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  1. My opinion is that it was only a matter of time before someone else moved into the PPM market. The D&D stuff was selling well, especially at my FLGS where not that many people play D&D, but lots play the skirmish game. To me, it always just seemed mad, because the D&D minis are made from that horrid quality plastic, and they're RANDOM. But a lot of people are real keen on them it seems. If Reaper are using a better quality plastic, and their stuff is none-random, then I imagine they can take a sizable bite out of the market. And more people getting into the hobby is always good, right? 'cause eventually some will eventually move on to the metal stuff, and will want to paint their own minis. That can only be a good thing. And Reaper are obviously just diversifying their products a little, which is always a sensible business strategy, it means our favourite mini company is probably gonna be in business for longer. So far it's been said that these PPM's aren't going to affect Reaper's metal line, and I've got no reason not to believe the Reaper guys so far. I understand why some of the people who prefer metals only are a little passionate about the whole thing, but I don't think there is anything to worry about right now. On a side note, I also don't think the hobby is dying. Where I live, it's just growing really, especially with newer games like Warmachine on the scene (it's become very popular in my gaming community), 40k is still very popular, especially amongst the up and coming generation (and, GW IS an entry point into the hobby for a lot of people, so love it or loathe it, I'm glad it's around), and I've even got people playing Warlord. I do However think the shift to online sales is affecting some peoples perceptions in regards to how the hobby is doing, but that's a whoooole other discussion really. =P But getting back to the topic, if the PPM's are nice enough sculpts and good quality, I might even pick up a few myself (though I'll no doubt repaint them eventually). And I'll still buy my metals! That's my two denarius thrown in anyway.
  2. Well, I'm of two minds about plastics. I've always preferred metal miniatures but I am quite fond of some of the GW plastic stuff, because you can do a lot with it, especially when it comes to conversions and stuff. However, GW plastics are a lot different from the D&D type pre-painted plastics and I just really don't like those and the main reason is the material they're made from. The D&D ones are made from that horrid bendy plastic stuff which I can't stand, and it's a bit of a shame really because there are actually a couple of the sculpts I'd try and aquire just to repaint (and re-base). But I prefer straight swords! So my question is, what kind of the plastic will the reaper plastics be made from? (I glanced through the thread but couldn't see anything on this)
  3. I prefer my mobby units to be big units. By mobby I mean my cheap troops like the skeleton warriors, that way I can make up for their poor MA with swarming over my opponent. I usually put Sir Athak in command as well as I find him to be a great sergeant overall (I've not experimented with the crypt legion list much yet). Other units I tend to keep small, such as my crimson knights and breakers and stuff, though I've started supporting them with a couple of skeletal archers, that way I can soften up my opponent before I charge. On the other hand, my main unit in my elven force is full strength with as many archers as I can fit in. I'm planning on switching to that new archer of doom warlord at some point as well. But I keep my elven warrior units small however. I've also been playing with merc units as well, and those tend to be quite large for me. Also, I've found Artemis to be an absolute bargain as well. I tend to run between 4-6 spearmen and the same number of crossbowmen (I use them as a small merc detachment for my necropolis and elves). It's all personal preference I think and finding something that suits your force and the way you play.
  4. Thankfully, I don't have the disaster that is my first mini, but I will describe it. It was a Space Crusade Gretchen, and I had no idea what I was doing, I'd got the wrong types of paints as well. So I painted it (with enamels =P) and it... err... wouldn't dry, even though I was told it should dry quickly. So out came the hairdryer, and well, plastic hateeeessss the hairdryer. You can imagine the results. This was many years ago though when I was 14!
  5. They're all nice but I think the gold dragon looks wonderful. Its scales really stand out.
  6. I like the pose, that and the fact it's a conversion makes it pretty unique and she definately stands out. It needs a group shot with her loyal retainers surrounding her next. =P
  7. I took two more pics but they aren't much better, though they are closer to the actual colour of it. I tried to get close up ones but they all turned out all blurry. I'm pretty sure it's just the camera (well, and me), it's quite old. I attempted to take a group pic of some of my necropolis stuff including my grave horror with "burrow base", but they didn't turn out too well. I'll try getting someone to take a pic of them with their camera sometime.
