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  1. I like it, it is a very interesting style of dragon. The price suggests it is fairly big, how many inches tall does it stand?
  2. Well I got two of my earlier wishes. A Queen (Ileosa) and Alice! I still really want some servants/maids though, but I have a few others I thought of: 1) I'd like to second the call for things like Tengu and stuff. There's not enough spirits and things from eastern folklore around and they would be great. I have a couple of Penagollan from some manufacturer I don't even know the name of (I think they are no longer around), but they are pretty basic. Still pretty cool though! 2) A Zombie Dragon - I have the old OoP GW one (the only dragon they have made that I actually like) and it's still a great sculpt even alongside the Pathfinder Red Dragon, but I think based on the stuff coming out recently (such as said red dragon), a Reaper one could be amazing.
  3. That's really nice, I've actually picked this figure up recently to use as a courtier in a Legend of the Five Rings game. I always thought the sculpt had a slightly japanese feel.
  4. There used to be this store called Sigma 957 or something in a city near me (it's gone now though) and I went in years ago originally to pick up some Clan War stuff. They had a big selection of DH things. I think one of the first things I bought was the blister of two robed spirits, the wraith with the firey sword and a few other things though I don't recall them. And I've been buying ever since!
  5. First, what factions do you play? Necropolis and Elves. I've got quite a bit of stuff from all factions, but nothing coherant enough to build a force. Just what I've randomly bought over the years from Reaper usually for RP and stuff. Second, what is your favorite faction? Necropolis! I have a soft spot for all things undead. Third, what faction do you plan to start playing in the next 12 months? The one with all the giants. I really like how the reaper giants look and I think it will be really interesting.
  6. Fightery-mage types in most games. Usually always human. (Quite fond of Dread Necromancer/Fighter, and the Ghoul Queen is a great miniature for her) Even in other games like Shadowrun I'll try to make my street mage useful beyond just spells (wired reflexes and trauma damper on a mage! oh the essence loss!). Fighter Mage has just always been a combo I've liked.
  7. Very nice and clean and bright. I've always liked the Vale archers too, some of my favourite Warlord models, particularly the middle one.
  8. A couple of things I'd like to see: 1) Human King and Queen set. Maybe with an attendent courtier or even a prince/princess. 2) On a similar note, Oriental themed Emperor/Empress set. With courtiers possibly, or just him/herself and sat on a throne. 3) A sea serpent of some kind. 4) A Roc 5) A set of servents/maids. 6) Oh, and Alice. And the Mad Hatter. And maybe the cat.
  9. Ok, here's the picture of them. The three big ones have seperate lids but the two smaller ones are all one piece casts. And they're on 20mm bases, except for the biggest which is on a 25mm one. Hope that helps!
  10. That looks fantastic. I recently picked this one up too and finished putting him together a few days ago. It's an awesome miniature.
  11. Black Tree Design do a set of treasure chests. The bigger ones also have seperate lids and they are 28mm. I can take a picture next to some Reaper minis if you want a better idea of their size.
  12. I've been going through my Necropolis army and decided to take a picture of it which you can see here. The only proxys are the big skeleton swordsman unit at the back, they're mostly GW (I have so many of the skeletons despite never having played it, it's just the undead collector in me. Plus they are easy to modify.) mixed in with some other ranges. There's some Celtos skeletons in there and some from a range I can't even remember the name of. But I replaced all their shields with oval ones to give them consistancy. I also gave the gargoyle a polearm instead, and I made a burrow base for my grave horror golem thing. And the banner pole was an objective marker. I never got around to painting the crimson knights and I have a bunch more stuff either unassembled (like my chattel unit) or in other boxes being used for other things.
  13. Yeah, I did. I feel so silly. =P I decided to just grab a copy of the 2e Warlord book (I found it for sale!) in the end, so I'm just waiting for it to arrive. I imagine I'll need it anyway as it will have my Necropolis in there and the price is very good anyway (if the interior is anything like the 1e book, it's great value, and after what I just paid for the L5R4e book, the warlord book is an absolute bargain... =P). I'll just need to try a game or two under the new rules and then I'm sure I'll have a couple of questions, though I'll try harder to make sure they haven't been answered already this time. Thanks though!
  14. I played first edition Warlord (Necropolis! still one of my most cherished collections) and I recently read about Savage North, the expansion for Warlord 2e. Warlord 2e itself sort of passed me by. Anyway, I'm just basically wondering what are the big differences between Warlord 1e and Warlord 2e? The new factions look really interesting so I'm considering picking up the book, especially as it is a standalone product (that is pretty awesome btw). Apologies if the question has been asked before, but I didn't see it anywhere. [Edit] Actually forgive me for being utterly dense. I totally missed the pinned topic. Way to go me. =P
  15. My TV is a big samsung that you can use as a monitor. I have it hooked up to my old PS2 (wait, I mean DVD player) and my other computer (that I never use =P). I don't watch TV at all really (there's a couple of history shows and stuff I miss, but even those I can find online), you can get so much stuff on the internet now, and if I need a distraction, I'll just put a DVD on.
  16. I second this. I picked up some chronoscope stuff from there for a forthcoming Shadowrun campaign. What I ordered arrived the next day. And it's great, I've been dying to get my hands on some chronoscope stuff, it's a really awesome range.
  17. I really like your green skintones. I have a couple of the freebooter goblins myself, but not this one unfortunately!
  18. The paintjob is great, really vibrant and well defined. On a side note regarding the sculpt, I love the old catapult torso and stuff, but was never a fan of the legs, so I took the body and used the newer catapult legs for two of mine.
