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  1. Look at my mean face. It's so mean. I'm just covered in dangly bits. -20 to stealth. Check the ghost face coming outta my spectral shield. Spooky.
  2. Yeah, that's cool! My first piece that made it into the store.
  3. This was a piece I was unsure about from the pictures online, but once I had it in my hands I was very pleased. One of the better big sculpts from the first kickstarter. It looks great in a lot of color schemes.
  4. Phooey. I echo what everyone said here about prefering quality over haste and all that, but still... phooey. Back to painting those, er, 20 bones I still have left from Bones 1.
  5. This is my version of the bones hydra. I went for super bright highlights and a swampy base.
  6. Glad to see you pick this thread back up. Awesome to see someone's progress all the way through the bonepile.
  7. This isn't ideal, I agree. A gray or brown sheet would be great, but the portability/stowability of this is great for those of us without dedicated painting spaces.
  8. Thanks everyone. With the earth elemental I debated doing the jagged rocks as crystals as I've seen in several versions. I debated a more grey "stony" scheme. I even considered the magma scheme I've seen in these forums, but ultimately decided he's my one and only earth elemental and I wanted a classic earthy look with some color and variation, but avoiding a christmas tree appearance. There are about a million layers of various washes and stippling different browns in there.
  9. I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd include my skellies with the rest of the group. The battered/chipped look on the shield was done with sponging. The glowing eyes too many tries.
  10. Have some more painted bones to share. To start off, here are some Kobolds of the tribe of Bron... I may get another set and paint them in black and silver as Kobold Raiders... I also painted up the Pathfinder Wizard Ezren with a non-canon color scheme: I'm pretty proud of the Earth Elemental I did. I painted the skeleton in his shoulder like a fossil instead of as fresh bones: And my most recent is the Marsh Troll, which I did a WIP of if you're interested: Comments and criticism appreciated.
  11. Yay for productive painting weekends! Gave the troll a face at last and did the scaly pelt on his front as well as the severed head and skull and such: And got the fur and leather in the back highlighted: I also got his talons and the broccoli base done. For now this will have to do as a base. He's just meant as a baddie for my Pathfinder game: Then this afternoon I finished up his club and fixed a couple mistakes. This might be him done so here are some crappy phone pics from each angle. Help me see if there's anything needing touched up before I spray coat him and throw him in the lightbox and take some real pictures: Had thought about maybe doing that boil on his leg purple, and adding a couple freehand boils on his belly and nose to match, but I'm not sure...
  12. That blending around the belly and the seam is looking awesome!
  13. Spent the afternoon painting with my sons (9 and 6), who will probably need their own threads soon the way they're progressing. :D Those big stegasaurus plates on the troll's back gave me some trouble. They went through several iterations of highlights and then washes, then layering back up, then washes etc... I think I'm happy with them now. Then onto the scaly back. I used several greens to try to give the scales some definition and variety: And at the same stage without the flash since the moment I saw him under bright light I was horrified: After I washed his back in Athonian Camoshade the scales looked less blotchy and horrible. Then it was onto all his accessories. The rear pelt got basecoated and washed. The belt, pouches, his club, the bandages on his wrists etc... No highlighting on any of this yet. And once more without flash:
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