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  1. I just thought I'd comment on my experience with the new edition so far. I'm playing in a 4e campaign that has just started. We're doing the intro adventure in the DMG and will be following it up with Keep on the Shadowfell. My group are good fun and 4e seems fairly good fun to play as well. It should be a great stop-gap game before we move on to something else, but I have some serious issues with it as a RPG. It plays more like an elaborate board game such as Hero Quest or something. It's more like the Expanded D&D Minis rules. I made a 1st level human cleric, and it was very difficult to give her any individuality mechanically. From what I could see, she is going to be pretty much the same as any other 1st level cleric. *edit* Adding a few more comments to my character creation process: When I came to pick my skills, because of the tiny skill list, I discovered that my choice of skills came down to the choice of which one I DIDN'T want. Likewise, with my choice of at-will powers. Also, when I came to pick my weapon, I discovered that the bastard sword was superior in all ways to the greatsword. It was more versatile, and actually does more damage than the greatsword. The only difference is that the bastard sword is a "superior" weapon (the new name for exotic I guess), but I had to take a feat to use either anyway, so it was the logical choice. Related to the above, the skill list was serverely cut down, and there are no skill ranks. It seems your level determines how good you are at a skill rather than how much emphasis you put into it yourself. And some of the skill consolidation is a bit much I think (stealth is good, perception is good, but thievery?). The classes have clear roles, which kind of restricts where you can take them, but, everything and everyone feels the same. It's as though balance has overridden all other concerns. There's very few skills to choose from. Everyone gets the same attack bonuses, power and feat progression. Looking through the powers and comparing them to other classes, it seems most people get something that will do the same as what your power does, just by a different name. For example, the Clerics Lance of Faith, but most other classes will have some kind of 5 square range 1d8+Primary stat power. On the other hand, some classes are just very restricted. For example, fighters now must use to a melee weapon in order to do a whole lot. Making a ranged-weapon focused fighter isn't really practical because none of your powers can be used with ranged weapons. I've heard some people say that fighters "are more fun to play because they get more options beside charge and make an attack", but I'd argue the opposite. All the fighter powers (at least early one) are simply just very slight variations on "on hit, does 1[w]+Strength damage". The difference is, now you don't have the options to make a fighter anything other than someone who does that. The MMO/WoW influence is striking. Having played WoW and a few other MMOs, it's pretty easy to spot things that have been influenced by it, or are just directly taken from it. Overall, it just seems very very combat orientated. Everything is geared for combat, and almost all the things that don't aid a character in combat in some way have been stripped out. Hence the earlier comment I made about it being very boardgamey. The game is very much geared towards the dungeons part of its title, which means it is great if that's what your group likes. There's plenty of other stuff too, some just minor things that irk me, or other issues I have with the system itself. I could go on for ages, but I imagine many people have heard some of this stuff before. It's by no means a bad game though in my opinion. It does what it sets out to do pretty well, but it doesn't do what me and my group prefer.
  2. I think the pose of the new one looks far more natural and dynamic. The older one looks a little stiff. Now all I can think about is a horde of those spikeshell warriors surrounding the new tortoise dragon. =P
  3. Oh wow, that Dragon Turtle is gorgeous, I wants badly. Though I'll have to fight off the urge to name it Bowser. =P
  4. Just showing off my conversion I guess as I just finished it. I'll probably show off my other horde war machines too. It's not for the Clan War game though, but for the L5R RPG. A few suggestions on painting dark/dead wood, wouldn't be unwelcome though!
  5. I am starting a new L5R campaign in the near future, this time very shadowlands orientated, and I thought I'd put together a few things for it. While the horde uses a lot of "living" catapults, I imagine the goblins would probably throw together something more mundane too. The catapult is made from the GW orc and goblin stone thrower, which was a trebuchet type thing which when put together, looked like totally impractical. So I hacked the thing up and made it into more of a mangonel type. Which fits I think, if I recall correctly, they don't have any of the trebuchet style in Rokugan anyway. The crew are from the stone thrower as well, except for the one in samurai armour, which is a goblin warmonger made by AEG (apologies for the poor picture, best I can do with my ancient digital camera). I'm thinking of doing a living gaijin cannon after I've painted this, though I'm not entirely sure of what bits to use to make it yet. *edit* Ok, I've uploaded a clearer picture of it, on my dust magnet of a desk! The wonders of natural light.
