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  1. I'm glad people liked the base and sickle. I used Vallejo Smoke on the base to darken it, so it looked sort of "dead." The sickle was originally pretty bright and silvery, so I applied a very thin wash of Chestnut Ink. @magdrogan - Don't lose or repaint those old minis! I would give alot to have my old collection back again.
  2. I saw this on CMON and really liked it. As a plus, I learned what "EMO" means, so I feel pretty cool now.
  3. I'm glad the cloth was well received. I can't really take complete credit for the look, however. I think part of it is the natural light (early morning), which must have been a little reddish... @TheFallen - I love trying to ID old lead, so I'll keep my eyes open for your pics. @FuzzyIzmit - The blunt sickle was intentional. This wraith kills by bludgeoning its victim to death. ;)
  5. Nice warband, but are you using a flash? The pics seem really washed out and are certainly not doing your paintjobs justice!
  6. Hi! I just painted up the old Ral Partha wraith and wanted to share it. I had one of these back in the 1980's but lost it (along with most of my old lead), so when I saw this one on eBay I had to pick it up!
  7. Hey, we both posted Stone Golems within the same 1/2 hour! Talk about synchronicity! I like the green patina effect, but I wonder if it would look even better if it were layered onto the flat parts of the copper helmet, bracers, and belt, rather than washed into the crevices. You might also consider letting the green "run down" the stone under the belt, sort of as if rain had caused the corrosion, if you know what I mean. p.s. I second the Mono Tiki Tia question. What the heck is flynn referring to?
  8. Lovely green! What color is it exactly? Good job with the NMM overall. My only criticism - the NMM on the outside of his left sword looks a little rougher than your standard elsewhere, but maybe that's just the pic.
  9. Thanks again! I can't take credit for the cracks and texture though, since it's really the sculptor that put those small details in. What a great sculpt! Thanks for noticing the base though. I did try to make a contrast between the warmer browns of the sand and rocks and the cool bluish gray of the golem. Glad it seemed to "work."
  10. Thanks everyone! This was a fun (and relatively easy) mini to paint. The mini was primed white, then washed with thinned black ink (no basecoat), then drybrushed with light gray. I just repeated the ink wash/drybrushing a couple of times until I liked how it looked. The only layering I did was on the face, to keep it "clean". The base is actually an old washer I had lying around. I used putty to reduce the "step" between the Reaper base and the washer, then covered the base with sand, rocks, and oregano. I used Vallejo Cork and Vallejo Iraqi Sand to drybrush the rocks and sand. The only sad thing is that this mini is getting much better feedback than the ones I spend weeks on...
  11. It usually takes me weeks to paint, so I decided to try to be more like Jesterspeed and only gave myself a day to do this mini. This is only my second Reaper mini, but I hope to do more soon!
  12. That's a "Dwarf Raider" sculpted by Roy Eastland. The other raider in the set is holding the battleaxe over his head.
  13. I'm so slow that I'm still working on Chainmail minis I bought when they originally came out! I have a soft spot for them because they got me back into the whole mini painting hobby after over 10 years of not picking up a brush. Here are two Chainmail minis I finished painting recently:
  14. Shake, shake, shake, and shake it some more. When your arms feels like it is ready to fall off, you have almost shaken it enough. Mine was the same way until I shook it enough. The Vallejo transparent paints aren't simply thinned down paints. I find smoke pretty useful.
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