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  1. What is this Dance of Death I keep seeing mentioned?
  2. Really not happy about Baba being included in the core set. Having gotten the core set in the last three Kickstarters I was going to give this one a pass. I'm REALLY hoping she is available to buy separately at the end of the campaign.
  3. How does the rate of funding for this one compare to the previous 3?
  4. If the dragon is ~11 inches tall, I'd say at least 5-6 inches of that is wings. Will the bonesium be able to support that, or do we think they will do plastic wings?
  5. For anyone wondering, 275mm is about 11 inches tall.
  6. Risible

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Didn't we have a countdown clock for the last 3 Kickstarters or am I imagining that? I was among the first 100 so backers each time, so that leads me to believe there was indeed a timer, but maybe I'm crazy.
  7. Risible

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    People complaining about fulfillment need to remember that percentage-wise I suspect most people were satisfied with the previous Bones I-III. I know it sucks to be one of the people who had a less than satisfactory experience with Bones III, and I'm not discounting your experience, but I'm seeing a lot of people posting as if everyone was disappointed with Bones III and that's just not the case. I've loved Bones I-III and can't wait for IV, even though I have far too many minis to paint already :).
  8. Risible

    alien plants

  9. Risible

    Imperial Sentinel (Hell Dorado)

    Wow. So clean, fantastic. Thanks for sharing, truly inspiring.
  10. Risible

    Beastmen standard bearer

    Fantastic freehand on the banner. Well done!
  11. Risible

    14055: Marcus Gideon and 03292: Almaran the Gold

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Risible


    You need to do a video of your next one so that I can watch your skills in action, fantastic job.
  13. Risible

    50235 Edna, Crazy Cat Lady

    What an awesome mini, and you did a terrific job on it. So unique.
  14. Risible

    Dank Dungeon Critters - Reaper Bones

    This is the kind of stuff I aspire to. So good.
  15. Risible

    Minotaur Lord

    Me neither, I actually didn't get him during the Kickstarter as I decided not to purchase expansion....2 was it? I think. However, I really wanted him and ended up picking him up off eBay after the Kickstarter. Glad I could help with the lightbox. Some more tips - set your camera to "spot" on the exposure as opposed to auto or balanced. If you let the camera try to balance the exposure it will basically see all the white and your shot will be a dark model with a white background. Your goal is to blow out the background so it looks like it's all white with no shadows and have the model well lit. By using spot focus and a center focus point you force the camera to expose the model and not the background. I took a quick picture to show you what it looks like if you don't set the exposure correctly - as you can see the model is underlit and you can see shadows on the background. If you're using a smartphone you can usually tap on the model on the screen and it will expose for the model and not the background. I know the iPhone does it, not sure if my android does it. I'll have to check that.