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  1. I finally got another mini painted and based! I'm especially pleased with how the base came out. I ended up using sand, glue and some Secret Weapon Realistic Water so it looks like he's running off a rock onto some wet stones (and crushing a wee tufted grass too). Paint wise, very happy with the red of the cape, first time doing such a red. Used tips from the Dark Sword DVD and just went crazy layering for a few hours. Also pleased with the face and eyes. It's difficult to see but the face looks pale and shadowy in all the right spots, and the Bette Davis eyes with just a white dot in the middle makes him look spooky. Next up: The High Elven wizard who strikes fear into all who behold him.
  2. I bought all the Reaper L2PK's and have completed two. I've found them to be excellent value if they can teach an idiot like myself to make quite respectable looking miniatures. Wasn't there a confirmation from someone at Reaper a while back that Bones L2PK's were in the works for sometime after the second kickstarter? I might be wrong there, but I could have sworn it had already been flagged as a near inevitability.
  3. I can't afford that many add-ons without suddenly pursuing a life of high stakes crime. As opposed to your currently life of low stakes crime? Has a spreadsheet been posted for this one yet?
  4. I'm not seeing any kind of confirmation we can order more than one core set? Am I blind or is that not possible this time around?
  5. Good enough for me, I guess I'm going to be gaming until 3AM on Wednesday morning to crash the servers then. How convenient I have this week off!
  6. Apologies if this has already been answered, but does the timer count down correctly for us internationals? Or is it messed up due to my clock being a good 15 hours ahead of Reapers?
  7. Thanks folks! That's it! I didn't know how to ennunciate the problem, thank you. It was certainly a challenge! A lot of tiny details were a big step up from the L2PKs I've done so far, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Ultimately though, the verdict will come from the player I've painted her up for. But I have to do the rest of the party before I find out! So much work. I've got all the paints from the Kickstarter, L2PKs and a few extras (liner triad), but don't have a chestnut ink. Would you have any suggestions as to how I could recreate the ink? I'd definitely like to do a bit more on the shield and get that warmth in. Thanks, I'm very pleased with the little areas. There could be two things you're seeing on the sword, assuming it's not just a picture artifact. The sword has a little gold mixed into the paint all over, and a thin strip on the leading edge of the blade (the character is a paladin). There may also be some flock that you can see on the blade as I accidentally dropped the entire mini into my pot of flock :(
  8. 03441: Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard Fairly happy with this, but the colours don't pop very well, certainly not as well as the worm. The metallic gold went on suuuuuper patchy too :( Used greenstuff, a sand/glue slurry and some cork on the base, then painted and used static glass and flock. Quite happy with the effect. I found meshing the built in broccoli to the rest of the base to be very challenging. I could have trimmed and cut the broccoli away, which I may try on my next mini, but the feet on this one are just so tiny it seemed like an impossible task to drill and pin them.
  9. I definitely took inspiration from yours!
  10. It is slightly lighter, just not nearly as wildly different as the photo shows. As it's destination is table top, the mouth is super plain, purple fading to brown with white teeth
  11. I did. I done painted it. Bit of basing work to be done, but nothing very exciting. Light is a bit blown out on top unfortunately, IRL it looks mostly like it does down at the bottom.
  12. Finally got these two to a place I'm happy with. A lot of them hasn't been highlighted, no bases, but I'm really sick of looking at them. I don't quite know why :( One day I anticipate I will go back and do more work on them. I think I might need to set a goal to ensure I get enough painting done. Two in more than two weeks is hardly reasonable considering the thousand+ minis I have to paint.
  13. What basing materials are you using and where are you purchasing them from? The minis you have based up look great, I gotta know your secrets!
  14. Finding someone that ships these internationally... I too would love to know. I don't really want to pay 4x the price of the needles to get them to me by going through my reshipper.
