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  1. Not Midgard related but thought to share our Heroic scaled new dungeons made to suit 32mm+ minis such as Reaper http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151189839336903&set=o.130097903687916&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
  2. Some excellent stuff on your blog Maglok..I really enjoy Hirst molds also... we bought a pile of them near around 20+ or so.
  3. Hi guys thought I would chime in and say hello.
  4. Great job on the painting Joy.Cant wait to see her in person. bettagirl..the base is a prototype we added to the mermaid..we figured it suited the mermaid well.here is a link to the mini as she comes: http://www.easternfront-studios.net/wp-content/immagini/Fathoms%20deep/FDmetal/mermaid.jpg
  5. Much thanks Kannan glad you like her.and the input.
  6. a wip of three minis by the master Julie Guthrie.Hope you like the in progress work and my thoughts on the mini-dio
  7. yep always good to show the fans the minis so they can critique them before going to print :)thanks again!!
  8. Inarah I will try and get some closer shots, yep amazing wings for a 1st attempt..she is very dainty not like most new minis..see the cork she is mounted on for scale..and that bodice detail is amazing.A true addition to our sculpting team.
  9. Hi Inarah thats fair enuff not all minis appeal to me either painting wise.You do have to admire the sculpting talent of the guy that did this and the other mini being only the 8th & 9th attempt he has attempted and first wings.
  10. It is possible we will combine these 2((angel & demoness )) together as a promo btw.
  11. Thanks Pae I know you could knock these 2 out of the ball park painting wise.I would indeed like another Mermaid some time soon :) much thanks :)
  12. I wanted to add the angel into this post also but couldn't figure it out.so will do another to show her.
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