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  1. Please don't do dinosaurs. I promised myself not to spend too much on this kickstarter



    ... I'd also prefer the dinos to look more fantastic, like how the Kong Movie had the crocodilian V-rex rather than the historical T-rex, but that actually might hurt sales since those buying the dinos might desire more RL accuracy.


    While I personally wouldn't get any dinosaurs, I won't object to them being in Bones 3, because I'm guessing there are enough people who would snap them up - and that helps drive stretch goals.

    Depends what you call RL accuracy. To make Jurassic World, it was judged that dinosaurs without feathers would be better for sales, just like they found the velociraptor too small and the deinonychus too difficult to pronounce, so they mixed them up.

    Originally they at least had the excuse that computer graphics was not sufficiently advanced to do feathers, but now the damage is done and everybody imagines their dinosaurs featherless.

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  2. Bones II, I took the large shipping costs and VAT because the low $ made up for most of the difference. Now, with the $ stronger, I'll only consider backing if there is a EU option.


    It is not the VAT itself which is the problem, though, I have no problem paying VAT, but shipping and handling:

    - I need to pay an additional 30$ for handling, which almost disappears completely if handling is divided over an entire container

    - I payed about 21 $ (shipping, handling, VAT all included) for a large box of Zombicide 3 stuff, and 140 $ (shipping only) for a slightly bigger Bones II box (VAT was obviously a lot more for the Bones, because of the higher value).


    Anyway, one thing I like to see is old, ugly and/or fat women. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against skinny, sexy women, but I recently went through my pile of bones to find a suitable mini for an elderly female wizard of realistic proportions and came up with one option: a waitress.

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  3. I'm a ROW backer and will have 2 boxes shipped to me (together with 4 friends). Is it possible to put a declared value of 150$ on one box and (total - 150$) on the other box? Suppose I switch to three boxes, that would be 150$ on two boxes and (total - 300$) on the last.


    Earlier you told me that you'd divide it 50%-50% or 33%-33%-33%, but since that's not the correct value anyway, I don't think it would make a difference how you divide the amount.


    That would save us 30$ in handling on each box past the first. We'll live, but it seems minimal effort to avoid this additional cost.

  4. There would be no point in early bird specials. The only reason to do such is to make sure you get funded.


    For me, starting in the morning is perfect, so it is afternoon for me. I do have an opening reception, but I might sneak out for a short break :-) (if Kickstarter isn't down at that point)


    countdown doesn't work properly for me though, points to 9 am in UTC+1

  5. My point is that at the one million mark, KS 1 already had 30 stretch goals, and it started at 30.000. At the rate they updated, that would mean they pass stretch goals before they get a chance to announce them in a teaser, which defeats the whole purpose of stretch goals.

    I don't think it really matters, because the end result will be very similar either way, but it might avoid awkward late updates. For me, it doesn't matter either way; being in my time zone, I predict the 500.000 mark will be crossed by the time I get to see it. Once past the initial goals, I expect them to put the stretch goals at a similar rate as last time. They'll probably be spaced slightly further apart, because they expect more backers and the predicted cost of adding the free minis to all backers might be higher this time.

  6. Instead of blowing through 30 stretch goals on the first day and lacking the time to update, they might consider putting the initial goal a bit higher, so they could offer e.g. immediately 150 mini's for the Vampire equivalent and even a bunch of add-ons, to make an amazing deal right from the start.


    Going though the stretch goals is more fun, of course, but if they're all blown away right from the start it's rather pointless, and there'll be plenty of stretch goals to come afterwards.


    It's not like there is any risk that it won't be funded, not even if the initial funding goal is one million dollar.

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    My biggest fear is that, due to the overwhelming amount of work that was KS1, they'll scale back KS2 in quantity. All things considered, it does seem like a very tight schedule they're running, with the Reaper folks still wrapping it up, and way overdue with their well deserved vacations.


    The heart of man is easily corrupted.

    If in any way possible, I expect them to aim for a more impressive deal and double the amount of backers.

