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  1. Thanks, all. I'll try ivory first.
  2. Hi all. I'm working on a project that involves 9129: Faded Khaki (and the rest of its triad). I need to go a few shades lighter than that for my highlights, but am not sure what would be best to lighten this color. because it's got that green tint to it, I'm hesitant to use a pure white. I've got a variety of colors to choose from: Linen White, Amber Gold/Golden Blond, Stained Ivory/Yellowed Bone/Creamy Ivory, and a bunch of others. In general, what tone or color would you use to lighten Faded Khaki? Thanks!
  3. Thanks folks. Has anyone used Liquitex Iridescence Medium? I wasn't sure in the interference paint, as the Golden website samples don't look like the effect I was after. Essentially, I wanted the armor to end up a high-gloss black that looked liek it had been made from some exotic insect carapace.
  4. Hi all. I'm trying to figure out a way to paint Dark Eldar armor that has a pearlized or oil-slick sheen to it. My ultimate end result is to have Dark Eldar models in armor that shifts color, like man sports cars' paintjobs have these days. Is such an effect achievable on a mini scale without enamels and lacquers?
  5. Thanks for the ideas, all. I'll have to try out the pokin from inside to out method as soon as I hit my next usage of Honed Steel. I know that bottle is particularly annoying. The one drop, clog, one drop, clog event happens every time with that one. I hold my bottles at a 45 degree angle, or thereabouts.
  6. Hi all! I haven't been here at the Reaper Forums in ages! I was seduced by Space Marines, and ran off to Bolter and Chainsword. Anyhow, I still use 100% Reaper MSP paints for my Ultramarines, but have constantly run into an issue with several of my paint bottles clogging up at the tip. I've done the poke-through with a paperclip, and the rinsing of the tip in warm water. Those methods are hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. I've taken to pulling out paint with a paintbrush and dabbing it on my palette. Is there any way to use the poke/rinse method to get a clear nozzle, and then avoiding the clog in the future? I did a searchy that recommended the poke/rinse, but nothing that keeps the clog from coming back. I would prefer to not keep taking the nozzle out of the bottles, as my Pure White nozzle broke from repeated removal/reinsertion. The thin ring of plastic around the tip tore, so that the nozzle no longer dispenses paint, and sank down into the bottom of the bottle! Oops! I've heard that it's best to store one's MSP dropper bottle upside-down. Does this help avoid clogs, or just make them worse? Thanks all!
  7. Thanks for the input all. I'll stick to my Simple Green.
  8. Hi all, Haven't been here in ages, it seems. I've got a can of turpenoid, and was wondering how safe a material it is to strip paint from metal minis, and whether it will dissolve greenstuff and/or plastic? Thanks!
  9. I got one, too! My wife couldn't understand why I was so impressed.
  10. For identification and pricing, I'd recommend you stop by the bolterandchainsword.com. Space Marine-only 40k forum.
  11. My favoe of the bunch was/is Marda. She looks great.
  12. I was playing with the Figure Finder earlier and found a pic of a female Darktrhall Cultist. But now I can't find it. Weird. She had a knife and robes.
  13. Thanks for all the resources, everyone. Definitely a few steps in the right direction. Barring that, I may just go to the beach, gather up a few fistfuls of pebblies, and greenstuff them into small humanoid armatures.
  14. I'm trying to find some varied earth elemental figs for a potential dwarf summoner character I want to roll up someday. He'll specialize in summoning earth-based creatures, especially elementals. Problem is, the smaller-size classes of earth elementals (those of Small and Medium size) are poorly represented by the companies I've seen thus far. I absolutely ADORE the new Reaper earth ele, but he's too big to be a low-level summon. Anyone seen anything Small or Medium sized? I'm not a huge fan of the one Reaper has in the elemental pack. Thanks for any help.
  15. Links seem to be broken at the moment.
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