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  1. No fair my mules allways look like asses. Pun intended. Which reminds me my uncle Jim has a mule he named after his dead brother Jack. Which has nothing to do with the fact, I can't paint mule as nice as you.
  2. I guess my dwarves stopped in. Poor kobolds.
  3. Apparently my bones decided to not attach ... Here they are.
  4. And lastly unpainted guys outta d&d board games
  5. Some Ral Partha See that guy in the back? I should give him a new paint job he like 15 or more years old
  6. Reaper bosses. Keep in mind,hords are table top only. Strick 3 foot rule.
  7. My bones No more conversions in kobolds. I dont really do a lot.
  8. My bones No more conversions in kobolds. I dont really do a lot.
  9. I am considering a photo journal of my collection. But I am not sure I have the time for such an endeavor.
  10. My love of the kobold came from the AD&D 2ND edition. The dragon mountain box set. I thought man this will change the way my players see dragons. Smh man did it ever. Now it's all oh a dragon pfft . But let me place one kobold just one mind you , and players are groaning good times lol.
  11. Thanks pingo . I will post more stuff this week . Lots been done latly
  12. See the guy up front in the cape ? That lil pugger is more green stuff than bones now. Kinda the miniatures version of the six million dollar man lol .
  13. I feel like 60 is the magic number. I will be tossing hundreds of thease guys at my players. Little monster big hassle. Pitiful exp. Oh yeah now that i can post picts from my phone , I expect to be more active .
  14. Wonderful so much to look into . Thank you all
  15. So where do i find good mapping tools for the computer. I tryed working in photoshop. Its ok but it seems like there is gotta be some thing better out there . Any clues ? What i want to do is maps of citys and continents. Primary for my ad&d world but being able to do scy fy wold be cool too .
  16. Inventory is done 100% correct not missing a single piece. thanks reaper guys.
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