  19. So I don't order directly from Reaper very often (being in the UK), I prefer to do large orders when I have a surplus of cash. Anyway, a friend and I decided to do an order, it going on his card. It arrived quickly, minus a few items, but a quick email and it was all sorted out. And I have the awesome turtle dragon, amongst other things, sitting assembled on my desk. But anyway, I just thought I'd say thanks on behalf of my friend and I. It's why I'd buy more, and more often if I had the cash to spare. =P
  20. Actually, the release of 4e and my disapointment with it lead me to work on my own RPG system, a sort of mix of various aspects of various systems, including L5R, D20 3.5, Shadowrun and the like. I'd be curious as to if others have done the same.
  21. Actually, I don't think being able to cast a minor damage spell all the time is actually a bad thing. It just depends how it's done For example, the Necromancer class in Heroes of Horror had Charnal Touch, it was a necrotic touch of death ability the necromancer could use in combat as much as they liked, but it wasn't an overpowering OMG BOOM LOL U EXPLODE level of magic. It was just a sort of sinister magical touch that could harm you. They introduced similar things in Complate... Mage? with those reserve spells. I don't mind an always usable minor magic spell that the magic types can rely on, so long as it doesn't overpower all else. But then I'm a low magic fan I suppose. Other people have different preferences.
  22. You're braver than I, and while I like the appearence of some NMM, I'd prefer to stick with metallics myself. I think it looks pretty good though, and well worth working on. I can't really offer any critique on technique though as I have not attempted NMM myself. I think NMM is still worth persuing though, even if it only aids in perfecting other painting skills. Still, it's a real nice looking mini. =P
  23. A fair comment. I'd like to say first of all that my group and I prefer to use mini's and floorplans wherever possible in our RPGs. I think people people tend to respond better to visual cues (so I like to use other props as well). However, I'm also very aware of the fact that this isn't for everyone, I've been in a few passionate arguments with people in the past about the whole mini's in roleplaying games thing, so this concern was one of the first things I noticed. So here is what I read from the 4e PHB and DMG. The PHB doesn't say that minis and a battlemat/floor plans are required. It just suggests their use. However, in the ROOLZ, everything is expressed in SQUARES now, as opposed to feet. It's easy for a former 3.5 player to cope with. 1 square = 5ft so we know what a square represents. I don't however recall anything explicitly stating that in the PHB, though I could well be wrong and may have just glanced over it given I know it already. The DMG on the otherhand lists D&D minis and D&D floorplans as a "needed" tool. I don't know why it conflicts with the PHB in this way, maybe it's sort of like "your DM will bring it" or something. So yeah, going by the books, it looks like mini's are pretty much needed mainly because of so many things being expressed in squares. I guess you could substitute with graph paper and counters or something though.
  24. I have been thinking about this for quite a while, because I'm a pretty big Castlevania fan myself and have included a few CV-influenced enemies into my RP campaigns (such as the red/blood skeletons and something similar to Granfaloon/Legion). The former was acomplished by painting skeletons red, while the latter was achieved with... lots of zombies and greenstuff. =P For the bone ark, because the bone pillar part is supposed to be the head of a wyrm, I can only suggest the head of a dragon, perhaps the GW zombie dragon (the old metal one) or one of the Reaper ones. The skeletons are pretty easy, your best port of call is the GW ones again (because they're plastic and multipart, they're easier to repose). The Axe Armour is a little more difficult. It's not so bad if you want something the same size as everyone else (chaos warriors aren't a bad choice with a bit of work, and Reaper have plenty of armoured figures to choose from that would be suitable, but Axe Armour tends to be slightly bigger than the average person, so it depends on what size you have in mind.
  25. See, this is the clincher for me. A lot of people go "well you can just put it in your background" or "well the DM can just rule it", but my response is along the lines of people wouldn't like it if the GM just went "ok, you hit your opponent and kill them". Some people use words and other skills for weapons, rather than beating someone to death with their fists or zapping them with their pew pew magic lasers of death. As I said, 4e is great for dungeoneering (they even have a skill for it!), but it's not so great elsewhere. For a dungeon bash type game, it's really quite good, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it with my group I'm playing with as one. For a campaign that spends most of it's time outside of a dungeon, in social environments, heavily involved in intrigue, investigation, uncovering various plots, it's not so great, because there aren't enough options. These social interactions often involve a lot of competativeness, as deep as any combat encounter, and a few rules do actually serve to make them more fun IMO (L5R has them, and they work very well, though I've run that game for years, so perhaps this is why I have a bias in this area). Another advantage 3.5 has (from my perspective at least) is that it's more "modular". The mechanics are easier to change and alter without affecting lots of other things. And being able to freely multiclass gives characters a lot of options for where they want to take their characters. Skills (and skill ranks) as well as feats allow characters to specialize in specific areas, and slotting in new skills is pretty easy, while adding new pretty outlandish (compared to the core) feats is also not a problem. On the otherhand, all the things that seperate characters in 4e is power related, while everything else is the same across all classes and characters. 4e powers replace many feats (most 4e feats generally serve to boost an existing ability), taking new skills requires burning a feat in 4e, and there is no degree of skill in 4e either (because there are no skill ranks), which means level is the sole judge of ability generally. Race makes a difference in the bonuses you get and your racial feat, though there are no drawbacks anymore for picking a certain race (I mean even goblins and hobgoblins get +2 charisma now, wtf?). In summary, 4e doesn't do what I want it to do, so I'm unlikely to play it as more than a one off during the downtown between major campaigns in our group. I'm also not going to adapt it to my own campaign setting, because it's wildly different from a generic d&d style setting and 3.5 is a far more adaptable system for that in my opinion.
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