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  1. You stole the words from my fingertips . I really like that look, I feel inspired to try a real life reptile look when I finally paint one of my dragons...
  2. Thank you all, purple seemed like the natural choice for her.
  3. Wow! I love your choice of colours, especially for the ruins itself. Great work.
  4. Thank you all, painting the fireball was the most fun part of the mini.
  5. One of these days I‘ll tackle the big one from the first kickstarter ...
  6. The gloss is heigthened by the lighting, I should build a lightbox . He‘s a good boy .
  7. Thank you, he was quick to paint, a very nice mini.
  8. Mrs. Bones, bringing fire and sword to the party.
  9. This little fellow will stay with me. I hope he does not get to hungry...
  10. Painted as a gift for a friend, nice to paint, big eyes are great .
  11. Well, I think I don't have the necessary vocabulary to do those two justice. Fantastic.
  12. I think this is the creepiest paintjob I ever saw. Wonderfully disgusting.
  13. Villagers of all ages would be very appreciated.
  14. An undead thread for an undead miniature, very fitting. Thanks for necromancing, Xherman, otherwise I would have missed a great paintjob for that mini.
  15. Congratulations! I like the colour choice, that is a nice looking undead dragon.
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