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  1. This is possibly my favorite bits find to date. Thinking of giving him tentacles instead of wings.
  2. So I found this thing pawing through the local bits box today. I can't make out the signature on it's foot sprue, but it looks like maybe a '95 at the end. Anyone know what this bad boy is?
  3. Just thought I'd pop in another reminder...
  4. Agreed, it would be awesome. I'm looking to get some more use out of my Hirst Arts stuff as well!
  5. Hey gang, long ago I was trying to get into playing Warlord and purchased the first edition of the rule book and got some minis and whatnot. Long story short, I never got much playing in and the game went and updated without me. I now have a much more adventurous group of gaming buddies and would like to try it out again and thought that some dungeon crawls would be the way to go. I know some of you have some good dungeon crawl rules hanging around and was wondering if they'd still work for my old rules. Thanks in advance all!
  6. Taking some pics of my minis since the light's decent today, here's my Chick Challenge IV special mini. I usually just do gaming quality minis, but I'm super pleased with how her face came out.
  7. Had a good day for light in the kitchen, so took some pics of minis I've already done. Here's 02563: Arilyn Water Sorceress, done a few years ago but still one of my all-time favorite minis. I really just paint tabletop quality, but she seemed to turn out a bit better than my usual.
  8. I am in need for a badger-person mini for a campaign I'm joining. I've done some brief searching with futile results. Anyone have a suggestion?
  9. Looks like a nice clean paintjob. I'd add some black wash or something similar to help pick out the details without a whole lot more work on your part.
  10. Super easy (and who knows, maybe it is the lights since it was mostly just natural lighting and a diffused flash), but I use GW Chaos Black, highlighted up with Reaper Stone Grey, washed with GW black ink as necessary to soften the highlights, sealed with Dull Coat.
  11. I LOVE the pinkness of his face. I'm working on a dwarf right now and can't figure out why her face doesn't look right to me. Clearly, I had overlooked the drunken flush required of any dwarf worth the name. Neat!
  12. I just got a new camera today so I thought I'd fiddle around with the only minis I had with me. This one is for my friend's army (I think he's using her for Warhammer 40k) and is just a quick tabletop job, though I am very pleased with how her skin came out. I made a very minor effort at highlighting/shading her that is mostly comprised of inks. All in all, probably a couple of hours in her.
  13. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen (both literally and figuratively, haha!)
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