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    D&D, Painting Minis, Scratch Model Building (Medieval Buildings, Scenics, Ruins), Art Deco, Art Galleries, Period Achitecture, Investing, Computers and My Cat.
  1. HaleBop

    Narthalisk, the green dragon

    Ditto on the wings. Nice job.
  2. HaleBop

    Rackham Rider of Alahan Standard Bearer

    This is just sweet. Love your base. The tutorial rocks.
  3. HaleBop

    Couple of Hasslefree Miniatures By Dethstryker

    Wow. Nice stuff. Particularly like your shading on the blue one.
  4. HaleBop

    Tom Meier High Elf Lady

    Nice work. I like your colour combinations. Great little water affects too.
  5. HaleBop

    Dirk Donoavan Rouge

    Nice detail on the scabbard. Another good job!
  6. HaleBop

    Sir Kimball Crusader

    Nice job. Thats a cool sculpt too.
  7. HaleBop

    Lunk Goblin Mage

    Nice stuff. The gem and orb look great!
  8. HaleBop

    Grindak Bloodbreath

    Love the shading of his Skin!
  9. HaleBop


    Very nice. Got the lighting bang on for the 2nd pick.
  10. HaleBop

    Krung Beast - face pics included

    Does kind of have a sad, puppy god look about him. But I 'aint gonna tell him to sit!
  11. HaleBop

    Arran Rabin, Conjuror: DHL 2873

    What they said! That is fantastic.
  12. HaleBop

    Wine Help, please.

    Are you from New Zealand?! Seriously though. Australia does great Shiraz. NZ does great Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.
  13. HaleBop

    Battering Ram

    Nice stuff. Looking forward to seeing Version 2!
  14. HaleBop

    Black Orc with 2 handed sword

    Thats a great face on that model.