straight-up constructs. Call them "Temple Guardians" or somesuch.
  16. Hey, I couldn't quote anything I read eight years ago, so you win. My statue of him doesn't have a begging bowl (though that's what I mistook it for at first) he's got an ingot representing wealth.
  17. Pffft, like I'm not an insufferable knowitall too? IIRC, Hotei/Pu-tai is also a santa-like figure -- the bag contains candy for children, rice plants (representing wealth) or sometimes children (being the greatest gift or something) and other treats and goodies. He also often carries a gold ingot. Checking Wikipedia...Hotei. Avalokitesvahara.
  18. "Fat laughing Buddha" isn't buddha, it's Li-Pao - a santaclause like figure popular with children. He wanders around in villages with a big sack of gifts and candy and a heapload of jokes and amusements. He is an incarnation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvahara - bodhisattva of infinite compassion - in China known as Kuan-yin and in japan as Kwannon. Just wanted to point that out And cthulhu wouldn't stand a chance. I always thought he was Hotei or Pu-tai, an incarnation of Bodhisattva Maitreya. Huh. You learn something new every day.
  19. Cthulhu vs. Fat Laughing Buddha - in a Pie Eating Contest.
  20. Sort of. here's a description of one of the tribes of barbarians who dwell in the southlands:
  21. I actually bought a d20 supplement on the Aztecs, and it had stats for Chihuahuas, who actually have a special quality regular dogs don't: Game Design.
  22. Our D&D game is now on indeterminate hiatus. The DM has gone and gotten himself a girlfriend and spends his weekends watching anime with her. So I have taken it upon myself to create an interesting and engaging setting and run it myself with a few friends. I've come up with an alternate history-fantasy version of the Aztec Empire, wherein by 8000 BCE the Aztecs had forged a shining empire spanning from modern-day Oklahoma in the north all the way to uppermost Brazil in the south. barbarian tribes control what's south of the Aztec border, and occasionally sell their services as mercenaries in the Aztec army. Within the confines of the Empire, the Mayans, nearly extinct, reign supreme underground beneath the ruins of their temples and cities, slowly evolving into half-sightless, pallid creatures of the Underdark. their sorceries and bizarre technomagical skill keeps them a threat. the Mayans learned their magicks from the Serpent People, now extinct save for scattered tribes of degenerates (using the stats for Troglodytes, minus the Stench ability). Far to the north are the Plainsmen, the remote ancestors of the modern native american. There's also a variety of monsters and creatures, including the dreaded Chihuahua. Dead serious, I have stats for Chihuahuas.
  23. Cthulhu vs. the Kraken from Clash of the Titans. The only Cthulhu vs. where the Big C doesn't stand at least a 60% chance of winning, I think, would be Cthulhu vs. a Black Hole.
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