  8. I really really really really hope they can do something with a European distributor.


    That and Goroloth, of course.

    I hope reaper reads their own forum and found this, or at least find it here.


    They can immediately take care of the customs as well. It would be cheaper for everyone, and give a lot more certainty. I think they can attract a lot more international backers if they can guarantee that the pledge + international shipping is all you pay. No delays in customs, and no uncertainty about additional costs.


    I did like the flat shipping rate, independant of the order. That probably saves them money anyway, just by avoiding all the additional administration.


    (related to the topic discussed: no chronoscope for me, please :) )

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  9. Mummy level made vampire look like the better bargain it came to be - but at $100 Vampire started out with a lot less.


    So at minimum funding level you were only getting slightly more than Mummy. Later you could increase by 40 and switch. Totally served its purpose.


    ETA - I looked it up, and at start $100 Vampire got you exactly $100 of the miniature pledges at that time. Adding Sophie (25) and Dungeon Attack (15) to Mummy (60) Plus a free forum badge..

    Well, I did encounter the kickstarter after the mummy level stopped being relevant, so that could explain my feeling. In the second kickstarter, a mummy level would stop being relevant after at most 2 hours.

    My main issue is that the original 30 add on was insanely expensive compared to everything else, while I would definately have considered it for a lower price.

  10. If the minis offered correspond to what I want, I will most likely back (in short: of course I will), and what I want is monsters (DnD/pathfinder) and animals, including those often used for summoning, wild shape and animal companion.


    A remark about the first kickstarter: the mummy level was ridiculous. 60 $ for 30 minis, while vampire was 75 $ for 240 minis. It was equally ridiculous to buy the original 30 as an add on for another 60 $. I would really have liked to add them to have multiples of the monsters, but throwing in another 75 $ to get 200 minis I don't need was a bit too much. I can see a reason for existence for something like the "dungeon attack" level, but after that, I think it should immediately be the vampire equivalent, with the original monsters as reasonable add on. (I'm ignoring all the levels with caps and T-shirts and Sofies, because I don't care about them, but they don't bother me either).


    It is a smart move from Reaper to announce the kickstarter a few months in advance. It gives time for the word to spread, the excitement to built, backers to save money and their partners to get used to the idea of spending heaps of money to silly toys. I wonder how much future backers will refrain from backing other kickstarters because of this.

  11. Pathfinder Adventure Path Kits.

    Coordinated with Paizo, release kits containing major NPCs and monsters from any given adventure path.

    So Rise of the Runelords 1 would have Tsuto, a few Goblins, Ameiko, a few Sinspawn, and Nualia for ~$25-$30.

    RotRL 2 would have the Skinsaw Man, a few cultists, Justice Ironbriar and Shalelu, etc.

    RotRL 3 would have the Hookmaw ogres, might be a bit pricier due to size of minis.


    I'll add another vote for RotRL sets :)

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  12. In general, I would like to see more of the typical d&d/pathfinder monster manual monsters.

    I second the animals, especially the popular wild shape forms, supplemented by the common summoned monsters (although not necessarily the fiendish and celestial variants, to be more generally applicable).

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    Someone from Kitimat ordered from the Kickstarter? I'm shocked. It's almost as backwards a place as...where...I...live....hmm, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.

    All this talk of backers in surprising places has me wondering if anyone else at all from Ireland backed. I know around 20% of backers are international, but the only places I've seen mentioned here are Down Under or the UK


    I backed from Belgium! Together with a friend to reduce shipping costs, and hopefully import taxes, but that remains unsure. I would be very surprised if there aren't any other backers from Belgium.


    Combining backings does lead to 39 items (so anyone whining about being last with a "measly" 12 items needs to rethink ;-) ). No clue where that leaves me in line, but it's a different line from the US backers and I'm guessing international backers will have a higher average number of items because of the shipping cost. Since it was possible to back together with 5 friends with 5 of everything without increasing shipping costs, I doubt we are at the end of the line.

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