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  1. Mmmmm, Barleys. BloodThirst Wheat Growler a week ago. Of course it helps to live in Columbus.
  2. During Gencon Indy The Ram restaurant changes their menu to gaming themed names and has gaming in the back room. At least they have the last couple of years. but that is the closest thing I've seen.
  3. For those temped to use left over ceramic tiles as bases, as was shown as an alternative in a prior post, Like the ones I found in the basement of a house we bought ("Look honey, free figure bases!") Just be mindful of weight of all those little rocks when they are together in large groups. Say you are running a convention game. (you run convention games, right?) And the site of the game is at the other end of the convention center from parking. (like always) And you have several dozen minis, all mounted on little square stones. (OK, maybe a couple of hundred all told, but they were free!) You are schlepping a box of rocks through the convention center. (well, two boxes actually) Do not forget your wheeled cart! Like I did.
  4. Oooooooo! A gizmo that cleans figutres while I play Borderlands 2! Must buy gizmo now!
  5. Oh for the olden days of yore when the farmer down the road indicated that "kerosene will take most anythin' offin yur hands" when asked how to remove spilt roofing tar. Based on what I know now it is a minor miracle all I have to show for such a misspent youth is pretty tough skin on my hands and a less than perfect spinal column.
  6. Ahead of me by that much (holds fingers an inch apart). I came to fantasy gaming from micro (1/285 scale) armor wargaming in 1977. Minis have indeed come a very long way. Though Tom Meier's original Ral Partha wizard still looks pretty darn good to me. Priming as an "Ah Ha!" moment and the start of a never ending search for the "best" primer. Thanks for listening.
  7. Yes, they mold objects in 3D one tiny layer at a time. . . . from CHEESE!
  8. Egad! Teskal you are much more the perfectionist than I, good for you. A dunk and stir in the lightly dishsoaped water, a quick rinse, and let dry is all I've ever done. That started when talc was the mold release of choice. I've encountered much more trouble with unlooked for paint interactions than I've ever had with the surface of the mini itself.
  9. Hit the antique stores and look for the drawers from typeset cases. Google "typeset drawers" and you'll see what I'm talking about. Sometimes they can be found for cheap.
  10. There are also similar cases for golf balls and baseballs. I find the baseball one works well for larger dragonish minis
  11. I just want to get the new stand up style painting table ready for the wave of Bones due to arrive soon. I got it from Versa Tables while I was having some back trouble.
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