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  1. After a long absence, I return. I had lost interest in painting miniatures for a while, especially with rising costs, but now that I'm at college at Geneseo and a member of GAGG, my interest has returned - plus there's lots of shiny new miniatures! So, uh...yeah. I missed you guys.
  2. I have on my desk two boxes of Zvezda 1/72nd scale Greek Infantry, two boxes of Zvezda Persian Infantry and a box of Zvezda Persian cavalry and chariot. All for, including shipping, $45. I'm wondering if someone could recommend good rules for gaming the Greco-Persian Wars, made famous by the battles of Thermopylae and Marathon. I'm thinking of simply modifying the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules, but I'm curious if someone could recommend a better alternative. Also, this is my 700th post. Go me.
  3. We watched this in one of my classes, and I found it utterly revolting. I don't want to watch a grown man with an ugly mustache wolf down a Big Mac and then vomit it up again. I don't want to see footage of stomach-stapling set to classical music. I don't want to hear his girlfriend complain that their sex life is almost gone since he started his lardtastic diet. I don't want to see aforementioned mustachioed man parading around in a Speedo. To me, it was more propaganda than anything. No ****; You sit on your rear eating fast food, you're gonna get fat. Fat, in moderation, is good because it stores energy for later use and cushions the organs against damage. Too much fat - like too much of anything - is bad. I view all fad diets like this: The best diet is to eat stuff in moderation and to exercise. Simple as that.
  4. I've ordered from them, and am enjoying the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules immensely.
  5. I like the color just as it is...if you've seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the movie, he looks just like the Dante Beast.
  6. We need a Hammerheaded Wereshark as well.
  7. Alan Rickman does the voice of Marvin, and I think he's perfect for it. Yes, the Trillian in the 80s BBC version was horrendous. Bleach blonde and ditzy...AAAGH.
  8. I'm looking into their Colonials figures for Victorian Science Fiction gaming. I've dealt with their vampire wars figures in the past - some good, some bad. Figures with 90-degree cheekbones. But they're inexpensive and useful.
  9. I want a miniature of Teddy Roosevelt riding on a grizzly bear, a revolver in each hand, the bear's reins in his teeth, and wearing a hat, high boots, suspenders, but no shirt. Yeah, I know it sounds bizarre, but I need something with which to demonstrate to unbelievers just what an amazing man TR was.
  10. I could see Christine and myself being like that.
  11. No, Christine's mom just puts a huge focus on academics (her being a teacher and all that - Christine's 80 was in an AP class, that is, college level without paying college money, so it's extremely good.)
  12. Jenna - that's the kind of thing I say to my girl. She's grounded right now for getting an 80 in US History, but her mom said we could have either Sunday or today to celebrate. Last night I brought her a box of chocolate truffles (she's a chocoholic), a nice card, and a poem I wrote myself, and she gave me a card and a burned CD of Irish punk rock. Then we cuddled on the couch and watched Kate and Leopold and part of Meet The Parents...she dozed off during Meet the Parents, just all of the sudden I hear a little purring noise and I'm thinking, "what is that? Christine doesn't have a cat!" and then I realize it's her. It's her snoring ever so softly. So I muted the TV and just held her. I ended up staying at her house almost an hour past my curfew, but I'm not the kind of guy who could just wake her up and tell her I had to go. I waited until she woke up on her own and gently disengaged myself (my heart breaking because she's begging me to stay and hold her a little longer) and then I get home and my parents are asleep, this morning they had no idea I'd stayed out until nearly midnight, and I'm thinking, "Jeez, I could have stayed and held Christine a lot longer!"
  13. Well, I use Reaper's Iron Golem as "Professor Hardwigg's Patented Steam-Powered Mechanical Lummox" if that's any help.
  14. I was going to use a Tesla-designed ray-cannon...but Gattling guns are always fun too.
  15. I keep meaning to pick one of these up to convert for use in a victorian science fiction game.
  16. I used to play in a team fortress clan with someone using the call name inamorata "ina" for short. For Christmas I got a pair of books, the Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate, and the Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate. They're useful when I'm writing Christine poetry (which I'm actually very good at, and she loves to receive the literary outpourings of my soul) and I found that word by accident. It means "loved one" and I really like the way it sounds.
  17. My inamorata and I will be watching a movie together Sunday evening, because Monday night she has a rehearsal for the school spring musical, "Godspell". I've been writing some poetry for her, I'll be buying her some chocolate, because she loves the stuff, and I'll likely be rubbing her feeties as well.
  18. I would feel weird watching underwear cheerleaders with my girlfriend. Although we did watch Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story with her mom on New Year's eve, and that had bisexuality, SM bondage gear, and an inflatable groin in it.
  19. The suckers look a little too distinct, too picked-out for my tastes, and I really like the pink.
  20. Last weekend my girlfriend and I, as well as a couple of her friends, went bowling, and one of her friends commented that I reminded her of the movie Kate and Leopold. Well, I'd never seen it, generally shying away from romantic comedies. I looked it up at the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) and it looks interesting - Hugh Jackman plus a premise that looks pretty good. So has anybody here seen this film, and can comment to me on it? I tried renting it, but the video store we go to didn't have it, and I'm not yet sufficiently grabbed to buy it unless I'm pretty sure it'll be good.
  21. Great Scott! Barbie's committed infanticide!
  22. I agree wholeheartedly. Although, from my observations at the high school, a great many girls quickly grow out of the "I wanna look like a plastic bimbo" stage. Only the cheerleaders fight to keep themselves painfully scrawny.
  23. If Barbie's so popular, why do you have to buy all her friends?
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