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  1. This is just sweet. Love your base. The tutorial rocks.
  2. Wow. Nice stuff. Particularly like your shading on the blue one.
  3. Nice work. I like your colour combinations. Great little water affects too.
  4. Nice detail on the scabbard. Another good job!
  5. Nice job. Thats a cool sculpt too.
  6. Nice stuff. The gem and orb look great!
  7. Love the shading of his Skin!
  8. Very nice. Got the lighting bang on for the 2nd pick.
  9. Does kind of have a sad, puppy god look about him. But I 'aint gonna tell him to sit!
  10. Are you from New Zealand?! Seriously though. Australia does great Shiraz. NZ does great Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.
  11. Nice stuff. Looking forward to seeing Version 2!
  12. Cool. That sculpt makes him a good RPG mini.
  13. Master Frog you are quite the prodigous painter! Keep up the good work.
  14. Nice additions Jester! Love how the horse came out.
  15. HaleBop


    The 3 golfers of the apocolypse?!
  16. Nice. ...and heres a first... I think maybe your photos are zoomed too close / too big.
  17. Great job! Good effort on the photography as well - so little!
  18. Bah scribbler be damned! So am I and that doesn't stop me! Having said that - very nice job. Whites and Yellows are my least favourite shades to work with 'cos I find them a bit challenging. You done a good job on this one.
  19. Instead of lettuce you could think along the lines of Rocket or some sort of watercress. The various nutty / peppery flavours and interesting leaf shapes add more to the look and taste of a simple green salad without much cost. Also, cress and rocket wilt rather than turn to mush like lettuce so you can use it as a bed for dish if you want to get tricky and turn it into a restaurant style "stack". Because you are having lamb try Feta if you want a cheese. Its smooth texture and salty flavour go really well with any lamb dish. Not to everyones taste but you can usually get a dairy milk version instead of a goat milk one if thats a bit much for the palette. Just crumble it on top instead of cutting. Perhaps out of season where you are but steamed Asparagas is the other thing I'd put with it. You can also create interesting structures with it on top or leaning against the food stack. The simple green colours and the white of the feta also go well with lamb which isn't the "showiest" of meats - reds and oranges of tomato and carrot can overwhelm the look.
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