  8. I modifed this ages ago in an attempt to make it look more dynamic. The sculpting is wonderful, but the post it comes in is really sucky and static, so it takes some work to bring out the life in it. HOWEVER, my camera skills are atrocious, and my camera even more so. Still, I thought I'd at least show you what I've got. It isn't actually that colour, it's more GW bleached bone. I took the pictures in the evening, I'll try them in natural daylight tommorow and see if that improves things. But it does look really pretty alongside my necropolis horde. I have more pics, but they are even worse than that one. =P
  9. I agree, necromancers as part of the crypt legion list makes sense to me, although I too am of too minds how the special abilities should affect them. As for the animate corpse spell, (which I've been trying out a bit) it does seem a little expensive for what it is. You have to spend a turn to cast it (and not cast anything more powerful) to cast a 25 point spell that creates a 24 point model only if you're in a good (and probably dangerous) position to do so. I'd rather spend the points on an additional model in a troop which I can use from the start tbh and have my caster use other spells (because when you're at the right range to cast animate dead, it usually means you need to be busting out those big combat spells in my experience). I mean, I really love the whole animate corpse idea, it's really cool and I like taking it just for fluff reasons and sheer style and adding insult to injury when you raise an enemy model (especially one of the big ones), but I'm not really doing myself any favours by doing so.
  10. Yeah, that's what made me question it really. It's an altar of death and stuff, not the merc "whatever" totem, so from a fluff perspective, I can't imagine the mercs caring too much about what those twisted vampires do on their stone slab. That and the mercs affiliation being different (merc/neutral or evil).
  11. Ok so I recently picked up Artemis the Huntress and six Merc Spearman just for a cheap 140pt unit that I can use to bolster my Elves or Necropolis if necessary (I realise that I lose my army special abilities but I can live with that, and we're all only just getting into warlord so don't have huge forces or anything yet, it gives me more flexibility when playing against other people in what I can field). Anyway, with regards to my Necropolis, I decided to replace Naomi (as cool as she is) with that merc unit as well as Leisynn the Mage as they come to roughly the same ammount of points as Naomi does on her own (the only Necropolis mage I own at present) and would give me a little more flexibility (extra unit = extra card, more troops on the table and I still get a level 3 mage). My question is, given that Artemis can't take any elites, I'm gonna have to put them in a unit that can. That unit is going to have to be a Necropolis one. Can you put merc elites into faction units? I can't find anything that says you can't, but I might have missed it. Second question is, if I have a totem of battle (I just finished painting up that DH sacrificial altar for my totem), does it only give bonuses to my Necropolis troops, or does it include my merc ones too? Thanks once again! I do try to check the FAQs and whatnot, but there is quite a bit of errata and I often miss stuff, so there's a fair few things I'm still unsure about. I'm not being lazy or anything.
  12. Oooo, I can't wait, more necromantic goodness. Out of interest, what new units have these SAs?
  13. After a few more games I'm liking Warlord a lot more, but a few more things cropped up which I couldn't find covered and need clarifying. Not many wins for myself, but those damn templar knights are a tough bunch for my skeletons. I'm thinking I may have to resort to mobbing them with lots of skeletons. =P Anyway, couple of questions: Healing effects, such as well... Hospitalier Heal ability or the Bandage Spell, can you heal "dead" warrior models with only a single damage track? For example, lets say a Mercenary Spearman falls in turn 2 (he has no toughness or anything), can a hospitalier or cleric with the Bandage spell heal him and if so, what is the window of opportunity to do it? before the unit is next activated? Are there any penelties for breaking from/moving out of combat? I couldn't see anything that said there were. Also, are there any penelties for shooting into combat besides forcing friendly models to take a discipline check? If a unit takes casulties, is there a point at which it must make a discipline check? again, I couldn't see anything that said there was, but I tend to miss things easily sometimes, so I could be wrong and my apologies for not paying more attention if there is. =P Thanks for any help in advance, 'tis appreciated a lot.
  14. Sorry for taking this thread off on a slight tangent, but I've seen this 25% rule mentioned a few times but can't find anything specific on it. Is it now official or something? what exactly is it?
  15. Thanks for the clarifications guys. I've had a good look at the errata too which is very helpful and it seems dispel will be useful for getting rid of the shaken effect caused by holy light which was something of a pain for my skeletons. =P The question regarding the fences/hedges (and other similar stuff) was solely to do with movement. I was wondering if there was any additional movement cost for crossing them spending an inch to do so, as far as I can tell it's still x1 movement.