  6. Wow, I've never seen this one before. I do hope he is made available again at some point.
  7. I was never too sure about picking up this one, but this sculpt looks much better now that I've seen it painted and from a different angle. I like it, it looks cool.
  8. The thug catches my eye the most, very nice paint job. The other two are well painted too, but I like the thug most! Now that I've seen that particular model painted, he looks as though he'd be very useful as a character in a Vampire game I've been tempted to run set in the Roman Empire, what with the leather skirt (and with the breastplate being painted in bronze instead). I'll have to pick that one up!
  9. This is one of my favourite ever Reaper sculpts, I got this before I even tried Warlord because it was so cool and was useful as a grave golem from Libris Mortis. I think he looks great, like a stoney version (I did mine as dirt), and I think the eyes look just right. They are visible and do kinda stand out, but they don't draw too much attention, which I think is good. I'd imagine it is a pretty souless creature anyway, and the eyes reflect that I think.
  10. Ler


    Oh, wow, many thanks! I wasn't expecting one to exist at all! Now I have something I can try and track down. =)
  11. Ler


    Ok, I may be clutching at straws here, but I am in real need of a zombie minotaur (for my campaign). I'm surprised Reaper don't make one yet, what with their excellent zombie troll and werewolf. I considered a conversion of an existing minotaur, but it looks like it's going to take a lot of greenstuff work and I'm not yet an adept enough sculptor for that kind of undertaking. I also considered just painting a regular minotaur with a corpse-like look, but I fear it'd just look like a pale minotaur. Plus, I love the whole rotting flesh and bits of exposed bone and muscle thing! So, does anyone have any ideas where to find such a thing? or perhaps suggestions on another solution? Thanks!
  12. I've been meaning to respond to this thread too, I just kinda forgot. There's two dragon-type miniatures I'd like to add. Games Workshop The OLD Zombie Dragon they did, which is actually a dragon on all fours (well, one of its front limbs is raised in an attacking motion) and looks like a dragon (as opposed to a horrid serpenty type thing they usually do), is easily the best Zombie Dragon I've come across so far. It used to come with a wight rider, which no one sensible ever put on 'cause it looked terrible. =P You can still order it from their online store, however, you have to order the seperate parts, they don't sell it as a complete kit in itself (at least for the UK online store anyway). I HIGHLY recommend it for the undead inclined, even if I do think all their other dragons are terrible. Chronopia I have no idea who owns this game now, but for a hydra type model, the Sisters of Tiamat was wonderful. Half-metal, half-resin, it's big and looks really nice. It doesn't have any eyes though (in game it was blind). Well worth picking up if you can find it imo.
  13. What we tend to do where I am (and what my local club uses) is to make three or four sections for a gaming table (to sit on an actual table), typically 2x4' sections. Then we use this roll of... kind of static grass-on-a-sheet (I think it's made by woodland scenics). It comes premade in a roll, and we just roll it out and glue it to the 2x4' sections of wood. It's quite cheap and doesn't require a whole lot of effort, though you need to buy the wood. The stuff itself isn't really expensive though. I've found it to be pretty durable stuff, and it looks really nice, much better than flock I think. Also, if it's in 2x4 sections, you can make seperate themed bits, like a flagstone covered or dirt/swamp covered section for different parts of the battlefield if you wished to.
  14. They are very clear, clean and well defined, and they look very nice. Perhaps a bit more highlighting on the bear fur in a few places, but I can't really fault them. The only thing I'd say, in agreement with Voladilk is basing. I think they would all look much better on some bases with some static grass or flock or whatever you prefer (I've taken a liking to the yellow scorched static grass lately myself).
  15. That's a cool totem, and the rack looks like quite a nice model, the only rack I have is an old hero quest one I recently painted for use as dungeon decor in d&d and whatnot. I used the altar with victim for my necropolis altar, though I left the victim off and made it bloodstained. I also kept the tall candles seperate so I could use them in d&d too.
