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  1. Gonna need some new hero minis! Good thing Bones 4 is in our future!
  2. Love the shroom sculpts too! Going to try a thin purple-y paint job on one to see how it turns out, but thankfully, normal coats of paint will cover up the translucent if you don't like it. Huh, thanks. I must have missed that set during Bones III then.
  3. Who needs F5 keys anyways? Can always replace them! The set of DVDs added in this update hasn't been available in previous Bones Kickstarters, has it?
  4. I believe the DVDs are the same from the Bones 3 kickstarter. Agreed. The initial view of the duelist didn't look that great, not until I looked at her video.
  5. Updates! New previews! Actually liking the look of the pestle. And the DVDs have been officially added to the power ups.
  6. But isn't that you? Your avatar looks like a wolf painted like a dragon.
  7. Agreed. Planning on getting it even though I've got them already. Pretty good color mix in Paint Set A.
  8. I'm still a bit unclear on how to make a platypus "Dire", short of giving it a fedora. I think you mistyped "Perry"!
  9. Great quote. That lends more credence to the Rulers of Hell though, doesn't it?
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