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  1. I have to say I was initially unimpressed with bear riders too. That is until I saw the sculpt. Clawhelm looks badass. The bear looks like a real bear and is half standing. The dwarf doesn't look out of place. It would have been so easy to mess up that sculpt and they pulled it off nicely. It definitely made me give bear riders a larger place in the book. However, they're not the cavalry unit, because frankly bears don't do that speed thing over long periods of time. You know, Bryan told me teasing was fun, but I had no idea.
  2. Giant bunnies? Oh wait, I don't get to guess do I?
  3. That wasn't a tease. What do Dwarves use for the cavalry role? It's not what you might think. Now that was a tease.
  4. You can also wait for the dwarf book. There will be alternatives to Grimsteel.
  5. Heh, if they moved the Nefsokar book up in the order, I wouldn't mind at all. Nor would I be surprised Wow, I guess I should like... you know... write it.
  6. Well, if we look at things in scale, it's a good 8 to 10 feet tall. It's skinny because it doesn't need any bulk. Nefsokar golems are incredibly advanced. Not like that clanky Onyx Golem or those bone constructs the Necropolis use. So, it's not Godzilla, but it's still quite scary.
  7. efkelley

    Cav2b Bodies.

    Note to self: Kill More Friendlies for Cover.....
  8. Don't forget that if you want to use Dispel defensively (against an insta-cast spell like firestorm) you have to have the special ability Defensive Magic.
  9. Stop reading my dwarf special ability notes.
  10. Very likely, but admittedly probably not for a while. This hedge brought to you by EFK, Grandmaster Fence Rider.
  11. A fun thing about dwarves is that nearly all of them have Trencher, which allows them to use the bonuses granted by halberdiers in both offense and defense.
  12. It was a good fight. LadyStorm plays a mean griffon.
  13. Quote from the most recent game: "We've got to take down Thorgrim or he's just going to pick us apart". Unfortunately they did.
  14. Here we march all that long way because of the beer and what do we find? Sokar is simply 'near'. And he didn't have near enough treasure this time.
  15. I'm going to need more Griffons.
  16. So very very guilty. And I've seen the movie too.
  17. Dwarf book preview: Beer Blood Firepower We can give you the beer without the firepower and the firepower without the beer, but the blood is always compulsory.
  18. So, let us get this part straight. You came out to pick a fight. You lost. You come back and you want to pick another fight? So long as you continue to bring up treasure, we'll be happy to take it from ye. For clarification the rule is now called Bane. So very fitting for the warriors of Aizen Krahl.
  19. The dervishes were only a problem because bloody orcs and crusaders have no idea how to kill something when they hit it.
  20. I hear Sokar has beer. But all we found was sand and blood. Which will do in a pinch.
  21. Dwarves and Nefsokar here. Why? Because I had to. No complaints though, lots of cool stuff in both forces.
  22. Dwarf Warlord... 411 points... Ack! Worth it, but... Ack!
  23. The Bellar Joint has litereally millions of applications. Pretty much anywhere where a giant humanoid can be of use you'll find a walker built to serve that need.
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