  16. Finally played my first game after getting armies painted up and stuff and now I have some questions, mostly things that weren't very clear. So if you could clear them up, I'd be very greatful! 1) Close Combat: All members of the attacking troop make their attacks and then the defender just gets one defensive strike against one of them right? they don't get one defensive strike against each attacker that hit them I assume? (assuming they aren't warmasters of course, but if they ARE warmasters, can they split their defensive strikes between multiple attackers?) 2) Spellcasting: If you're a mage/cleric, and you're currently engaged in close combat with an enemy model, can you cast spells on other models not in the melee you're involved in? 3) Defensive Magic: You get to cast a spell back at an enemy who cast a spell on you, even if it was at range? and you only get to use defensive magic if someone cast at you right? 4) Terrain: Do fences and hedges just count as field works? or do they take an inch to cross or something? That's about all I can think of at the moment. It seems a really fun game and some of the things I didn't think would work very well actually did. I was a bit iffy about the whole draw deck thing but when we tried it, we found it worked really well and made initiative far more interesting.
  17. Well, I've been collecting reaper figures for ages as some may already know, but I recently aquired a copy of the rulebook (first printing, but I downloaded the changes pdf for second printing). It's a real high quality book btw, very nice, looks nice on my shelf =P. Anyway, a couple of questions. Clarifications mostly. 1) From what I can see, you only need a warlord at 1500pts (as of 2nd printing), does that mean you can only have 1 unit of adepts of a particular type per 1500pts or is it still only per 1000pts? Or am I totally wrong? =P 2) Sergeants... well officers. Athak Crimson Knight for example isn't listed as unique, but he is "named". Does he basically count as a generic sergeant for the Necropolis faction? does this also apply to other officers from other factions with the same attributes? The named bit is slightly confusing to me as I imagine a specific individual. Does this also mean that conversions are also "legal" to represent these officers and such as well? I mean several of the exact same figure looks a bit sux in an army in my opinion. I think you may understand where I'm going with it. 3) All the archer units appear to have become adepts. =O =O =O So what do I do with my elves? =P They are mostly archers atm. Any advice? Anyway, I imagine I'll have plenty more questions in the future so I hope you'll all have a little patience with me. =P I'm hoping to promote the game at my FLGS as I've missed a good fantasy skirmish game since Chronopia disappeared off the radar, and warlord figures are very sexy. =)
  18. Wow, that's pretty amazing, as everyone else has said. You seem to have a very unique style I've not really seen much, the mini looks more like a painting than a 3d object almost. It's difficult to express, but perhaps someone else might know what I mean.
  19. My apologies for the sux pictures, but I'm not too good with the old digital camera. I'll try and get some better ones but for now this'll have to do (it's the evening and no decent lighting here atm). Basically, I am in much love with trees and upon seeing the new GW treeman, I had an idea for a character for my campaign setting. An evil tree! Well, actually, a lich imprisoned in a tree who just took over the tree entirely. Anyway! the idea was to give the tree a slightly undead look, which is what I attempted with the branchy ribs. Not so sure how it worked out, but I'm no expert with the old green stuff. I'll try and get some better pictures tommorow, but this should give you an idea of what I'm trying to do. Any suggestions would be cool.
  20. I thought the chainmail Kuo-Toa were ok. They look like the artwork and are armed with spears, they are a bit small but they're supposed to be shorter than humans anyway so it's not so bad. You get two in the House Kilsek box set and last time I checked around for chainmail figures there were still a fair few of those floating around various online stores (I guess the drow weren't too popular).
  21. I think it's one of those things too big to represent with a figure really. When I faced a similar problem representing something as huge as that son the table top (the kusatte iru from L5R in this case), I just cut out the shape of two large cardboard feet... I think it had just as good an effect as using a full size "miniature" would. =P
  22. That is a wonderful idea, and I have another unpainted Alaine figure lying around. She'd make a nice journeyman for my Cygnar too. =)
  23. Yes, that was what I was thinking. The scene where she was on her horse infront of the english army and telling them to go home. =)
  24. I initially thought Joan of Arc too, but only because she was a leader type holding that banner.
  25. The new site is very nice, I prefer the layout much more than the old one. The miniatures and greens galleries are also less clicks away which is a big thing for me as I enjoy "window shopping" on the reaper site a lot. =P The gallery title images need adjusting though to fit in with the white background.
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