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  1. My painting skills are so rusty, I'm totally OK with them sending my stuff out last. I have so many miniatures in my painting backlog buying more was 100% folly, but the KS was such a good deal there was NO WAY I was going to let it pass me by. :p Besides, even if they are a month or two late shipping every thing, they're still better than 90% of the other RPG-related Kickstarters I've backed. I'm still waiting on one that was due to ship in August 2011!
  2. JediSoth

    Reaper at Gencon'13?

    Not seeing Reaper at Gen Con again would make me very sad. Even with Bones on the horizon last year, I had money burnin' a hole in my pocket as I looked for the Reaper booth. With their absence, it erupted in a torrent of impulse purchases all over the con resulting in a critical mass of gaming books I may never use now. :(