  15. Heretic, I was primarily responding to lilljonas' posts. They literally just complained about some stuff shipping early, and stated that delivery timeframes were promised, which I do not believe was ever the case. So I don't see how I can be strawmanning. Someone expecting a Kickstarter to meet its delivery schedule is highly likely to be new to Kickstarter. I've backed around 50 Kickstarters and I don't think one has run exactly to time (definitely not when it comes to international shipping) without additional issues cropping up. Sometimes business realities get in the way of best intentions. Sometimes plans have to change. Makes perfect sense to me that if USPS won't deliver a truck and are saying that it'll be there Soon and not to send deliveries via regular mail that Reaper would follow that advice. Sadly, that means international backers (a group I belong to) have to wait. It seems like USPS changed their minds regarding small shipments, or Reaper got fed up with waiting, which is great for those still waiting. Adjusting their operations to match the reality of their situation is exactly what Reaper should do, and have done by drip feeding. IIRC they clarified the weekly truck thing recently too. You also mention that some people have had worse customer service than others. Excluding communications issues, which I accept could have been better but are improving and seem to be partially a Kickstarter setup issue, are you implying that people whose rewards are delivered last are receiving worse service? I've agreed in several theads that the communication hasn't been adequate and I implied it above. But no matter how poor the communication, it doesn't excuse people ignoring the realities of the situation, setting an unreasonably high bar and then complaining that Reaper are in some way negligently ignoring their international backers. I feel that is unnecessary. IMO Kickstarter's should be tracked just enough to ensure that you receive your rewards. Otherwise, kick back, chillax and enjoy something else. Then you just get nice surprises in the mail! :)
  16. Surely he is a Tropical FishMan, with this paint scheme! Great stuff.
  17. You know where your stuff is. It's at Reaper HQ in the process of being packed and shipped. They've communicated as such to all backers very recently. And the reasons for a very limited subset of product going out months ago and some stuff still sitting on the dock today has been explained too (perhaps not in the greatest of depth, the best method or the most timely of fashions, but it has happened). Also worth noting that to the best of my knowledge there was never a promised timeframe for delivery. There have been several expected timeframes, the first of which was destroyed when the KS went crazy huge. Sorry, but Kickstarter ain't no store. You take an inherent risk when backing that things will not go smoothly. Hell, you may never see any product at all. Consequently, while the experience we have received hasn't been up to Reaper's normal high standard, I don't see most of the issues being raised as Reaper's fault. Next time I am sure they will massively exaggerate lead times to ensure a similar situation does not eventuate.
  18. The gryphon in particular is a fantastic example of the quality possible with Bones. I'm not really sure why you would go metal for that model now. If all the minis came out that quality, I would have no qualms about recommending Bones as a superior material to metal. The softer minis aren't as incredible, but in general are great for the price. The real disappointments are the few minis missing noses and ears etc. That will, I am sure, be sorted now that reaper can control the maintenance of the equipment and presumably experiment a bit.
  19. I love this mini and you have done a wonderful job with it, despite the mold lines.
  20. You should have two. I had two, one for each Kaladrax to nibble on.
  21. The person behind that Kickstarter had scammed someone before, a fact discernible through judicious application of The Googles. Always apply The Googles to every situation. Always. Due diligence is exceedingly important when you are investing in something, be it in a retail store, or on Kickstarter.
  22. There are definitely some soft noses out there, I have one mini somewhere whose lower face looks like the end of a jelly bean, but it seems to be a little random. I got four Vampires, and have been able to compare minis between three of them. Some minis are sharp, some are sloppy. In general, the harder material (such as that the gryphons are made of) definitely fares better than the ultra soft stuff, but most of the small minis are made of softer material. Is it ok to discuss general loss of detail in this thread? If not, let me know and I'll edit out the below. Another mini that I have trouble with is the Bat Swarm. It seems quite rigid, but the detail is exceedingly fuzzy. Is anyone with a metal version able to confirm how well defined the swarm is? How easy to parse is each individual bat?
  23. I would have loved unassembled Bones. As it is there are a number of minis I think I will have to take apart to paint and a number that just need their glue jobs tweaked and a bit of green stuff thrown in 'em.
  24. Luckily, Bones are very good at absorbing hatred. :-) but seriously, I feel bad for all ya'll too. Next time we kiwis should all chip in on a giant order to ensure we get our gear quicker (and all at the same time).
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