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  1. Assistant is likely a fake account.
  2. The squid aliens in the tubes are wicked :D Good job man!
  3. Darbin is a little fuzzy but looks to be my fav of the three! You mention painting straight out of the pot? Being neat is a start, and thinning the paint a little to get smoother layers is a good next step.
  4. Oh and do something blatantly obvious and dramatic to begin with... A subtle torchlight on a guy in golden armor with blonde hair will not be a good test of the technique in my opinion :D
  5. Nissiana - This mini screamed for the OSL. Some I find forced, but your best bet is to try a simple mini that has the perfect props for it. Even doing something fairly basic to start, like 3 layer highlights followed by "lighting glazes" is a good start! Honestly though, apart from my old Reaper Wraith King, this is only the second time I have done this. A guy coul dget carried away with it you know ;)
  6. Fantastic colors!!! Too many "muted" minis these days :) This is good!
  7. Love the blade! And the cloth is nicely done too! Only thing tat detracts for me is the harsh lines on the blue crystals. Otherwise, SWEET!
  8. Thanks guys! I get such a nervous feeling before starting this sort of thing... I tend to have everything shaded and highlighted first, then I start glazing away! Again, I would like to have done some parts a bit smoother, but these are for gaming so i am not disappointed at all!
  9. Thanks! Yeah I think I might reprocess the pics and get a better shot of the face too. Might retouch on the blade on the backside, but hard to say. I fear these will see a lot of handling so I am not too worried about perfection :D
  10. Quequelis Raventongue of the Lilac Order, a priest wielding a Mace of Disruption. He is the second character to be finished by May long weekend for our annual reunion AD&D convention. Much handling to be sure :( More pics on my site! He is also a new version of a very old version of this guy I did ten years ago LOL FYI it is a Ral Partha figure
  11. Titch the Blade, roguish rogue. He is the first character I have to have done for May long weekend for our annual reunion AD&D convention. More pics on my site.
  12. Hey really nice! I especially like the freehand swirls on the blades. That's a great idea, bringing the pic in to test some colors out... Sometimes I have a good go at visualizign things, but there is always a detail I forget and have to try to match a color up afterwards. :D
  13. Nice job! I painted this guy for a friend as well... Tough one to get into, but loads of possibilities when done!!!!
  14. Absolutely beautiful! That skin is amazing, and the cloth with the color shift... perfect!
  15. Cool! This reminds me of some of Takahiro's early work... He is or was Qiao Xong??? on Coolmini.
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