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  1. I am so very sorry. I believe there's a very special place set aside in heaven for babies...and a special place for the people that suffer the loss of one.
  2. It is the cheese. And the cheese is lonely for the good 'ol days.

  3. We're thinking about going. If we do, it'll be last minute and solely for the painting competition.
  4. How about using Benford's Law of Controversy to establish the merits of the debate, as opposed to simply trying to end it..8)
  5. My job has kept me out of the painting circle for a couple of years how, but I'm slowly getting my time back. My intention is to hit Texas the very next opportunity. I don't have a contest idea, but I am going to bring a few minis for the judges, then I'm going to see how many people can tolerate me long enough to share a pitcher or three.
  6. I've always felt the true value of conventions and contests are to meet people with similar interests and ideals. Granted, I don't tend to be very successful at this particular philosophy, but then I have a personality that's difficult for some to tolerate. Regardless, the contests and conventions I remember are not the ones where I've won a trophy, certificate, or a little swag. The one's I remember are where I met someone new and interesting, bought a beer for someone I admire, had a great conversation with someone I find intriguing, or simply got to sling a little paint with folks I see
  7. I'm right there with you. That's the same reason I refuse to live in a house or eat food.
  8. I'll come out of lurker mode to say I'm very proud you won. It's obviously an inspired and creative piece. Cheers! Kev
  9. Alrighty..I'm a bit bored and hanging at the house tonight, so I'll bite. And, no, I'm not proofreading my own post in the hopes of protecting myself from the grammar/spelling police. You'll all just have to deal with my mistakes. I guess the first thing I'll call out is the very slight bit of irony is this statement.. The following is all stated in good spirits, but it does stem from years of being repeatedly being poked at for my southern accent and colloquialisms. Under any circumstance, I'm a southerner. A southerner with a pretty strong accent. However, I've been told b
  10. Not to mention, *real* ninjas totally flip-out and cut people's heads off... http://www.realultimatepower.net/index4.htm
  11. "This is a stick-up, give me all your Cheetos and Mountain Dew!!"
  12. pae

    Something tells me it's the cheeze that Darin collects

  13. For what it's worth---I've never been really "qualified" for any job/promotion I've ever taken. However, I've used tenacity (and a somewhat reasonable level of intelligence) to "qualify" myself as soon as humanly possible. Point is, don't be afraid to take the risk simply because you don't know the subject matter as well as you think you should---just jump in and start swimmin'.
  14. I would hire an attorney that specializes in these matters.
  15. Oh..no...I'm not going to participate...I'm simply doing my part to make everyone else's life miserable.. Besides, if it were down to you and I in a competition---I'd just end up embarrassed.
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