  16. I love it, I prefer it over the regular version of Duke Gerard. I've never been a big fan of the big thing on his back, so the cloak looks a lot better in my opinion. And I love swords, it looks more "knightly" on him than the axe did in my opinion. And the paint job is fantastic!
  17. I like simple looking characters, nothing too flashy, and I'd like to see more like that especially of the demi-human races. But to be honest, I think there is already plenty of choice with that. What I'd like to see more of is more actual adventurer types? like with their backpacks and lanterns and stuff? because high or low level, there are some things adventuring type characters always have with them, and you rarely see that portrayed in miniature.
  18. I have hundreds unpainted because I buy minis on a whim. If I see something I like and I have the money, I'll buy it. (that's why Reaper are so damn evil, too many minis they put out catch my eye right away!) I do tend to paint stuff when I'm about to use it though. Lets say I needed a bunch Fox Clan bushi for next roleplay session, I'll paint up some of my unpainted clan war stuff. Same with my Necropolis, as soon as I started using them, I made sure they were all painted (I don't like gaming with unpainted figures). Or, for example, this next d&d session, we need furniture, so I've painted up what I've got so far. (which includes some old heroquest stuff I modified slightly, I replaced the card bits with plasticard instead, added a few more details, and the heroquest doors are great with the new d&d floor plans). So I don't think anything is a waste, even if it doesn't get painted. Plus, I'll always have them, and they will always be cool to look at. And it's great when you get into those situations where you are all "oh hey, wouldn't it be cool if we had a (whatever) for roleplay? OH, I have one of those somewhere!"
  19. Ler

    Dungeon Decor?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'd never seen the entire grendel line until now (I have the barrels and crates, but I didn't know they did stuff like the beds - very handy). And the Mirliton stuff is really nice. The reason why I prefer not to fiddle around with molds and things is because often, especially with one off encounters and things, we don't realise we need them until a week or a few days before, so I like to get them all painted and whatnot in advance if I can.
  20. Recently, we've been using a lot more things like nice floorplans (the new d&d ones are fantastic), with old hero quest doors, and a few other random bits, to enhance our roleplaying games (our group really appreciates and responds well the visual stuff like that, so it works great, and looks great). Anyway, I've been browsing the interweb looking for other things. Blacktree do a little bit of dungeon decor, as do mega miniatures. Other companies do a few random bits I've noticed (I've got most of the reaper stuff already =P) Other things seem a little scarce. So, does anyone have any recommendations for dungeon decor? (doors, treasure chests, tables and other furniture, as well as things like market stalls and carts (gripping beast do a really nice viking cart)). Stuff in metal or resin is preferred, plastic if it's nice, but I'd rather not mess around with molds or making stuff at the moment. Also, I'm curious as to who else likes nice elaborate set-ups for their roleplaying and what kinda things they use?
  21. Yeah, I don't think Reaper metals are going to be stopping anytime soon. As I said earlier, I just think this PPM thing is a way if diversifying a little, which is a sensible thing for Reaper to do. And probably good for everyone.
  22. Yes, there are some very cool D&D minis, which is what irks me more personally (well that and the random thing). It's just the material I don't like, I'd probably pick a few up otherwise. I don't dislike the actual sculpts. For example, I really like the Cadaver Collector mini, but the one I saw in real life also emphasized my problems with the material itself, the base was slightly out of shape so it didn't sit on the table properly. =P
  23. Yeah, but I'm not planning to drive over my figures in a Humvee or anything. Plus, the plastic that GW uses holds up very well to chipping and stuff and is very durable. Yes, you do need to take a little more care with them, but they aren't as delicate or prone to chipping as metals are. I don't see how anyone can claim the WotC minis are made from anything but an inferior material. I mean, if the sword or figure is all bent out of shape or whatever, it may as well be broken in my mind.
  24. It's very pretty, the greens and the browns go together really well, and stand out nicely, but then I've always loved forest-themed minis. Infact, the new wood elf line is one of my favourites from GW of late, I even have this figure and a number of the waywatchers myself. I'm thinking of going for an autumn theme for them though (and my warlord elves).
  25. This is the most important question for me about the new line too as it'll make the difference between me buying some and not buying any really. So yes! what kind of plastic?
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