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  1. Judging by forums it seams a lot of people have the Warlord 2 book but I cannot find anyplace that has copies for sale. The Asylum store lists zero in stock, LGS and hobby as well as online sites I visited are either OOS or never received any . Anyone know where it may be purchased? Thanks
  2. At least walk out the door... dont bury yourself.. Oh, and bye, thanks for dropping by. Geez I threw an emoticon in there to show that it was a tongue-n-cheek remark. No wonder I hear so much negative commentary about Exodus Road .
  3. Well, that's the last nail in the coffin of Warlord for me. I don't like being sucked into something cool and then having it changed to crap. It's a very GW thing to do. Take that.
  4. Funny how some people like or dislike something for the same reasons. One of the Black Lightning people let me try MS paints at my LGS. Tried rosey flesh. Spent a couple of hours working on a figure only to take it home and strip it. Hated it. And liners, nothing I can't do with the paints I have already. I find triads good for painting armies where you want everything to look the same. Too much of the stuff I see from painters using triads all looks the same. Goods painters work with them and beyond but many people just use them straight making their stuff look just like the other guys. Might as well put little numbers on the figs, matched to the paints. Anyway, I just wanted to add my opinion since I rarely drop in and found the topic of interest. BTW SOME quality painters use MSPs. Many use other lines exclusively. People who are every bit as good as those mentioned. The statement "quality painters use MSP" indicates that you are not a quality painter if you don't. Not what was intended I'm sure.
  5. Having decided to revisit Warlord I'm looking at an Overlords company and have a few questions. Before investing I want to be sure I understand some of the stats from data cards, etc. Overlords Crossbowmen are listed as grunts but I asume this is an error and they are adepts like other ranged support troops. The crossbowmen are supplied with a very large Pavise. A Pavise of that size with ground spike etc would weigh over 25 lb and take time to relocate but I see no special rules for its use. I would expect you to have to use pickup/carry or a special ability to move with it but stats are 6 for Mov like most other archers. This doesn't make any sense. Did I miss something in the rules about these crossbowmen? Thanks
  6. Wow. You are realy reaching when all you can say is GW is worse. For players who got into the game intending to play 1000 - 1500 point games and are caught with eight archers they can not use in those games those archers are obsolete. With Reaper's price increases the cost difference isn't as much as you think. And, as nice as it may be that Reaper posted PDF files of changes my two month old Core Rulebook is obsolete. OK then!
  7. I notice that the people defending the rules change for archers tend to play Reven. is that because you had insider info on how the elves faction would be screwed in the new rules or do you just like the look of archer models that could not possibly fire their tiny bows with their four foot arms?
  8. I'm right there with you. When I commented on Danithal being a 1/4 mage they told me to suck it up. When I mentioned the ease with which the low DV elves died in melee I was told their archers made up for it and now that's being taken away. At least I only painted six elf archers so far. My friend who owns a game store will give me credit when I return the other four blisters so I can buy some GW stuff instead. No Warlord for me. Pissed yes be I.
  9. Griffon is cool. I have to get one someday.
  10. Flow Aids are indeed surfactants without all the extra junk you find in soaps and detergents. I never could figure why people are so rersistant to using products specifically designed for painting. I'd rather use Flow Aid than dishsoap and Glossy/Matte Medium than Future. Strange, eh!
  11. Yes, mine dry faster than any other paints I use. They are also resistant to reconstitution once they start to dry. I could keep Vallejos or Pro Paints going longer by adding a little more H2O/Slo Dri when they began to thickin. Aside from that and half of them not being matte they're pretty good. I would like to know what additives Reaper put in them so I could adjust my mixes easier.
  12. I know what generic stats are for and used used them only as a baseline to compare all of the Warlord archers to a specific value. An excellent tool for my purposes. When the value of tournament prizes exceeds the cost of going to a con I'll give consideration to what is legal. Since the people I'm gaming with are interested in modifying the game and playing with non Reaper models anyway why wouldn't we fix the inequity in stats and have some fun with it.
  13. Looking at the generic stats from the book, Ranger cost is only 3 points. Comparing Generic Ranger stats to other archers is interesting. Compared to generic the Ivy Crown Archers are -1 Dis/-1Mav/+1MD and +Marksman. Points-wise the Mav and MD cancel each other out. So you are paying 14 more points (42) for Ivy Crown Archers to lose 1 of discipline and gain Marksman. In that case Marksman is worth 14+ points but in other comparisons it is worth as little as three points (Vale Archers). It would be nice to know some of the values not listed on the generic card creation chart but Reaper has done a lot of good things with the game so I'll just mod a few things based on 40+ years of wargamming experience and have it my way.
  14. All of the dragons I have painted required filling and sculpting around the jointed areas with kneadatite so I do not paint parts and then assemble models. Even the relatively good models from Reaper do not fit well enough to skip the filling and sculpting detail stage.
  15. There are a lot of stats that don't make sense to the group I game with. We're playing them out and correcting them as we go. Ivy crown archers (proxied) have not fared well against Reven with Bull Orc archers. At 42 points they do suck while the Orc archers at 30 points are a great deal. It seams that some traditional fantasy racial characteristics have been carried over like the notion that Elves are physically weak but Orcs become great archers. And they're not the best archers the Reven have available. I'd like to see the original matrix used to create stats and assign points values.
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