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  1. Will the plastic bases be available for purchase separately any time soon? I'd love to get some more before next summer. Sorry, just saw that this was just asked.
  2. I'm currently doing a castle out of Hirst Arts. I'm using pink foam as the core of the thicker walls to reduce weight and cost.
  3. I'm seeing Stephen Tyler in a top hat. Note that that is not a bad thing. Very nice work.
  4. This was my very first thought upon hearing about the idea.
  5. The first one is totally playing air guitar! Can't wait to get mine.
  6. You might want to rethink the setting. A game based on schools with shooting seems like a non-starter in today's world.
  7. Funny you should mention that, cause I just finished the last of my arrrrrrrrrrrgh! (thud)
  8. I got a fever, and the only prescription... You read it first here folks! Brian has promised us a Cowbell Bones mini! Begin speculation on whether this will be a sentient cowbell golem, a scale cowbell that can be hung around the necks of the Bones Herd of Cattle that was obviously strongly implied by his post or a half cow/half bell cyborg.
  9. This is amazing! For what it's worth, I'd say keep the live eye on the side with the live jaw.
  10. There used to be a vendor at the Minnesota state fair who sold pewter minis that were obviously RPG minis, but buffed smooth, blackened a bit for highlights and usually had a rhinestone or two on them. I'm guessing they are either the same thing or very similar. The buffing they did to them removed a lot of fine detail from them from what I remember.
  11. My goblins are all green... (hangs head in shame)
  12. ... and now he has a name. Thanks for all the feedback!
  13. Not my best work ever, but I'm pretty proud of the central eye.
  14. Please, Reaper, you HAVE to make a set of not Stanley and Helen Roper minis! My group is all over 40 and would actually get the joke if I sent them up against the Ropers some night.
  15. The bases are about 28-29mm. Just right for these guys if the feet are near the corners. I'd need at least a 40mm to put them square on the base and have it look right. As for time, I'm painting all six of my vampire set of orcs at one time. The others are all mostly done, but still have a little work to do. I have put a good 10-12 hours at least into the whole gang and expect it will be another 4-5 minimum before I'm done. I'll continue to tweak this guy along with the others until I am ready to set them upon some unsuspecting villagers.
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