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  1. It is Perf from Journey Quest. It was a kickstarter reward.
  2. Thx I need to touch those up a bit now that you mentioned them. Realized I didn't add any highlighting. Doh!
  3. One of my players is playing a monk/sorcerer in my D and D game and he is modeling after Ken Masters from street fighter. This is the fig I did for him. What do you think? Pics are a tad blurry. Learning a new camera and I set the depth of field at 1.8 which is way to low.
  4. Nice. I am assuming the blue is a heat stress effect similar what you see in stainless steel that has been exposed to a really hot fire? If so I suggest adding a tinge of purple and maybe even bronze to it. Notice the fire torched head on this spider. (best example I could find quickly lol), I want to do this to mine know that I've seen yours now. lol.
  5. Nice! Did you do a base for him yet?
  6. Thx. I really struggle to get bright colors to look decent. Thx. For basing material instead of adding different types on at a time I've mixed 3 different types of floc with some brown stone/pebble and shrubbery flock in a glass plate and tub and mixed it up. That way when I apply it onto the white glue on the base its truly random what get on the base so it looks more real. When I do it myself piece by piece it tends to look unnatural. lol. Also applying a mix of half white glue and water to the base after it dries clear and hardens and seals the flock and it does not ever flake off. Note I I still apply a satin sealer/varnish to everything on the model.
  7. I really like the small boats from Reaper 4. One critique though Reaper? You should design items like this with places for 1x1 or 1" Dia bases to actually fit. I want playability over looks when it comes to stuff like this.
  8. I don't think you have to tone it. Just try a simple easy to do skin wash. The reaper one works fine. Just don't overdo it less is more and a lighter pigment on the high parts after washing would do wonders. Keep it up! Also what type and brand of brush are you using?
  9. Nice. Deserves a good base now. lol.
  10. Eyes are nice! I bet it looks great on the table.
  11. Was so excited to do this one. Theroc is such an Iconic monster.
  12. Nice. Pics pretty zoomed in so all the flaws stick out but I imagine at human eye level it must look great on the table.
  13. Thanks. It was a broccoli on my hands to paint. Working on Baba Yaga's house now and its even worse. I really wish that one was hollow.
  14. Oh wow that's nice. The trees just take it to another level.
  15. Nice. Have you thought of doing a light brown wash on the skin to bring out the flesh features? Your work on the cape is great!
  16. Well after over a year I'm back to painting again. Just going to work through the pain until I can get the surgeries I need. Beats lying in bed all day and I can't stand looking at all that Bones 4 sitting there unpainted anymore. lol. Its not bad I think for the first thing I painted in over a year I think.
  17. Yeah I have seen those a bit expensive .... especially when you have to ship it to Canada. Might pick some up yet.
  18. Already done. I took the pic just after I put the floc on the base. Sometimes I take the pics before I do final cleanup. lol.
  19. I don't remember where I got these but I thought they would be cool for random men at arms. I got them for $10 bucks and they are pewter so that is a decent deal I think.
  20. Well I hope I got the name right on this one......I am tyring to stick to the card art. I find it a little uninspired to paint them this way but this is another Cmon game with some many figs that if I don't do this I think the players will have a hard time finding them amoung the lot.
  21. I need to get cracking on getting these done. Starting this weekend it time to get hard core into getting things done again.
  22. This came with the wagon set. They are not bad. That being said I wish some one made horse you could put a 1" fig on. I know it would look goofy but gameplay wise it would be awesome.
  23. Kinda like this one. Not sure what I am going to use it for but I am finding you can't have enough Dragon Born/lizard men. There isn't a great selection out there yet IMO.
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