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  1. Logos

    Wiz kids D&D horses

    Yeah I have seen those a bit expensive .... especially when you have to ship it to Canada. Might pick some up yet.
  2. Logos

    60192: Salim Ghadafar

    Already done. I took the pic just after I put the floc on the base. Sometimes I take the pics before I do final cleanup. lol.
  3. I don't remember where I got these but I thought they would be cool for random men at arms. I got them for $10 bucks and they are pewter so that is a decent deal I think.
  4. Logos

    Massive Darkness Hell"s Bane

    Well I hope I got the name right on this one......I am tyring to stick to the card art. I find it a little uninspired to paint them this way but this is another Cmon game with some many figs that if I don't do this I think the players will have a hard time finding them amoung the lot.
  5. I need to get cracking on getting these done. Starting this weekend it time to get hard core into getting things done again.
  6. Logos

    Wiz kids D&D horses

    This came with the wagon set. They are not bad. That being said I wish some one made horse you could put a 1" fig on. I know it would look goofy but gameplay wise it would be awesome.
  7. Logos

    03607: Lizardman Shaman

    Kinda like this one. Not sure what I am going to use it for but I am finding you can't have enough Dragon Born/lizard men. There isn't a great selection out there yet IMO.
  8. Logos

    Homemade zombie Trex

    I saw DMScotty from Youtube make this and it looked so I easy I made one myself and I really liked how it turned out. Just a $15 CDN toy dinosaur, some hot-glue and paint. Oh and and I picked up a used Canon Powershot G15 to use instead of my phone or my Sony mirrorless. Buying that was cheaper than getting a macro lens for the Sony. Compared to my stupid expensive Sony A3000 I think its so much easier to take better pictures. The Sony is nice but the bloody menu system drives me crazy, it's defiantly going up on ebay. I am officially going back to Canon and not going back. Defiantly thinking about getting a G5X or the G7x mark II now.
  9. I like this one. A little different than the file card but that is probably a good thing.
  10. Logos

    Massive Darkness Giant Spider

    I finally got started on my Massive Darkness Kick starter. Trying to follow the color scheme on the cards....little simplistic than I would like but then maybe they will be faster to paint that way.....
  11. Logos

    01608: Diva the Blessed

    ....well that could be arranged! lol. Next time I am taking some pics I will try to remember.
  12. Nice....I have all the whole set of the wizkids board games waiting to be painted...........which I can't get too until I slog though Zombicid, Massive Darkness, and now Green horde. lol.
  13. Logos

    60022: Karzoug, Runelord of Greed

    Too bad the pics were so bury on this one...
  14. Logos

    07002: Dungeon Dwellers: Baran Blacktree

    I actually liked how the eyes turned out on him as well. To bad the lighting causes shadows that totally hid it.