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  1. You stole the words from my fingertips . I really like that look, I feel inspired to try a real life reptile look when I finally paint one of my dragons...
  2. Thank you all, purple seemed like the natural choice for her.
  3. Wow! I love your choice of colours, especially for the ruins itself. Great work.
  4. Thank you all, painting the fireball was the most fun part of the mini.
  5. I like the colours, nice contrast.
  6. One of these days I‘ll tackle the big one from the first kickstarter ...
  7. The gloss is heigthened by the lighting, I should build a lightbox . He‘s a good boy .
  8. Thank you, he was quick to paint, a very nice mini.
  9. Mrs. Bones, bringing fire and sword to the party.
  10. ArthurDent

    Lon - 77611

    And another gift for a friend.
  11. ArthurDent

    Max - 77600

    This little fellow will stay with me. I hope he does not get to hungry...
  12. ArthurDent

    Van - 77598

    Another gift for a friend.
  13. ArthurDent

    Lou - 77609

    Painted as a gift for a friend, nice to paint, big eyes are great .
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