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  1. risktak3r

    new CAV's

    Does anyone know anything about the new CAV's in the book of recognition II such as these mechs, and if so can they be purchased yet. 1. Emperor 2. Ronin 3. Starhawk VI 4. Thunderbird 5. Butcher if anyone knows can u let me know thank you risktak3r
  2. Lake county is east of cleveland about 20 minute drive from downtown there are a few of us that start playing, if you want to contact me online you can at risktak3ron yahoo IM, or risktak3r316 at AOL IM thank you for your reply risktak3r
  3. risktak3r

    new CAV's

    to any one out there does anyone know anything about the emporier mech for CAV if so can you let me now thank you for your time
  4. To all players of CAV I just learned about CAV and started playing with a few friends and we all enjoy the game there is about 4 to 5 guys that play and i would like to meet more people that play once in a while. if any one out there is interested please contact me at [email protected] or look for me online my username is risktak3r. because my brother in law and i are very interested in this game and would like to ply more often. thank you for your time risktak3r
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